The Cookie Book Tag

I'm honestly not sure why I waited so long to do this tag. I love me some cookies - whether it is gobbling it down like the Cookie Monster or baking it off like I'm on the Great British Baking Show. Therefore, I should have done the cookie book tag, like, a million years ago...which … Continue reading The Cookie Book Tag

The Book Titles Tag

It's like this is a whole new blog or something? I got me some graphics, I'm catching up on my reviews, and I AM DOING A TAG. WHAT IS BOOK BLOG LIFE??? This one was given to me by the great Birdie over at Birdie Bookworm. If you haven't checked out her site, please do, … Continue reading The Book Titles Tag

Books and Music Tag

ME. Back with another tag! I'm trying, gals and guys! And this one looked like so much fun and not super hard - which is the best kind of tag! ❤ Thank you so much to Sydney @ Fire and Rain Books for tagging me. If you haven't checked out her blog yet, please do! … Continue reading Books and Music Tag

Norse Mythology Book Tag

I'm still forever behind on tags. Literally, I'm just going to put that as part of my description. "Hello! I'm Mandy from Book Princess Reviews and I'm forever behind on tags." But you're going to be seeing a lot more of me getting my butt on them since I, you know, I have ones all … Continue reading Norse Mythology Book Tag

The Music Genre Book Tag: Volume 2

Okay, I'm ridiculously behind on all of my tags, and it's so sad. I've been trying to get to more of the original ones that I was tagged for my some of the amazing blogs I follow first, but I still have some major struggles. This tag was created by the wonderful Moira over at … Continue reading The Music Genre Book Tag: Volume 2

Fight Like a YA Girl Tag

Female empowerment has always been a huge topic when it comes to the Disney Princesses, and it certainly has become a huge topic in YA. In recent years, I've really come to understand it in so many new ways, and when I saw Krysti @ YA and Wine came out with this tag, I immediately … Continue reading Fight Like a YA Girl Tag