3 Year Blog-oversary Q&A

To honour the three year anniversary of BPR, Mandy and I pledged to sit down and shed more of our onion layers for y'all. Soon we'll be nothing but a tiny core that you can't even chop with a knife for fear of giving yourself one of those paper cuts so small you barely shed … Continue reading 3 Year Blog-oversary Q&A

🎊 3 Year BPR Anniversary! 🎊 + Giveaway

that confetti ball emoji looks like a jellyfish and no one can change my mind Hear Ye Hear Ye, it’s officially the day—apparently the day BPR goes medieval and exploits the fairytale theme to the extreme. But it is also another special day: it’s Book Princess Reviews’ third anniversary. That’s right—BPR has somehow been around … Continue reading 🎊 3 Year BPR Anniversary! 🎊 + Giveaway