Black Cat Blue Sea Award Pt. 2

It's time again for the cutest award to arrive on the blog atmosphere! LOOK AT THE KITTY IN THE SHIP. IT'S SO CUTE. I would love to thank both The Book Cover Girls and Joanne @ YA Guitarist for the nomination! Both of them have lovely blogs filled with great book reviews, book tags, and … Continue reading Black Cat Blue Sea Award Pt. 2

Mystery Blogger Award Pt. 3?

I think it's my third time doing it? I'm not quite sure. There is a very easy way to figure it out, but, um, that's a lot of work for this Book Princess that is trying to juggle what book she's going to binge read next. Priorities, kids, priorities. I would like to thank the … Continue reading Mystery Blogger Award Pt. 3?

The Unique Blogger Award

I would like to thank the lovely Sophie @ Blame Chocolate for the nomination today! She's always so sweet, and her blog is amazing! It has adorable chocolate graphics, fun book tags, and great reviews! Check out her post here, and make sure to check out the rest of her blog while you're there! The … Continue reading The Unique Blogger Award