April Wrap Up & May TBR

EMOJI KEY 🌈 = LGBTQ+ rep | 🌱 = Mental Health rep |🌻 = POC rep ✨ = Disability, LD, Chronic Condition rep Love from A to Z by SK Ali Emoji Key: 🌻✨ While this one took me forever to read, it was really enjoyable - yes, it had sad and horrible moments since it tackled … Continue reading April Wrap Up & May TBR

April Wrap-Up / May TBR

April was kind of mixed book bag of reads. I thought it wasn't going super well, but then it ended up being kind of good at the end? I had one favorite to the favorites shelf, and some 4.5 crown reads so I'm chalking this up to a prettttttttttttty good month. I read 20 books … Continue reading April Wrap-Up / May TBR

April Wrap-Up/May TBR

APRIL WRAP-UP Oh, April. Thank goodness you are over, because my reading was taken down my real-life stuff. That's right - real life finally caught up to me and ate a lot of my reading/blogging time. The beginning of May may be a little bit of a mess for me as well, but soon enough, … Continue reading April Wrap-Up/May TBR