Mid-Year Freak Out Tag (2018)

Sha is putting in a sick day in the book blogging world, and Mandy is here to fill in! You will be seeing Sha on Sunday again for a very special post celebrating a certain holiday perhaps? But until then you have Mandy doing some mid year freaking out! (also idk what happened to this … Continue reading Mid-Year Freak Out Tag (2018)

Top Books I’m Looking Forward To in 2018

It's the start of a new year, and I'm ready for the best thing that comes with that: new books! 2018 is already looking quite interesting with a plethora of new and exciting premises and plots. I've actually already read a few 2018 books, and while I have only really enjoyed one, all of the … Continue reading Top Books I’m Looking Forward To in 2018

My Name in TBR Books Tag

Guess who is finalllllllllllllly doing a tag? That's right - it's me! I've been so backed up on all my tags that it's so sad. I could pretty much do a tag a day for an entire year at this point, but I love it! There are so many great ones, and I thank everyone … Continue reading My Name in TBR Books Tag

The 2018 Book Princess TBR Shelf…oops

So, um, I did this thing. This thing I wasn't supposed to do. This thing that is the most idiotic thing I've done in a while. I do believe it is what we call a mistake. What did this silly Book Princess do, you ask? She found the Goodreads list of 2018 YA Books. Omigosh, … Continue reading The 2018 Book Princess TBR Shelf…oops