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MY READER IDENTITY: What position do I come from when I read and review books?
📖  I am mixed-race and identify as a POC. I am diagnosed with anxiety and depression. I studied child and adolescent education in university. I prioritize books that promote positive themes without neglecting plot.

Hi! Call me Sha. I never needed a Buzzfeed quiz to tell me I’m blood and sinew, 100% princess. I expect the best of the best from the people that hang out with me (it’s all about the R-E-S-P-E-C-T) and will never say no to a little pampering. Maybe I’m not as hung up on the prince as I could be (I probably have my own sword tucked in my sash somewhere) but princesses come in all stripes. Just know I got your back through thick and thin and possibly a couple of dragon slayings.

My bookshelves are stacked higher with mysteries and contemp YA books replete with social commentaries than playful romances. But I’ll read anything, if I have enough time. In September 2018 I withdrew from university to focus on my mental health and I’m currently living in Australia. (Learn more.)


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A CHARACTER MOST LIKE ME:  I struggle to find characters like me in YA because A) I’m not very into romance. I like my personal space and feel uncomfortable with touch/kissing and dependency, so books with a lot of that are not always pleasant for me. B) I’m a super anxious, often depressed mess and let’s be real, there are not many hot mess protags running around. 

A BOOK WORLD I WOULD LIKE TO LIVE IN: Dangerous Girls by Abigail Haas. But only the beginning of the novel! The characters are relaxing in a fully stocked, rent-free beach house (!!!) with maid service (!!!) in Aruba. Then people get arrested and the rest of the book takes place in the courtroom so NOT THAT PART. But Aruba, yes please!