A List of ALL the Holiday Book Tags You Could Ever Need

‘Tis the season to do a dozen and one holiday book tags! As I prepared for Blogmas, I searched the internet for holiday-themed book tags. It wasn’t a very long search before I threw my hands in the air (this is a dramatic reenactment) because they are spread everywhere but in one simple, convenient list. At least, not to my knowledge. Thus the list I am now sharing with you! If you have your own holiday tag to share, feel free to leave it below and I will add it in.

(Not to mention the first result you get when searching “holiday tag” is a holiday gift tag. Tell me I’m not the only one who struggles with that.)

The Joy of Christmas Book Tag || Created by Samantha @ Novels and Nonsense

12 Days of Christmas Book Tag || Created by Lizzie @ Lizzie Loves Books

Cozy Christmas Book Tag || Created by CallMeAfterCoffee

Christmas Song Book Tag || Created by Hailey in Bookland

Bookish Christmas Book Tag || Callum McLaughlin

The Festive Christmas Book Tag || Created by Reading Girl

Christmas Character Book Tag || Created by Anthony @ Keep Reading Forward

The Jingle Bell Tag || Created by Richard @ The Humpo Show

The Christmas Book Blogger Tag || Created by Trish @ Between My Lines

The Christmas Carol Book Tag || Created by Lauren Wade

The Joy of Christmas Book Tag || Created by Sam @ Sam’s Cozy Corner

The Christmas Cracker Book Tag || Created by The Bumbling Bibliophile and Queen of Contemporary

The Grinch Book Tag || Created by Thoughts on Tomes

Tis the Season Book Tag || Created by Richard @ BookishlyRichie

The Happy Holidays Book Tag || Created by Petyr Baiesh Books

Winter Themed Book Tag || Created by Marissa Writes

Baby It’s Cold Outside Book Tag || Created by Erin @ Reading on a Star

How many of these tags have you done? Are you doing any this season? Let’s discuss!

11 thoughts on “A List of ALL the Holiday Book Tags You Could Ever Need

      1. Ohno ahaha! Actually that’s kinda smart- me when I was trying to do the Top Ten Tuesday favorite aw moment 😅 ofcourse I didn’t really wrote anything 🤦🏽‍♀️


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