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YES we may have 30+ tags sitting in a google doc, screaming our name, but when Malka and Chana tagged us in this one we had to pretend there was no such this as “first in line” and shuffled The Stuck at Home book tag to the front of the line. if you’ve not visited their site before here’s a link-up to one of my faves, puh-lease take the time to give it a read!

➡️ Why You Should Be Reading Book Blogs

now let’s get into this tag!


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(this post was written may 21st and re-scheduled due to our hiatus)

what are you currently reading?

MANDY: I’m actually reading two – More Than Maybe & Girl, Serpent, Thorn. I should actually be finishing up More Than Maybe, which will be my first book in forever.

SHA: bold of you to assume i have one. i just finished reading “scat” by carl hiaasen (goodreads review) and i haven’t picked my next read yet.

what’s your favourite “can’t leave the house” activity?

MANDY: Can it be reading, lol? Or blogging? I also started pin collecting, so fixing up my pinboards and receiving all my pins from the mail work. 

SHA: it depends on the week and my motivation level. right now, my go-to acitivity is blogging (especially since i do most of the planning for the blog around the last week of the month). back in march it was baking and exercise, and in april it was gardening.

a book you’ve been meaning to read forever

MANDY: Truthwitch. I said this was gonna be my year of reading it, and it’s already past halfway through…so maybe it will go on my 5th year of having it on my shelf!

SHA: i keep saying i’m going to read caraval by stephanie garber. you’ll be happy to know i’ve arranged a buddy read with Alyssa so it’s finally going to happen!

an intimidating book on your tbr

MANDY: Complete works of Oscar Wilde. It’s, like, 1000 pages??? It’s just so big!!

SHA: i bought two Gilly MacMillan books after reading the first one and loving it. but now i don’t remember the first one at all, so i have no motivation to read the other two (which are decently-sized books).

top 3 priority books on your tbr

MANDY: Oye, I’m not sure. Nothing is really jumping out to me, but I think I got a few ARCs that are coming up…so Lobizona, Bookish and the Beast, and Where Dreams Descend.

SHA: i’m not just a mood reader these days. i’m a mood swing reader. i can’t fathom having a list of books to tackle. i just approach my bookshelf cautiously and hope i come away with something haha.

recommend a short book

MANDY: The Summer I Became a Nerd – it’s summer here in the Northern Hemisphere, so it’s the perfect time to pick up a cute contemporary. 

SHA: Dear Martin by Nic Stone

recommend a long book

MANDY: Grave Mercy! I think it’s, like, 400 pages? It feels big. But so good. 

SHA: apparently as i got older i got more and more scared of long books. i don’t seem to have much over 300 pages unless it’s a sequel. Spinning Silver by Naomi Novik.

something you’d love to do while stuck at home

MANDY: Be outside more and walk – but it’s so hot here (and way too cold before)!!

SHA: buy a swimming pool and swim / float away my days

what do you plan on reading next?

MANDY: I will probably be picking up Bookish and the Beast since I’m feeling the contemp vibes.

SHA: most likely Out Now edited by Saundra Mitchell have you heard of it i heard of it i am excited!!!! my review is here.


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20 thoughts on “the Stuck at Home book tag

  1. i LOVE your prioritising of tags (i’d be lying if i didn’t do the same), truly iconic behaviour. buying a swimming pool would be EXCELLENT (although unfortunately it’s a little cold for that right now in australia), and let me know what you thought of bookish and the beast! i’m a little scared for it, but fluffy contemp reads are never a bad idea x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. if you will go back in a time with me for a moment, i also ignored several tags to jump straight into the “books & biccys” tag you tagged me in. clearly a pattern of mine, no shame, very iconic indeed. ooh, yes, you’re right in the middle of winter right now, aren’t you. more a time for space heaters and hot water packs.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I always get such different and great recs from your posts! The Summer I Became A Nerd sounds like a fun (and probably relatable lol 😩) book! And Dear Martin is such an important book 🙂. Completely agree with wanting to be outside and float away on the water 😅. (But I also agree that the weather has passed its sweet spot and now it’s just too hot all time hahaha.) Thank you so much for the tag 😄💓!! I’m so behind on tags – I should probably adapt a system too hahaha 😅💕.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. One of the bonuses of co-bloggers—the recommendations will be all over the place. The Summer I Became A Nerd is one of the few books Mandy and I both share an equal amount of love for (and so relatable indeed lol). Dear Martin is most likely going to be the next book I read~ In any case, I look forwards to seeing your answers to this tag, even if it’s a year from now and we—fingers crossed—are no longer stuck at home !


  3. omg this is the perfect quarantine tag i love it thanks for tagging me!!!! I swear Sha a swimming pool is exactly what I need right now too since I’m not about to risk my health at a beach but literally all pools are sold out *sobs*

    Liked by 1 person

      1. POOLS ARE SOLD OUT. BIG POOLS. SMALL POOLS. THEY ARE NOT IN STORE. My dad has scavenged but unless we make an effort to buy one online I will be stuck with a bucket as my only basin of water in the heat of the great outdoors.
        RE: people going to pools
        RIGHT ISN’T IT WILD?! This is not a public pool kind of summer cuz GERMS.


      2. Maybe you could make a pool. Maybe that could be your dad-and-daughter project. Just… like… weld one… together…

        YES IT’S WILD. And they are jam packed. But oh no, don’t have more than three people in a store at the same time. How can this logic exist simultaneously??

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  4. Oh, I’m so glad you chose to do this tag! I hope you had fun answering the questions!

    Honestly, I spend most of my time blogging these days too. I love how I can vary what I’m doing by either writing, editing, responding to comments, or blog hopping depending on my mood, but still feel like I’m doing something productive for the blog!

    I also just read Dear Martin this month and I fully support your recommendation! That book was phenomenal and I can’t wait to read Dear Justyce!

    Also, one of my favorite activities ever is swimming! I just wish that there was a pool nearby that I could use over this super hot summer! Instead I’ve just been staying inside in the air conditioned house lazying around. But I’d much rather be lazy outside in the sunshine while floating in a pool!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I had the most fun answering these questions! I complain to Mandy a lot when we have to do a book tag that’s heavy on book-related answers (I have a terrible memory, and need to comb through my goodreads for answers) but this one was perfect!

      Yes, that is so true. There’s a lot of components that go into running a blog. When you pick whichever one interests you the most on a particular day, it’s a great way to keep yourself busy and motivated. Right now I’m really feeling comments. I always feel out of touch with what’s going on in everyone’s lives.

      I actually didn’t read Dear Martin yet! It’s a short book I own, and I really want to read it, which is why I put it on this list. I haven’t had a chance to sit and properly get into a book in a while.

      Swimming and lounging by the pool are my favourite summer activities. When I was in Australia I would spend entire days doing that. You know, I think being lazy by the pool is much more acceptable than being lazy anywhere else, haha. It still feels productive in a special way.

      Liked by 1 person

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