May Book Haul

The BPR Monthly Haul includes everything from personal purchases, to ARCs sent from pubs, to library finds. Some months we strike gold and others … well, the gems can be a little elusive.


advance reader copies/finished copies 

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  • Camp — Lev A.C. Rosen (received by Mandy)
  • The Engima Game by Elizabeth Wein (received by Mandy)
  • Girl, Serpent, Thorn — Melissa Bashardoust (received by Mandy)
  • The Insomniacs — Marit Weisenberg (received by Mandy)

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  • Eva Evergreen, Semi-Magical Witch — Julie Abe (received by Mandy)
  • The Silver Arrow — Lev Grossman (received by Mandy)
  • The Incredibly Dead Pets of Rex Dexter — Aaron Reynolds (received by Mandy)
  • Dear Universe — Florence Gonsalves (received by Mandy)

purchased books

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  • Clap When You Land — Elizabeth Acevedo (received by Mandy)


library hauls



  • A Mixture of Mischief by Anna Meriano (received by Mandy)


What did you haul this month?



9 thoughts on “May Book Haul

  1. I hauled the newest Hunger Games book. I pre-ordered in back in February and it is supposed to arrive today! What books are you most excited about that you hauled?


  2. I bought the sequel to A Good Girl’s Guide To Murder, With The Fire On High, and The Hunger Games prequel. Unfortunately the latter hasn’t arrived yet – but I hope it comes soon. Love this concise but interesting post!


  3. Great haul!! I also got an arc of girl, serpent, thorn and cannot wait to hear your thoughts!


  4. The Insomniacs sounds interesting to me. I am very curious about that one. I checked Dear Universe out of the library yesterday. I should be reading it by the weekend. Hope we both like it.


  5. I’ve actually hauled quite a few books this month! I even ordered a care package from The Ripped Bodice, with some surprise books that just got delivered yesterday! So I’m super excited to read the books they sent me, since I haven’t heard of most of them before now!


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