Books I Lent & Never Got Back (here come the tears)

we all know lending books is a risk. in fact, the smart ones among us won’t even partake in the activity. because we all know what happens when the wrong person ends up with some of your book children.


this post is to pay homage to the books I have lost to ex *clears throat* friends. a moment of silence, please.


and now, let us begin.


the first mistake

Night World, No. 1 (Night World, #1-3)when i was fourteen years old and still thought everyone loved books as much as i did, a friend mentioned in passing how cool my book collection was.

“omg!” i said, “let me lend you something.”

she was making conversation, Young Sha. she didn’t really care. but too late, i lent her Night World #1 (one of my faves at the time) and then my mother broke up with her best friend’s dad and i never saw her or the book again.

about two years later i bought the book again because i wanted to re-read the series and it’s not great fiction, it’s hardly even GOOD fiction, but it’s nostalgia and heck if i’m going to own the last two books in a series and not the first.

❓ have you ever over-eagerly lent someone a book? 

a second time, she errs

The Knife of Never Letting Go (Chaos Walking, #1)the title of this book is appropriate for the tale of how i lost it forever. my sister was looking for a new read and, since her passions lean towards big books with tense action scenes, i though The Knife of Never Letting Go was perfect.

whether or not my recommendation was gold, we shall never know. she lost the book in-between moves and didn’t even read a single page beforehand. it hurts if we don’t spread the love of literature, but when do let go of our books, we risk losing them. (me, going full drama.)

she still gets much love because a year later, her christmas gift to me was a $50 Indigo gift card. but still. no more of my books for you!

❓ has someone ever told you they lost the book you lent them? how did you react?

third time’s a charm?

Out of the Easyi’m a bit to blame for this one, but i will share my tale regardless because i know you can accept me flaws and all. last year, i wanted to introduce a new feature on the blog where one of my sisters (not the same as above) shared her views on popular lit as both a teen and a non-frequent reader.

except guess what. it flopped because she’s a not frequent reader. getting her to actually commit to anything was the biggest hassle.

at the time, i had lent her five books and she has yet to return them. one of those is my absolute favourite, Out of the Easy. she assures me they are healthy and unblemished (and unread) but a minor issue *clears throat* i forgot some of them. like, i can’t remember all the titles of the books i lent her?

❓ do you keep track of all the books you lend out? 


What do you think? Let me know in the comments below!


31 thoughts on “Books I Lent & Never Got Back (here come the tears)

  1. Oooh, Sha! I’m so sorry!! (I’m sorry I found this post funny, most of all, lending books and not getting them back is a pain.)

    I’ve lent the first PJO book to a not-even-really-a-friend who lives about 3 hours from where I live, and still have to get the book back (she probably has lost it AND not read a single page of it as she won’t even answer my texts). This was five years ago.

    I only lend books to my two closest friends now, and they’ve taken great care of them. I found two gems.

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    1. Haha, it’s alright, as long as my past pains can bring some future laughs then they have served some kind of purpose. Right? Right? Lol.

      Oh nooooo. And now the PJO series is getting adapted and you definitely will want to re-read them all! These two closest friends do indeed sound like gems. Keep them. Treasure them!

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  2. I’m sorry you lost books to ungratefuls. Probably that’s the reason I don’t want to lend my books. Some are given from authors with all love and some are from my meager saving. I have attachment with what I’m spending my money on so it’s not easy for me to part with my books. And this fear of not getting my books in condition I kept or most horrible not at all… Nope never I’m going to lend book. If a friend or relative really want to read my books, come and read at my home everyday an hour so I can keep my hawk eye on them or else just get your own copy.


    1. Oh, dear, yes. Once you get a book personally from an author, lock it up in a case and guard the key with your LIFE. I approve of your plan to only allow people to read your books under your supervision. This is what I should have been doing all along!!

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  3. I don’t lend out books, I don’t have friends that love to read as I do. I do have a few cousins that enjoy reading as I do, but we have such different reading tastes that I don’t have to worry about it. The only bookish thing we have in common is our love of Harry Potter.

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  4. Oh no, I’m so sorry!! Lending out books to people who never give them back is the worst. Once I lent out a book to a neighbor, didn’t get it back for several months, and finally spotted it in their moving yard sale😅 It can be hit-or-miss when lending out books haha.


      1. In hindsight it is hilarious! I actually went inside for two minutes, to double check that it was actually mine and she hadn’t given it back, and when I went back outside to ask about it, it was sold😂😂 haha definitely!

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  5. Hahahah such a fun post to read. Please take your Ruta Sepetys back, that book is gold ok?
    I remember lending Kane and Abel 5 years ago to my cousin and even though i see it on her shelf she treats the book like it’s her own so I feel bad asking for it back lol


  6. Since I don’t really read my physical books, I don’t keep track of them. I am still bitter about a text book I never got back from a friend in college, but other than that, I don’t seem to miss them, until I want to lend them to someone else. Sorry for your losses though.

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  7. I can’t remember ever not getting a book returned to me! I think that’s because when I lend out books to people they get a lecture first on how to care for the book, what not to do with the book, and are given a bookmark just to remind them not to ruin my precious book. It got to the point where one of my friends got me a bookmark that had a list of rules for loaned books that I’d include when sharing a book with friends.

    I did have one case where a friend spilled water on one of my books, but it was a total accident, and I’ve still lent books to her since then!

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  8. Oh Sha reading this post was a true tragedy, Shakespeare could never! I have lent out books before but only to my cousin who I know likes my kind of books and who I can easily go to her house and take back my things. XD I don’t think I’ve ever had friends that were interested enough in reading to ever actually let them borrow anything.
    I can’t say I’m innocent though. The very same cousin once lent me her copy of Little Women and I kept it for like 3 years without ever actually reading it…But I have since then returned it to her in perfect condition.

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  9. This is awful! I feel very conflicted about lending books. I’ve mostly only lent books to people who I know will treat them carefully, and I *always* know where they are. Once I lent a book to a friend who returned it a destroyed mess – it had to go through “surgery” and it survived, and at least my friend became a reader, so I’m not too mad, but I was pissed at the time. Some of my friends have joked that I should open a mini-library with my books, and while I’d love that my books are read (sometimes I feel sad they’ve only been read by me), I’m too scared. I’ve heard too many stories: books that never return, dogs eating books, people lending books to *one* person and then the whole class reading them and the books being returned TOTALLY destroyed …

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  10. Aww I totally relate although I don’t think I’ve ever gotten any books back damaged. I just lent a few to my aunt and they took months to get returned and I worried that I’d never get them back 😔 but I did so I guess my book lending story is a lot less dramatic than yours. I get wanting to let people borrow them because you want them to enjoy them as much as you so you can talk about them together. You’d think people would be careful though, whatever it is they’re borrowing. And I hope you remember what the other books that you lent her are. In theory if she’s not a reader and has kept them safe they should all end up returned as there’s no other books to get them mixed up with? Id hope.

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      1. This is why I don’t lend books 😂 I’d want to discuss them so would be so frustrated when they went unread. (Plus I have no one to lend them to).

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