COVID-19: a reminder and some well-wishes

First of all, hi, hello, if you’re at all a frequenter of this blog you’re probably choking a little on your tea right now because hey, it’s me, Sha! No, I did not get swallowed whole by a shark and/or crocodile in the great Australian Outback. (I didn’t even see one in the wild, which, letdown? Perhaps a little.) In fact, I’m back in Canada using a heck of a lot of commas writing my first blog post in—let’s be real here—a millennia.

[what even is a keyboard? don’t know her]

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Lucky us, I’m tackling a super fun topic on my return: COVID-19. *dramatic sigh* Yeah of course I wanted to pop back here with joyous stories of Aussie beaches and how much I missed y’all (like, I really did though) but I would neglecting a super important duty if I didn’t make this post. 

Mandy and I have almost 4000 followers across our platforms and it’s irresponsible for us not to help spread the message on how important it is now to stay alert and help minimize the spread of this virus.

Image result for exclamation point photo Know the Facts

If you haven’t already, I strongly encourage you to read up on the facts relating to COVID-19 from trusted health authorities. aka NOT sensationalized headlines on Instagram or Facebook. Even the news is blowing things out of proportion, so take things with a grain of salt, remain calm, and evaluate the situation rationally. I’ve included links to the CDC and WHO’s pages on COVID-19. Also look to your local public health agencies’ information pages for more up-to-date information relative to your region.



Image result for exclamation point photo Practice Proper Hygiene

This should be a given. Wash your hands, making sure to scrub under the nail and between the fingers. Avoid touching your face. Avoid physical contact with other people (which isn’t technically “practicing proper hygiene” but I’m slipping it into this category) as much as possible. Cough into your elbow.

Image result for exclamation point photo Self-Isolate

In many areas of the world, schools and businesses have closed temporarily to slow the spread of the virus. Governments are banning large social gatherings and they are encouraging something called “self-isolation.”

Self-isolate means to: stay at home and monitor yourself for symptoms, even if mild, for 14 days; avoid contact with other people to help prevent the spread of the virus. 

You don’t need to show symptoms to self-isolate. Self-isolating will protect you from contracting the virus, and it will protect anyone you come into contact with especially the elderly and immuno-compromised.

Image result for exclamation point photo Be Respectful

This is not “the Chinese virus.” Do not use this virus to promote racist sentiments. There is no reason to avoid Asian restaurants, to give Asians wide-berths when walking outside, or to feel entitled to speak ill of Asians because “they did this to us.” I have witnessed this behaviour, and it is shameful, and it is racist.


I am not an expert on COVID-19. In this post, I have repeated what I have heard from health authorities. If you want more information, I encourage you to click the links I shared above.

If you’re not a fan of reading (we’re book dragons, I doubt it) BUT STILL IF NOT, I adore adore adore Dr. Mike who is an actual doctor and has a YouTube channel and he’s been debunking COVID-19 myths and sharing weekly updates on the virus based on the WHO and the CDC. 


Please stay safe everyone. Continue to be kind. Check in on friends, family, and your neighbours. Do not give in to panic; stay alert, not anxious. Please self-isolate unless it is absolutely impossible.

xx Sha & Mandy



14 thoughts on “COVID-19: a reminder and some well-wishes

  1. Thanks for this post, I hope you both stay safe. My friend’s friend was beaten up (he’s from Hong Kong) by four guys in Exeter (UK) and it’s just shameful. It makes me nervous to walk outside when I need to get groceries and I hate that people use this worldwide situation to act out on their already existing racial prejudice.

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  2. Thanks for the tips and updates! I’m currently on my third day of self quarantine and hope to catch up with some reading and school work! Stay healthy and stay safe 🙂

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