BPR Original: The Prediction Book Tag

Since it’s the beginning of the year and we’re all making goals, predictions, and plans for how our 2020 is going to work out, I thought it might be time to bring out the Prediction Book Tag. This tag is all about what you think what lies in your reading life future.



.x. pingback to the creator of the tag, @bookprincessreviews .x.
.x. tag the person who tagged you .x.
.x. find an answer to match each prompt .x.
.x. have fun! .x.


All of these prompts are your predictions for your…

Next Read


MANDY: Ugh, I’m such a mood reader, so I always have issues going for my next one. I’m thinking maybe Deeplight.

Next 5 Star Read


MANDY: The Sun Down Motel by Simone St. James is officially out, and I usually give her books all the stars, so I’m assuming this will be no exception.

Next 1 Star Read


MANDY: Wild Beauty by Anna-Marie McLemore. I bought this book really for that beautiful cover, but I have major concerns after reading lackluster reviews, majorly having issues with magical realism books, and the fact that I did read a few pages of it and I understood zero percent.

Next Love Interest (or Character that Seems Really Cool to You)


MANDY: Ashton Suárez from You Had Me at Hola. Telenovela hunk. Enough said. I used to have the biggest crush on a telenovela star in my childhood, so this will be the ultimate dream.

Next Book You’ll Be Buying

40204193. sy475

MANDY: Deck of Omens – if I find out if it has them sprayed pages tooooooo.

Next Book That Will Leave You with a Book Hangover (and Desperately Wanting a Reread or Next in Series)


MANDY: King of Crows by Libba Bray. Once I finish the series, I will officially be curled in a ball somewhere because I will be broken.


 Sara @ The Bibliophagist / Siren @ Sweaters & Raindrops / Tyr @ The Perks of Being a Nerd / Norees @ NoReadsTooGreat / …and you?

What do you think? What are some of your answers to this? Let’s discuss them in the comments below!

97 thoughts on “BPR Original: The Prediction Book Tag

  1. Great tag (: I’m generally more of a mood reader too but I think I have my next ten or so books figured out as I’m determined to get this library stack sorted out and I kind of have a reading order for it in my head already :L I love sprayed pages!!! Especially the stenciled ones that you sometimes get, they’re so, so stunning. And I can’t believe that I still need to start The Divinvers series. This year I seriously will as it sounds fantastic! I hope you end up enjoying all of these books and that Wild Beauty turns out better than you’re anticipating it to be. Like you I love the cover for it and was tempted to get a copy but I thought I’d wait until after I’ve read Blanca & Roja to see how I find that.


  2. im pretty new here so i don’t know how the pingback works but i did the tag too! it was fun! dropping in to say thanks for creating it.

    do check out my predictions at your leisure! 🔮


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