ARC REVIEW: Tweet Cute by Emma Lord 💭 it told me it was going to be cute right there in the title but I didn’t realize it going *this* cute???


Title: Tweet Cute
Author: Emma Lord
Pages: 368

Release Date: January 21st 2020
Publisher: Wednesday Books
Format: Hardcover

Genre: Contemporary
Goodreads Rating:  4.22 (of 642 ratings)


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A fresh, irresistible rom-com from debut author Emma Lord about the chances we take, the paths life can lead us on, and how love can be found in the opposite place you expected.

Meet Pepper, swim team captain, chronic overachiever, and all-around perfectionist. Her family may be falling apart, but their massive fast-food chain is booming ― mainly thanks to Pepper, who is barely managing to juggle real life while secretly running Big League Burger’s massive Twitter account.

Enter Jack, class clown and constant thorn in Pepper’s side. When he isn’t trying to duck out of his obscenely popular twin’s shadow, he’s busy working in his family’s deli. His relationship with the business that holds his future might be love/hate, but when Big League Burger steals his grandma’s iconic grilled cheese recipe, he’ll do whatever it takes to take them down, one tweet at a time.

All’s fair in love and cheese ― that is, until Pepper and Jack’s spat turns into a viral Twitter war. Little do they know, while they’re publicly duking it out with snarky memes and retweet battles, they’re also falling for each other in real life ― on an anonymous chat app Jack built.

As their relationship deepens and their online shenanigans escalate ― people on the internet are shipping them?? ― their battle gets more and more personal, until even these two rivals can’t ignore they were destined for the most unexpected, awkward, all-the-feels romance that neither of them expected.crowns


Disclaimer: I received this ARC courtesy of Wednesday Books at Yallfest 2019. I am grateful for the opportunity to review an ARC for my readers, but this will not influence my final rating. All opinions expressed in this review are my own and based solely on the book. 

Um, this was actual adorable cheesy goodness? Like, whenever I talk about a really cute contemporary book that is the epitome of fluff and feels, I usually refer to it as adorable cheesy goodness. Now, here is this book with a story filled with grilled cheese, and it delivered on the adorable cheesy goodness.

🥪 The characters were fun and clever. I enjoyed both Pepper’s and Jack’s voices. Each was fresh and dynamic. I both easily rooted for them. They both felt very real – they had their own passions, their own flaws, their own skills. They never felt too much alike, despite having a common sense of humor and Tweeting abilities. I connected a bit more to Pepper than I did with Jack, but I definitely connected with both of them.

🥪 The storyline was pretty interesting. I was definitely pulled into the whole drama of the Twitter war and the development of Jack and Pepper’s relationship. They both definitely made a lot of cheesy and drastic mistakes, but they picked themselves back up again. At times, it was a rom-com, others it was focused on character development and coming of age.

🥪 The writing was easy to read, and despite being sort of in a reading funk, I felt compelled to continuously pick this back up. It was easy to get into the groove, and then you just wanted to see what was going to happen. The Twitter snippets were fun, but I think some of them could have been a touch snappier. I did love how the author incorporated it into the story, though.

🥪 The romance was cute and fun. It plays on the classic enemies to lover trope along with the secret relationship online. Enemies to love is not my favorite trope, due to the fact that it’s such an easy thing to accidentally do too much “enemies” part. However, this was just the right amount. There was a good amount of enemies, but they start to evolve it into enough with a decent amount of time that it was very believable. I liked Jack and Pepper a lot together.

🥪 I honestly thought this was going to be a total favorites candidate – except until I got to the ending. I’m not quite sure what happened, but I just didn’t completely feel the ending? I felt like it perhaps got a touch too rushed, and I wanted it to drag it out a bit more.

⚠️ SLIGHT SPOILER BUT NO SPECIFICS ⚠️ : I might be the only one out on my little island of messiness, but I like the miscommunication trope especially when it comes to the climax of the story. However, I feel like we got the slightest hint of it, and then blink it was done and everything was solved…even when there was no background for it to be solved. If you’re going to do it, I would say good for it. And do it for more than two pages, because this girl wants her loves to stew a little bit in misery before having a grand happy ending. GIVE ME THE STEW.

🥪 Overall, this was a fun, enjoyable read. If you want actual adorable cheesy goodness in your hands, this is the book for it.



rating: Anna since she loves sandwiches – also this book was just as adorable as she was
content warnings: n/a
read this if you: if you want straight up adorable, cheesy goodness


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15 thoughts on “ARC REVIEW: Tweet Cute by Emma Lord 💭 it told me it was going to be cute right there in the title but I didn’t realize it going *this* cute???

  1. Funny, I connected more with Jack. Probably because I lived in the shadow of my older sister, so we shared that. This book was so cute and fun. I smiled from beginning to end and maybe even a day after.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Ahhh I so agree with this review! 😀 This book was literal cheesy goodness. I also loved both Pepper and Jack’s characters and voices, and the dynamic between the two was so fun. I agree that it was the perfect amount of “enemies” in enemies to lovers 🙂 Wonderful review!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I mean….I know I like cheese. But the fact that their names are cheesy is both a turn off and turn on. IDK how to feel! But I think I’m gonna end up reading it so no point in fighting the cheese I guess XD Great review, Mandy!


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