BPR’s 2019 in Review

2019 has come . . . and gone??? I know we’re on repeat with, like, a million other people out there, but where has time gone? I feel like it was just last year that I was ready to go out and find what 2019 books I was excited for.

We are going through what has been happening with BPR this past year—and there has actually been a lot? Some downs, but a lot of ups and we hit some great milestones. Let’s take a trip down 2019 memory lane!






  • TOP POST: Slayer by Kiersten White Review!
  • EVENT: JanuARCary! This month, we took some of the major ARCs that we had – some included Goodbye, Perfect; Slayer; Courting Darkness; and Come Find Me – that were some of our most hyped books, and we both reviewed and created a fun post to accompany them. We had some fun – with Sha and I trying to be his fair assassins, but whew, we were tired by the end of it. This brought us this doodle war, which we easily can say Sha won by a landslide.



  • TOP POST: Most Problematic Books of 2018: thank u, next!
  • EVENT: February Read-a-Thon: 💘 VaLITine’s 💘 – it was a valentine’s bingo readathon…that we kind of majorly failed on. We were both so tired, and our healthy-ish competition with each other couldn’t even help us knock out all the prompts our heart desired.



  • TOP POST: The Zodiac Challenge!
  • EVENT: #MeetMeMarch, a week-long blog event created here at BPR to help bloggers introduce themselves to their audience (outside of bookish content) and make new friends! Each day from March 19 to March 22, we uploaded a new #MMM post. One was the Zodiac Challenge, which ended up being our top post of that month.



  • TOP POST: Sha is back on the blog and she’s…
  • EVENT: Well, I’ll break the suspense and spoil it for you: Sha took a hiatus and came back to announce she is in Australia! That right – this book princess traveled over many seas to take a year to live and work in the OZ (I think I’m saying that right – it’s Mandy here so like who really knows??) Koalas have been touched, sun has been soaked in, and Mandy and Sha have lived with being continents apart.





  • TOP POST: Book Princess Reviews is ON HIATUS
  • EVENT: Well, I suppose 2019 was the year of hiatuses for BPR. However, I think we learned that this year, instead of running ourselves into the book ground, we should exercise good mental health practices and take breaks before we need to. We also displayed a new and amazing style – including the new look of our rating system this month – and we’re still obsessed.


temp2 (1)

  • TOP POST: Putting Celebrity Written Books to the Test
  • EVENT: A super slow month – but it was Mandy’s birthday month!! And Mandy posted her review for Red, White, and Royal Blue which was stunning so like that should count as a major event. (Sha says it’s not, but she’s not the one writing this paragraph, SO WE ARE COUNTING.)



  • TOP POST: Read-a-Thon *announcement*: it’s the Nightmare Before BPR!
  • EVENT: We were nominated for the Book Blogger Awards!! We still cannot believe this is a thing that we get to write. We were nominated in the Middle Grade category, and seriously, it was such an honor to be nominated with the amazing other bloggers in this category and in the awards themselves.



  • TOP POST: August Wrap Up & September TBR
  • EVENT: Well, it was Spooky September aka Nightmare Before BPR aka the Readathon of Many Names, lol. We did the our second annual Nightmare Before Christmas themed readathon. Yes, it’s a month early before the month of the great Halloween, but we just need an extra month of it!


Untitled design (3)

  • TOP POST: Should YA Books be Adapted for the Screen?
  • EVENT: It was our third year anniversary!! Ugh, we cannot believe this either. I mean, how has it been three years?? I mean, it’s going on two years since Sha has started, and I swear it feels like it was just the other day that I started this blog. I feel so old. I AM OLD NOW. Anyway, we still can’t believe it, and thank everyoneeeeeee that has been with us at point in time  in our blogging world.


untitlesd design

  • TOP POST: let’s see where the month takes us!
  • EVENT: Mandy went to YALLFest!! AND SHE LITERALLY MENTIONED IT EVERY TWO SECONDS. Was there not a single second she didn’t mention? (Sha says not.) But it was amazing, and she is now drowning in books. Help.


  • EVENT: Sha and Mandy are keeping this month light. We’re going holiday related this month, as you might have noticed, and then we’ll be taking a bit of a hiatus. We want to take a breath, but we are definitely excited to be back in the new year with so much more!!


What do you think? How was your year? Let’s discuss in the comments below!


4 thoughts on “BPR’s 2019 in Review

    1. Yes! It was so interesting to look back and see everything for last year. We just look at the Stats and Insights page for the blog, and it gives you all the stuff you need. It’s super fun to do for yourself too to see all the growth and things you did as the month went on. 🙂

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