The Joy of Christmas (tag)

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The Christmas excitement is real. What book release are you most anticipating?

Sha: Thank you YALLFest for dropping this book on my radar: Girl, Serpent, Thorn by Melissa Bashardoust.

Mandy: Um, so many. Let’s go with my current standard answer: King of Crows by Libba Bray, the finale to the Diviners series.


What book or author can you not help but sing its praises?

Sha: Renee Ahdieh! Any day, any time.

Mandy: Elizabeth Acevedo!! Idk how she does it, but she could probably make the phone book a stunning work of art.


What book or series has wonderful world building?

Sha: My first thought is Sky Without Stars. I adore the world-building in this book (which is the first in a series, and I’m so excited to get my hands on the second). Books with original world-building are my absolute fave.

Mandy: Rick Riordan – literally any of his worlds. They are marvelous and complex – yet easy to understand and immerse yourself in.


Favorite classic or one that you want to read

Sha: My favourite classic is Lolita. It’s twisted and complex and that’s pretty much humanity.

Mandy: The Importance of Being Earnest. Wilde’s wit is uncanny, and any book that includes an argument over muffins sells me.


What book would you love to receive for Christmas?

Sha: To be honest, absolutely none, because I have no idea how I’m going to keep my suitcases under weight as it is.

Mandy: 10 Blind Dates – I really enjoyed it, and I would love that cover on my bookshelf. I love it so much.


What book gives you that warm fuzzy feeling?

Sha: Entwined by Heather Dixon. I’ve read the book again and again, and it always gives me comfort.

Mandy: What If It’s Us. ALL THE FEELS.


What are some of your favorite book covers?

Sha: I don’t quite have a list in mind. One of my recent favourites is House of Salt and Sorrows, and The Light Between Worlds always catches my eye.

Mandy:  10 Blind Dates, The Grace Year, Saints & Misfits.


What are some of your favorite things about Christmas and/or some of your favorite Christmas memories?

Sha: Christmas shopping, hands down. I will spend hours going around the stores looking at holiday displays and picking out gifts. I don’t care if you want money, I will buy you something you can actually unwrap.

Mandy: I love giving people presents. I love digging to find that exactly right present that I know fits them, and then seeing their reaction while opening it.


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5 thoughts on “The Joy of Christmas (tag)

    1. Even when I ask for money as a gift, I list physical gift options too. Nothing beats the feeling of actually unwrapping a present and knoeing the person went out and took time to pick it out for you. Money can be easily pulled from a wallet.


      1. I completely agree with that. No matter what the gift is, it’s the fact they picked it out for you from them. 💜


  1. I also love giving people presents! I usually go overboard, but every time I see something that reminds me of them or they need, I have to get it.


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