Dear Santa, a BPR Holiday Wishlist

Dear Santa, 

Or whoever finds this letter. We’re not picky! (Okay, maybe sometimes. But that’s really not the point here.) If you have the means to deliver a gift (or two, or three, who’s counting?) to two besties, then keep reading because wow, what a great deed you will be doing, bringing cheer to wonderful, sweet, adorable, um, (saccharine, is that really a good synonym to use? maybe not) delightful girls like us. Yes, delightful. Downright pleasing.

Anyway, what we’re saying is, no red suit required! It’s kind of going out of style anyway, burgundy is much more in. (You have a lot of elves, couldn’t they fashion a new one? Just a thought.) All we’re asking for are the gifts, don’t even worry about the wrapping. (More proof of how sweet we are, caring about the environment and all that!)

So take a good look at our list, drop it by our place on the 25th, all that jazz.


xoxo Mandy & Sha

P.S. actually if you plan on doing the whole “down the chimney” thing, maybe go for the wrapping paper. Ours haven’t been cleaning in—oof—couldn’t tell you! And we’d rather our gifts look new, you know? Thanks!



all i want for Christmas is…

🎄 a few hours by myself to relax and binge watch all the Disney+

🎄 Holiday Cookie Dough Popcorn — idk why this exists, but it does, and I’m a bit concerned, but I also want to eat it all

🎄 Disney pins! I’ve officially entered the pin world, and I’ve had my eye on these Disney Princess Masquerade Ball ones that I need

🎄 a kitty sweater. not a sweater with a kitty on it, but a sweater for kitties. It’s my ultimate dream to have one of my kitties wear a sweater, and I’m determined to get them in one. VICTORY AND CUTENESS SHALL BE MINE.



all i want for Christmas is…

🎄 a cute bathing suit to wear to the many Aussie beaches. not so cute that everyone turns their head when I walk by like, “Oh day-um, where did she get that cute suit!” but also not so nondescript that I don’t get at least a single, “Hey, cute suit!” I need a cute suit balance, ya know?

🎄 a magic suitcase or even a normal suitcase that is so good people say, “It’s like magic!” so I can pack all my new clothes and books for my return trip to Canada without paying an excess baggage fee

🎄 Tim Hortons. I really miss Tim Hortons.

🎄 Microsoft Word for my computer. Which I’ve been too noncommittal to buy for seven months now, leaving me without access to all my Word files. It would be nice to see them again. I wonder how they’re doing.


what gifts are you hoping for this holiday season? 

the Santa letter at the beginning was all in jest btw, and there was no deep meaning behind it other than for laughs x

4 thoughts on “Dear Santa, a BPR Holiday Wishlist

  1. Ugh, I also need a new Word subscription. Too expensive to buy though, so I haven’t bitten the bullet yet. Never had Tim Horton’s, but I’ve heard its awesome!

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