Best & Worst Books of 2019

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BEST READS of 2019


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What If It’s Us makes it on Mandy’s Best Reads list because: I’ve never felt so seen in a book before, and it was so adorable and full of feels. FULL REVIEW.

Sky Without Stars (System Divine, #1)

Sky Without Stars makes it on Sha’s Best Reads list because: sweep me away to the stars, this book had me falling in love with science-fiction and a classic novel (Les Miserables) in one. FULL REVIEW.


Hurricane Season makes it on Mandy’s Best Reads list because: it’s the best middle grade book I ever read —so many feels with amazing writing, an amazing look at mental health, and a fantastic coming of age story. FULL REVIEW.


Stepsister makes it on Sha’s Best Reads list because: fractured fairy tales can only get better when their heroines take protagonist Isabelle’s path, and challenge gender norms as well as societal expectations. This book armoured my heart and prepared me to take on the patriarchy with both wit and steel. FULL REVIEW.


I Wish You All the Best makes it on Mandy’s Best Reads list because: it was incredibly written—with so much heart, amazing characterization, and left me with such hope. FULL REVIEW.

Pan's Labyrinth: The Labyrinth of the Faun

Pan’s Labyrinth makes it on Sha’s Best Reads list because: my long-time movie favourite Pan’s Labyrinth was reborn into a beautifully crafted novel including new, original short stories. I didn’t know I could love del Toro’s tale even more but my passion for the labyrinth beneath the moon grew even more with this telling. FULL REVIEW.


Elizabeth Acevedo books makes it on Mandy’s Best Reads list because: she tears me apart but leave me feeling like I could take on the world with her absolutely beautiful and flawless writing. FULL REVIEW.




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Hot Dog Girl makes it on Mandy’s Worst Reads list because: I don’t think I’ve ever met a more selfish main character who was really unlikeable? Ruined the whole book for me. FULL REVIEW.

The Evil Queen (The Forest of Good and Evil, #1)

The Evil Queen makes it on Sha’s Worst Reads list because: there were too many characters to keep everyone relevant. Characterization was scattered, people would disappear for lengths of time only to return when convenient, and the worldbuilding/magic lore made little sense. This book is an adult romance poorly fit into the YA fantasy genre. 

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Once & Future makes it on Mandy’s Worst Reads list because: I was so excited for this book, since I really enjoyed both author’s previous works—but this was just the biggest and randomest mess. FULL REVIEW.


Coral makes it on Sha’s Worst Reads list because: it was pitched as “mermaids with depression” but the book did not actually focus on this. (Will not expand to refrain from spoilers.) The narrative was confused, I was confused, and the writing was vague but trying to be deep. FULL REVIEW.


The Haunted makes it on Mandy’s Worst Reads list because: I don’t even know where to begin with this. Problematic, cliche, abrupt, and more. FULL REVIEW.


what are your best and worst from 2019?

7 thoughts on “Best & Worst Books of 2019

  1. With the fire on high is amazing! I really have to read I wish you all the best!
    I was doubting about reading Hot dog girl, coral and Once & Future, but now I think I won’t haha!


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  2. Ooh I loved Stepsister too. I’ve seen that the author has another retelling out this year so I’m seriously hoping that it features Fate & Chance again. It’s also nice to know that you loved Sky Without Stars as I haven’t seen that mentioned before oddly but it sounds fantastic. And I’m hopefully reading With The Fire On High soon (:


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