MINI-REVIEW: “Tiger Queen” by Annie Sullivan

Tiger Queen

Title: Tiger Queen
Author: Annie Sullivan
Pages: 320

Release Date: September 10 2019
Publisher: Blink
Format: Hardcover

Genre: Fantasy
Goodreads Rating:  4.07 (of 377  ratings)


I didn’t enjoy this book. I’m going to say it off the bat, because that was what ran through my head all 322 pages of Tiger Queen. I’m also very aware that I’m not the target audience here. The writing is suited for readers aged 12-14, with fast pacing, black-and-white morals, and dramatic sequences of events. Books with these elements never hold my interest. I need to be challenged when I read, otherwise my attention wanes.

With that being said, here’s my review in brief of Tiger Queen. 

📌 Characters are very defined. I mean, I spotted the bad guy right off the bat. This goes hand-in-hand with my comment on how this book is suited to the lower range of YA (maybe even middle grade). From protag Princess Kateri to rebel gang leader Cian, characters hinge on one or two personality traits. Kateri must question her allegiances in this book, but the real page time is put on action sequences than her moral ponderings.

There are, in fact, many action sequences in this book. I enjoyed them when I was a pre-teen, but now they don’t catch my attention as much. Yet another it’s me, not you, moment.

📌 There are various plot inconsistencies. As I said, my attention will wander when a book doesn’t have enough complex dilemmas or character depth. If you’re caught up in the action, in Kateri’s banter, in Sullivan’s descriptions of her desert world, you very likely won’t catch any of the inconsistencies.

📌 Fascinating world-building. I could tell from the start that Sullivan took a real moment to detail the creatures and citizens of her desert world. I liked learning all the different sand-related customs unique to Achra. (Though after a while, I was wondering how many different meanings throwing sand in someone’s face could have.)

I didn’t enjoy the book, but I’m not the target audience. For that reason, a Belle rating. Younger readers can enjoy this book for the fast-paced adventure that it is.

representation: n/a
content warnings: death, murder, death of a child, rape (mention of), animal death


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