Books We Wish Existed 

Where are the shooting stars? Here’s a list of four books Mandy and I wish existed (and probably do because these book princesses can’t keep up with the amazing releases hitting shelves).

*let’s be honest, at least one these is collecting dust on our owned-TBR shelves


Getting the A

High school girl crumbles under weight of academic pressure and small social group. Absentee parents don’t notice her struggles. Girl decides to try living life to the fullest by ignoring piling homework and makes new friends. Girl explores her city, finds new hobbies, and feels new freedom. Story closes with moral of finding balance between school and social.


Girl in Treble

Heroine hears music montages at odd and important times in her life, just like in TV shows and movies. For example, when waking up, she will hear “Walking on Sunshine” or peppy songs like it, like you would see a TV or movie heroine. She hears it routinely throughout her life, usually annoying her and predicting important moments in her life, and it’s unknown if it’s a super power, mental illness, or both. When she sees a guy at her therapist’s office and hears a very dramatic tune, she has to determine what kind of important message her music is trying to tell her. Part mystery, part comedy – possibly even thriller?? :O

okay like that might have gotten a bit too oddly specific lol. But the moral or message of the story would honestly be a positive look at mental health, coming to grips with who you are, and a message of hope.


Floating Upstream

Protag is mistaken for a climate justice warrior and arrested during a protest. Initially angry, protag becomes passionate about the cause. The arrest later threatens the protag’s career path and the protag becomes conflicted about social justice versus conforming to the norm.


Twists and Turns

Main character accidentally transports themselves board game. It’s all fun and games – for example, like in The Game of Life, they would be gaining a large salary, instant success at job, having an instant significant other. But things start turning sinister – the house is dangerous, the new love is more than a touch creepy, and at the end of the game, the main character might really have to retire – and not in the nice old homey way. Character learns their own strength – mental, emotional, and physical while on lifes journey (and that you cant rush it)…but ofc some good fun in a campy way.



which of these would you read? do you know any books with similar plots? why is mandy so good at titles?

11 thoughts on “ Books We Wish Existed 

  1. Ooh fantastic idea for a post and wonderful book ideas too (: I think I’d love to read the board game one but they all sound interesting and like they’d have valuable morals in them too. I feel like The Forbidden Game involved some sort of boardgame but I could be wrong I’ll reread it sometime to find out


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