Creatures of the Night (tag)

this tag was created by Katy @ Katytastic

list ten books using the prompted supernatural creatures



Έρωτας βαμπίρThe Beautiful (The Beautiful, #1)

mandy: The Beautiful! It’s my current read, and like my most recent vampire read since, like, Twilight mayhem.
sha: “thirst” by Christopher Pike. the most involved vampire series I’ve ever read, about the last vampire on earth and the promise she made to her creator many centuries ago. the books mash up fantasy, history, scifi and spirituality in one.



Night WorldHaven

mandy: Haven by Mary Lindsey! I’m really not a fan of the furry creatures, so I really stay away.
sha: have I read a book with werewolves? okay, Twilight. I’m trying to think of something you might not have heard of to introduce you to something new, though. there may have been werewolves in the Night World series by L.J. Smith. I was a huge fan in my early teens. this series had a lot, witches, shapeshifters, vampires. maybe werewolves?



Eat, Brains, LoveZombie Blondes

mandy: Zombies are not my jam either. The first and only one that came to mind was this random book I read back when I was a wee one called Zombie Blondes by Brian James. I believe it went as well as you can imagine it would.
sha: my one zombie book! Eat Brains Love by Jeff Hart. Average teen Jake Hart has a massive stomach ache one day. Turns out he’s repulsed by the cafeteria’s meatloaf for a reason more unusual than, you know, because it’s meatloaf. (aka he wants brains). intro a roadtrip across the country to escape the government.



BetweenThe Canterville Ghost

mandy: SO MANY OPTIONS. Ugh, I love love love me some ghosts. All the ghostie goodness. So many. *screaming* The Canterville Ghost by Oscar Wilde was the most recent one I read.
sha: i can’t pick! i love ghost books. one that left an impression is Between by Jessica Warman. it’s a mystery / character driven book. definitely recommend!!



The Initiation (The Secret Circle, #1)These Witches Don't Burn (These Witches Don't Burn, #1)

mandy: These Witches Don’t Burn – this wasn’t my favorite witch book, but it was set in one of the witchiest towns. I love me some witch books, though. Ugh, I just love the whole concept of witches in general. Give me a witch and a ghost book, and this girl is set.
sha: I’m sorry, I need to put another L.J. Smith book because the love triangle in this one wrecked me. I actually refuse to ever read it again because the ending upsets me (emotionally) so much. there is good witchy magic in this series though. (i can’t comment on the tv series).



The Cruel Prince (The Folk of the Air, #1)Wicked Lovely (Wicked Lovely, #1)

mandy: Wicked Lovely by Melissa Marr! This was one of the first fae/fairy books I ever read. It certainly felt ethereal, but it also felt a little too dark?
sha: is The Cruel Prince the most cliché answer possible? it’s the only one i got!



Prom Nights from HellGirls of Paper and Fire (Girls of Paper and Fire #1)

mandy: Girls of Paper and Fire – I think. I swear there are demons, right? There were demons. *thinks really hard* Wasn’t there a demon king? I swear there was one. I think. I’m going with it.
sha: um, i might only have an L.J. Smith book (again) as my answer. let me think real hard here if i have something else. Prom Nights from Hell has a short story feat a demon who meets an angel.



Hush, Hush (Hush, Hush, #1)Angel Fire (Angel, #2)

mandy: Uhhhhh…I legit can only remember this one. But I can’t remember the name of it. It was like this one where this…I think it was called like Angel Fire or something? But I can’t remember the name or the author, and looking at the books with this title on Goodreads is not working. I thought it was written by Garth Nix, but NOT. I’m just going to not answer this one. Sounds good. Update: It’s called Angel Fire by L.A. Weatherly. At least I had the title, right?
sha: Prom Nights from Hell has that aforementioned Demon x Angel story going on. Other than that, I’ve not read any stories with angels in them! I saw a few popular ones back in the day like Hush, Hush but never believed the hype enough to pick them up.



41735874. sy475

mandy: Despite my love of The X-Files, I haven’t actually read too many aliens stories. Like, full on alien books. It reminds me of this book I just accidentally stumbled upon on Goodreads that I did immediately add it onto TBR because…aliens! It’s called: Sia Martinez and the Moonlit Beginning of Everything by Raquel Vasquez Gilliland.
sha: there was a Christopher Pike short story that i read about an alien (well, you didn’t know it was an alien until the end) but I can’t for the life of me remember the name. otherwise, nope, i kind of stay away from alien stories. part of my whole, “Sha doesn’t do intense scifi” thing.


superpowered human

The Nine Lives of Chloe King (The Nine Lives of Chloe King #1-3)Percy Jackson.png

mandy: DEMIGODS. Yessssssssssssss. So please insert any Rick Riordan book of your choice.
sha: uhhh, uhhhh, uhhhh. i can’t believe i went into this tag so confident. to be fair, i haven’t re-read any of my supernatural creatures books since at least 2013. i can hardly remember any of the plots or even what i own at this point. i do recall a short story about a girl who had the abilities of a panther? kind of like a shapeshifter but not? which reminds me of a whole BOOK called The Nine Lives of Chloe King. Neither of these is a superpowered human (exactly) but I’m going with it.


what are some of your fave books featuring these creatures?

7 thoughts on “Creatures of the Night (tag)

  1. Reading this post made me realize how few books I’ve read with most of these supernatural creatures! I can’t think of anything with werewolves other than Harry Potter…
    But Girls of Paper and Fire is a great choice for demons 😀 And if you’re looking for another zombie book, you should read Dread Nation by Justina Ireland – one of my faves!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. When I started this post, I was actually confident because of my preteen supernatural creatures phase. I’m now realizing that this phase was very vampire specific XD I just finished a book with demons in it though, so … belated addition?

      Dread Nation… there’s a TV adaptation, right?

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  2. I can’t wait to read The Beautiful. I was so excited for it that I pre-ordered it. But then I got behind on library books so I’m trying to be good and catch up on them first. And I think the Night World books had at least one werewolf in them. If not then I’m pretty sure someone was at least rumoured to be a werewolf. I loved the Wicked Lovely books, they made me fall in love with the fae in the first place. And dark romance. And I naturally love Cruel Prince too. Quite a few of the other books mentioned here are on my TBR. And I’d actually like to reread Secret Circle sometime as I can’t remember it very well.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. My library hold on The Beautiful FINALLY came in but I’m in the middle of reading another book, so now I’m just patiently but impatiently reading and getting to it soon. I can’t wait! Look at us being good to our other book children before getting to our favourite child, haha. I remember bits and pieces of the plot in The Secret Circle and then the massive emotional hole that the love triangle created within me.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I can’t either!! But yes we are both being good 😅 it’s hard not to just get on with it though as it’s one of the books I was most excited for this year. I remember nowhere near enough so I’ll have to reread it sometime next year (:


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