My Good Reading Habits (tag)

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I always finish my ARCs ahead of the publication date. 

Mandy is partly to thank—blame?—for this habit. When I joined the blog, she told me that publishers appreciated bloggers to put reviews up around two weeks before the book’s publication date. My whole “fear and respect authority” side was like okayokayokay if you want the privilege of ARCs, Sha, you better NEVER SUBMIT A SINGLE REVIEW LATE. For that reason, I’m always extremely timely with reading my ARCs (I won’t even look at another book if I have a review due soon, though I may joke about it) so I can get my reviews finished.*

*story time: I missed a pub date once because of mental health and omg was I freaking out. I was sure I was going to be blacklisted.

I keep my books looking like new.

I’m not sure if this is more me being an obsessive person about keeping my books looking pretty and EXACTLY like new or a good habit, but I’m going with it. I’m not saying anyone that gives much love to their books is a bad habit, but having my books looking pretty and my ability to do so feels like I’m doing good and I’m showing the book some respect? Especially when I donate and give them away, and some other obsessive person like me will feel excited that it’s almost a brand new book.

And yes, I use a Book Beau whenever I transport my books so I can keep it good on the go.

I don’t always trust the book hype.

I’m stealing this one from Siobhan (hope you don’t mind!). I’m wary when a book has extreme love—but also when a book has extreme hate. In either case, I hold back from sharing my opinion unless I choose to read the book for myself. And I only make that decision if the book is genuinely something I’m interested in. I don’t prefer to read a book simply to chime in on whether the hate/love is “justified.”

I unhaul and rehome unloved books

I firmly believe even if I didn’t enjoy a book, that someone out there that will – and honestly, as we may know, there is quite a book that I don’t quite enjoy. Every few months, I like to go through my books, ask myself if I’m really going to read it/read it again, and if the answer is no, I either donate it to my local library so they can profit off it or give it to friends to support their own growing home libraries.

(I’m not doing this unhaul so often because I’ve bought more and ran out of room – no, no, just doing it out of the goodness of my heart.)

I don’t overspend on books / bookish stuff

Although this wasn’t always the case! With time, I’ve gotten better at deciding which books I really want to own and which books I don’t mind waiting a bit to arrive at the library. Sometimes, it’s even a case of *sniffs* letting some books go completely to save money. I’ve noticed this works longterm, though, because I have less books on my selves that I look at like, “Yeah, I really just bought that because of hype/pretty cover/impulse” and feel regret.

It’s um, really hard though. And still involves quite a bit of speed-walking past book stores.

I try to go in with no expectations when I start a book

Let’s be honest – I think we’ve all been there where we place exceptionally high expectations on a book. Sometimes, books will meet them. Others? Not so much. I had a habit of doing this, and I’ve really tried to throw all expectations out the window – that I won’t it enjoy it or I want this book to be everything – when I’m starting a book so I can try to give a book a fair shake instead of feeling disappointed or giving the book pressure to fulfill my every desire. So far, it’s helped me enjoy books a lot more lately.


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25 thoughts on “My Good Reading Habits (tag)

  1. I missed one publication date there was still drama (some was me trying to explain I did email and them too) and that was part of what got me to request less books. The other part was just other stuff. It’s not a big deal missing one. It’s ok! I honestly enjoy reading more of my books because I never had much time before because I always had ARC’s to read.

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    1. The stress that came with posting ARC reviews is part of what led me to requesting less. Mostly self-imposed stress (I take deadlines way too seriously). I prefer picking my own books more anyway. I’m really sorry about all the drama that went down for you, Colleen. I hope you’re doing better now.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thank you. And I’m doing okish. I’m over all that drama but I think I’m one post away from doing my yearly blog shut down for a few months until January.

        I totally understand those same feelings though. I have two ARC’s left but they aren’t due until next year. And I already read my book for my Tuesday post this week.

        I just always seem to go into blog hibernation this time of the year. Thinking about starting my hiatus early since I’m hosting Thanksgiving AND Christmas this year. And maybe moving into a pet friendly apartment sometime soon to keep my dog for my parents. That depends on a few things.

        I hope things are well with you!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. The holidays are a good time for a blog hiatus. You can unwind, focus on yourself for a bit, and re-energize for the new year.

        Oh, I hope you can find a pet friendly apartment. Pets are great for stress relief and they bring so much joy into your life. Keep me updated on how that goes!

        Things are well here. Thanks for asking 🙂


      3. Thank you! Plus watching endless Christmas movies is always the best part. Every single new one this year has been good.

        And thanks! My parents finally listened to me after I toured one and realized just how expensive it is. It was a really nice apartment with a washer and dryer too but too expensive. And only one closet. I thought that was weird. So they are going to look for a condo in Michigan where my stepmom wants to live part time. It would be easier for her to move then me.

        And that is awesome!! I’m trying to heal from a badly inflamed ear which is like an ear infection. It’s already so much better than it was just a week ago.


  2. This is great! I try my best to not miss publication date but sometimes it just doesn’t work out :/ I try to post my reviews as soon as possible though! It took me a while, but I also unhaul my unloved books and become much more wiser with spending my money on bookish stuff. These two are mostly because I’m also running out of space on my shelves, but still! 😀

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    1. Thanks Amanda! Haha, I get it. One or two ARCs in the pile, yeah, sure, that’ll take no time so you decide to tackle them later. Then suddenly there’s all these tempting releases on NetGalley/Edelweiss and the pile isn’t so small anymore. You’ve got it though! I believe in you!

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  3. Sha, I’m with you. I feel like the ONLY book blogger out there who isn’t overspending all the time on bookish merch, so I’m glad to know I’m not alone! We stick to a pretty strict budget at my house.
    Mandy, I WISH I could keep the expectations away! So many books I think I would have enjoyed more if I’d just known what to expect. Instead I get disappointed that it wasn’t what I was thinking it was going to be, even if it was still very good.

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  4. Firstly sorry for not commenting on any of your posts lately. I didn’t realize there were any as I don’t seem to get emails about them even though I’m following you 🤔 Ive noticed this with two other people too so I’ll have to make sure I remember to check all of your pages regularly.
    I hate not finishing books before the publication date if I get any early copies. I always make them a priority when I have them but I missed two last month due to illness and I felt absolutely terrible about it.
    I had a massive clear out a few years ago and gave a lot of my older books to charity although annoyingly there are one or two of those that I now hope to find library copies of as I want to reread the series 😅 I have some more that I’ll probably donate sometime I just need to read them first. I am trying to get less physical books though until I catch up. But whenever I get one it turns into several 🙈

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    1. Oh no. That’s odd! There’s a notifications management page within wordpress where you can adjust email settings. Maybe somewhere on that page it will show why you’re not getting notified? It must be frustrating to come to the page all the time.
      Ah, so you know how I felt 😦 We can’t help missing a date if we’re ill etc. but letting down a pub still feels terrible.
      Nooo. This is why I’m so scared of giving away books even if I haven’t read them in years. What if I want to re-read them fifty years from now, but they’re so old, they’re no longer in print? These thoughts actually haunt me XD

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      1. I think I just managed to fix it for you and the other people that I know it does it with. Fingers crossed anyway. Although I have no idea why it automatically set it up for me to receive emails from most people but not all 🤔
        Yeah I understand completely. And it’s true, you can’t help bring I’ll.
        Omg really? I’d never thought about the whole out of print issue but you have a point. Some books do go out of print then end up being ridiculously expensive. I’ll still have to have a clear out one day though 😂


  5. I couldn’t help but laugh when I read Sha’s first habit. I am the latest ARC reviewer that exists. I seriously cannot meet an ARC deadline to save my life. Like I just keep pushing and pushing because i *think* i have a lot of time and next thing you know BAM! It’s been a month since pub date and I haven’t even thought of picking up the book….
    A good habit I have I guess would be…um….most of my books are kept clean? I do from time to time have accidents like when I took Gods of Jade and Shadow to the beach and dropped it in the sand and spent the next hour picking out all the grains from in between the pages…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know you are trying to get better Rendz!! and I believe in you 100%! You can do it! and you know what? as long as that book is read, it’s happy, because a book only dreams of being read. So you’re still fulfilling its dreams.
      See, if I dropped a book in the sand, I would not spend even a second picking out grains of sand. I would turn the book upside down, hold it by the cover, shake it a few times, and move on with life.

      *a thousand shrieks of dying booklover souls*

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