Can’t Wait Wednesday: A Thousand Fires



A Thousand Fires by Shannon Price

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Valerie Simons knows the gangs are dangerous—her little brother was shot and killed by the Boars two years ago.

Still, nothing will sway Valerie from wanting to join the elite and beautiful Herons and find her brother’s killer. It doesn’t hurt that her best friend Matthew is slated to become a Heron leader—and she’d follow him to the ends of the earth.

Then Valerie is recruited by the mysterious Stags when their volatile, provocative, and beyond charismatic leader Jax promises to help her get revenge. Torn between old love and new loyalty, Valerie races to finish the mission that got her into the gangs.

But no one truly wins the Wars.



This sounds complex but intriguing. I gave another alternate gang book a chance a few years back, and while it didn’t go super well, I was intrigued by the concept and brought some ultimate mood. I’m having flashbacks to that novel, and I’m definitely willing to give this book a try. Plus, alternate San Fran??? Inspired by The Iliad??? Sign me up, since I’m still deep in my Greek mythology fandom life.




Belle certainly knows what it is like to choose between her family and her heart. She does a lot of things for her dad, so she definitely can understand Valerie’s motivations. Plus, this sounds like an ensemble cast much like Belle’s – although I’m thinking with less dancing cutlery.


What do you think? Is this on your book TBR as well? 

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