Books I Still Probably Won’t Have Read Even When the World Ends

Is it just me or has it lately felt like the end of days are coming? Between fires in the Amazon, the bees dying, crazy intense hurricanes, our world literally getting hotter, and so much more, it’s feeling more like the apocalypse. Seeing as we probably have a bit of time left and I certainly won’t be doing any doomsday preppers, I can probably slide in a few more books into my reading schedule. Seeing as I’ve had these books on my TBR for years UPON years, it’s seemingly like I won’t be getting to these no matter what.

Quite possibly Mandy’s future?



Truthwitch by Susan Dennard

This is one of the oldest books on my physical and Goodreads TBR. I was kind of sort of interested, and seeing it forever sprouting up like a bright little Daisy around the bookish community, I made a command decision to buy it on a Book Outlet binge. However, I’m, literally, never in the mood for super high high fantasy??? Even when I slip it into readathons, convinced I’m going to do it??? I’m so hopeless with this one.


A Thousand Nights by EK Johnston

Tbh, I kind of just bought this for the under the dust jacket book cover? Not even for the cover – the UNDER the dust jacket cover?? This and its accompanying companion novel have such cool underneath secret covers that I NEEDED. Imagine all the gorgeous bookstagram pictures I could take!! Fun fact: guess who has yet to take a single one showcasing the epic cover?? It’s Sha. Totally Sha.


Long May She Reign by Rhiannon Thomas

I was so so so hype for this book. Murder! Princesses! THAT COVER. And I mean, the title is such a solid motto?? But then I kept seeing so-so reviews, and I think I honestly read a chapter and wasn’t fully vibing? Yet again, I was let loose in Book Outlet (seriously, someone stop me), and I snatched it up. I need a princess prompt STAT in a readathon please & thank u (although if it’s anything like Truthwitch, it still won’t matter.)


Poison Study by Maria V. Snyder

This is a book that unlike the others, I’m actually pretty pumped to read. It has a super good rating on Goodreads, and Sha even gave it a thumbs up. But, like, I can’t find it anywhere??? It’s never on *wait for it wait for it wait for it* Book Outlet, places to purchase, and my library copies are well onto their way to be fazed out. Perhaps my luck has run out instead of my ability to actively avoid books on my TBR??


Complete Works of Oscar Wilde 

And to absolutely no one’s surprise, this book! I’ve been reading it since May 2018, when I felt determined and strong to take on this massive book. “Oh, I’ll just read a short story every here or there! It will be great!” said Mandy, so completely and utterly naively. Well, I haven’t updated since July 10th 2018, and literally dropped everything in a middle of reading one story – so you can guess how not great it’s going. I might have even hid it in a bin somewhere so I wouldn’t have to see my failure.


What do you think? What are some books that you probably won’t ever get to? Have you put books off this long? Let’s discuss in the comments below!


22 thoughts on “Books I Still Probably Won’t Have Read Even When the World Ends

  1. I didn’t buy «Thruthwitch» but there were many times when I was going to do it, and then I’d tell myself that I already own too many series I haven’t finished or started, I don’t need another one.
    But it still remains on my Goodreads TBR… maybe I will actually read it?! 😀

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    1. Yessssssssss. And omg, it’s so true, though. I keep telling myself that I need to read it this month and then by the end of the year and then it keeps going back and back. We shall have to see if we can make it one of these times! Thank you, Kaya!!

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  2. You’re not missing anything with Truthwtich Mandy! Even though I remember some of the witch abilities being interesting, I felt like the two characters were SO dumb and the world building never felt balanced enough. Great post!

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  3. OMG u simply must read Truthwitch it is sooo good! I am currently reading Bloodwitch and it is the best one by FAR!! (mainly bc it focuses so much on my fav characters 😉 Poison Study is on Kindle Unlimited btw! Since your having trouble finding a copy 🙂 Great list and amazing post :))

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    1. Reading your review for it definitely got me more excited for it! And I’m so excited to hear that it gets even better! And ooooh I didn’t know that! I’m totally going to have to look into getting a copy that way. Thank you, Jamie!!


  4. Oooooh Long May She Reign looks so good, but I can see what you mean – if you don’t have a good first impression going in, and you don’t get hooked, you can loose the appeal of the book.
    – Emma 🙂

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  5. You and I are in the same boat with Truthwitch Mandy. I own all 3 of the books that are out now! And my sister has read them so she constantly badgers me to read them XD
    As for just me, you know how I feel about SJM and how I’ll probably never read another book of hers even though I own the ACOTAR trilogy. XD I think it fuels my fire XD

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    1. Ahahaha oh NO. I haven’t gotten to that point yet. But I didn’t realize you hadn’t read it yet either. We need to cheer each other on. Sister enjoyed it, right???

      And omg yes. After reading how she did you wrong, it’s so hard to encourage you to read the others. Only the second book was worth reading anyway, too. XD

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