Read-a-Thon *announcement*: it’s the Nightmare Before BPR!

It’s officially that time of year! Spooky September, aka the moment that Mandy lives for all year long, is hereeeeeeeeeeeee. It’s time for books that gives us all the chills, creeps, and goosebumps.

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Last year, we indulged Mandy’s need for the spooky reads and created a Nightmare Before Christmas-themed read-a-thon (hello, Nightmare Before BPR aka Spooky September!), and we are bringing it BACK this year. Get ready to pack your September with all the spooks. *the official name is Nightmare Before BPR but we know it’s wordy, so y’all can call it Spooky September too.



πŸŽƒ create a TBR list or an “I’m joining!” post linking back to BPR so we can add you as a participant πŸŽƒ
πŸŽƒ complete as many prompts from the bingo board as you can πŸŽƒ
πŸŽƒ the read-a-thon starts Sept. 1 and ends Sept. 30 πŸŽƒ

Use the #NightmareBeforeBPR hashtag on Twitter if you share any of your reads there!






πŸŽƒ Mandy
πŸŽƒ Sha
πŸŽƒ You?


Will you be joining? Are you a fan of Halloween coming as soon as possible?

34 thoughts on “Read-a-Thon *announcement*: it’s the Nightmare Before BPR!

    1. Thank you!! With readathons, I’ve definitely seen a few that require different things and do require one prompt per bingo. That’s how I’m trying to do this year to push myself to do more. However, since there is a lot of prompts, I say you can double up on prompts if you wish!!

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  1. I’m on the verge of tears because this is just so cute and I’ve never wanted to join a readathon more in my life, but unfortunately I don’t even think my university schedule will allow for me to read anything this semester! 😦

    I think I’ll still try to join! If I do, I’ll make a post to let you know! 😌 I’m determined to read at least one spooky book this year! (PS: Can I call it “Spooky-tember”, just for myself? Because that’s what it is in my mind, haha!)

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  2. I love everything fall, so this seems like fun, but I don’t usually read spooky-ish books? Hmm, maybe I can alter these a little to fit what I would read? Can you double up with prompts?

    This is so exciting!

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    1. Oooooh yes! And yes! I definitely have altered a few things to fit too in the past (lol and I created it, lol), but I’ve used fantasy and even contemporary for a few prompts that fit a sort of spookyish feel. I plan on only using one for each prompt, but since there are so many prompts, I definitely think you can double up for some of them.. πŸ™‚

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  3. It is already Halloween in my heart. I got ridiculously excited a few weeks ago when I saw the Halloween decorations at Michael’s. I am already planning in decorating our house soon…very soon. πŸ™‚

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  4. I’d definitely be joining. This sounds so cute, and it’s enough to get in the Halloween spirit, so I could just quit procrastinating on a series I want to finish and stop saying, ‘maybe next time’ whenever I see the books at the library.

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  5. First of all NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS READATHON?! OMG I WANT IN!!! I’ll try to join at least to read one book. Second point… this is my FIRST time in your blog and OMG YOUR RATING SYSTEM IS AWESOME AND NOW I WANT TO DO SOMETHING LIKE THAT! Not with princess obviously. I think I’ll be coming back to your blog often. πŸ˜€

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    1. OMG welcome to our blog!!! So glad you like the rating system, it is indeed our pride and joy. ❀ Also welcome wlecome to the readathon, you are totally invited. Do you have any ideas what you might read? There are so many spooktacular books to choose from…

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      1. Thank you!! Um… no, I don’t have any idea of what I might read, I am going through that right now :/

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    2. Yesssssssssssssss that would be great!! You can even double up on some prompts if you wish. πŸ™‚ And thank you so much!!! We wanted to have something rather original, and I thought perhaps combing my two loves would work – I definitely work start there. Thanks!! πŸ™‚

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  6. I hope you both enjoy your Nightmare Before BPR-a-thon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I sadly won’t be able to join this month because I have so many things going on, but be sure I will be reading one spooky book for surzies!
    Best of luck checking off all the boxes or at least getting a bingo XD

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