#POLL: Book Blogs VS Book Tube 👊

I know asking this question on a blog is a pretty biased way to start off a poll but here I am, asking anyway. Rest assured that none of your answers will be used to, I don’t know, redefine the book community as we know it.

B O O K   B L O G S

Do we all agree book blogs are awesome? You had better, you’re reading one right now. With a blog you get the visuals, you can scroll through a post at your own leisure, and as a creator, you’re afforded a certain level of anonymity.

B O O K   T U B E

On book tube, you almost jump right into a creator’s life. Consuming material can be a lot easier (consider watching a video at the same time as cleaning/eating compared to reading a post while multitasking). It’s a fact that society is leaning towards getting the info faster with a catchy format, and book tube is a great way to grab your attention and get the facts off the bat. Video format is often > than reading words for many people.

even as … readers, i guess


You can vote as a consumer or as a creator in this poll. (Or both!)



27 thoughts on “#POLL: Book Blogs VS Book Tube 👊

  1. Since I’m a book blogger, I definitely lean toward blogs! Part of me has always wanted to start a booktube channel, but I’m just not good enough at editing and filming for that.

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  2. I love both! 😀 Book blogs usually have more information, and I much prefer to read reviews on blogs, than watch on YouTube. But Bootube allows you to “get to know” the creator a little more, the videos feel more personal and also you can do all those fun tags, like “how well do I know my book shelf”, etc.

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  3. I agree with Alex, I am a huge fan of both! I obviously love blogs as I have one of my own. And I agree with Alex that I also rather read reviews on a blog than listen to them. However, I can sit for hours watching BookTube videos. I like that the Booktubers seem to have more outward personality than is obvious on a blog, which makes it appear that they are more personal than bloggers but I don’t find that to be entirely true. I mean I get a great sense of people’s personalities through their posts on here (you guys obviously come to mind, as does a few of my better friends from here). But for whatever reason I also really love Booktube.

    I would really love to create my own Booktube channel one day, but I am just not skilled at editing enough to feel confident doing them.

    PS- I LOVE the redesign :] The background is adorable and the header is PERFECT ❤

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    1. Hahaha, oh wow, it’s so true that booktubers (in general) have a more outgoing personality type than book bloggers. I didn’t think of it until now.
      If you ever create a booktube channel, you’re looking at your first sub right here!! I don’t even think editing is a major major factor, since a lot of booktube has a basic backdrop…? (coming from someone who doesn’t watch a lot of videos). At the very least, I know youtubers in general are promoting free use of Skillshare, that website that gives courses on programs… at least one has to be on video editing. I totally believe in you Sam!

      and thank you so much!! I’m really happy with it too. 😁

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      1. You are SO sweet thank you for saying that :] We shall see what happens in the future! If you are ever looking for Booktube reccs, I’d be happy to share some of my favs with you for sure.

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  4. I enjoy both, and I’ve given thought to starting a booktube, however I know it takes much more time to actually do vlogs (as I have done them years ago). Besides, I think we can all agree that blogs beat out booktube because of the simple fact that you can write up blog posts in your bed wearing pajamas! 😀

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    1. Oooh, the pyjama aspect is for sure a huge point in favour for me. And no one will comment if you have your hair in a lazy bun every day. And if your bookshelf is a mess? No one will ever know… 😅 If you ever decide to start up a booktube though, good luck!

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  5. I watch them both but I do tend to check blogs more often than videos. And I also follow more bloggers than vloggers so I cast my vote for blogs.
    I have ‘my own time’ after the kids are sleeping and that’s the only time I have to watch any videos. Blogs on the other hand I can read even if the kids are awake. But often I still find myself sitting on sofa and watching Investigation Discovery rather than booktube or reading a book. For recommendations and such I still lean to bloggers more than vloggers.
    So I guess all in all I do read more than watch. 😀

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  6. I always prefer to read something than watch/listen to it. Look, I read faster, than those book tubers talk, and time is of short supply in my life. Ha! I knew you redid the site. Looks good


  7. I love both, but I am a blogger thru and thru! For one I prefer anonymity and for another I like the exercise of writing. I do love watching Book tube tho. I used to watch it everyday but the obsession has reduced since then!

    (Also I’m loving the new look ladies!)

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    1. Now that I’m out of school, blogging is the only place where I put my thoughts into a coherent format. UM this is so useful because otherwise I think my brain would be turning to mush? I still haven’t found THE booktube channel to fuel my passions.

      and thank you Rendz!!

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  8. Both! Booktube can be relaxing to watch when I don’t feel like reading, but it’s also more time consuming. Like you mentioned, you can control the pace you go through a blog post, and I like the control! I also agree with the others that Booktube is great for getting to know the creator better—I find myself clicking on booktubers’ personal vlogs more than bookish vlogs! In short, blogs are fantastic for bookish content and booktube for personal 😁.

    (Buuut, if I had to choose one as a ~creator~, I’d choose blogs any day. I like my anonymity 😊.)

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    1. You hit it right on the nose with the strengths of the two modes! I couldn’t agree more than Booktube makes it super easy to get right at the personal, and blogs are chockful of bookish content.

      Maybe a best of both worlds situation is the answer? Though I totally agree, as a creator, I way prefer the blogging world!

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  9. I am trying to get more into Book Tube but at the end of the day, I prefer Book Blogs. I find the engagement a lot better and I find the people … nicer? I think Book Tubers are really nice, but there are so many trolls on YouTube that it kind of ruins it. Seriously, some things they think of writing are just … so rude. With Book Blogs, I find that even people with differeniating thoughts are kind. One of my favourite bloggers doesn’t like a book that I fell in love with. But rather than dissing on my review, she liked how I pointed out things she didn’t necessarily think of. And vice versa.

    BookTube is nice for when I’m cleaning the house or doing repetitive work at work, since I can listen to it. But I still love Book Blogs more.

    Fun poll!

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    1. Thanks for your comments Jenna! I didn’t even consider trolls or the comments on YouTube. You make a good point that YouTube — no matter how hard a creator works to monitor the comment section — isn’t a great place for discussion. Which is such a pity because listening to a video with a good presenter can often incite great conversation.

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      1. I think so too. I wish people would just … I unno, not comment awful things?? There’s never a point. It’s sad because I think YouTube is a great format for discussion and sharing. I hope it eventually gets better, like this community!! ❤

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  10. Confession time…I’ve never actually watched any Booktube channels 🙈 I really want to though! I follow a bunch of Booktubers on twitter, and I always have a note in the back of my mind to check out their channels, but I never seem to get around to it. For me, I just think that following blogs is so much easier, I can read and interact and comment without needing headphones. For me, watching videos on Youtube is something I do when I have free time, and that doesn’t seem to happen super often.

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    1. Not a single one? Not such a terrible confession, since I’ve only watched perhaps three? since they’ve been linked directly to me. I also follow several on Twitter, but when I go to Youtube, it’s usually to watch other content.


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