Today, the BPR princesses are taking on co-blogging! Some of you may or may not know, but Book Princess Reviews used to only be run by Mandy. That’s right – it took about a year and half before Sha jumped on board (this sinking ship – I mean, wonderful blog of wonders that usually just features Mandy rambling in sentences that never end – much like this one!) Although you would never know since Sha has seamlessly slipped the crown right on her head and taken BPR to the stuff of fairytales. 

Co-blogging certainly has been an intriguing experience for both these book princesses with many ups and downs and Sha furiously shaking her head at Mandy’s shenanigans. Today, we are going to be looking at some pros and cons that come with co-blogging, and perhaps help you make a decision if it’s the right choice for you!


PRO: You never run out of ideas

🔸 We all know the saying: Two heads are better than one. Imagine all the creative blog ideas that grow from TWO bloggers putting their minds at work! Actually, Mandy and I don’t have to imagine… We have a fifty item list on Google Drive waiting for us. One of our fave blog-related activities is brainstorming new topics for discussions, feature posts, and polls. Whenever one of us stalls, the other steps in.

CON: You inundate your followers with posts.

🔸 Two bloggers mean double the output of posts. If we had time and energy, we could easily enough post once a day each. With this ability with lots of content creation, you want to make sure that you aren’t mass posting, which can cause your followers to feel like they are being spammed – especially your email followers. And let’s be honest, sometimes even two heads can hit a wall. That whole fifty item list? Yeah, it didn’t happen in a day, even with more than one person at work. 

PRO: You always have someone to buddy read with!

🔸 Sometimes, it’s hard to find a buddy read. Sometimes we’re too intimidated or shy to join in with a blogger we don’t know quite as well yet or our blogger friends don’t have the time or right time frame to read the same book as us. However, with a co-blogger, your buddy reader is one message away. You’re already a dynamic duo or trio or quadruple – so why not move onto reading together since you’re already mind melding. We certainly don’t always agree (why this series is literally called Princess Wars) on our end opinion of books, but it’s certainly an entertaining experience to have an epic friend and partner to discuss what you just read. 

CON: A co-blogger won’t necessarily have the same taste in books.

🔸 While we certainly have similar tastes (and a shared love for a particular Grave Mercy book), we definitely don’t have the exact taste. You won’t be seeing Sha devouring The Diviners or Mandy screaming about My Soul to Take. So, there definitely might be some hiccups when trying to pick out a shared read or sometimes a cohesive genre post/theme you are going for. 

PRO: You always have someone to get literary with.

🔸 The book community really is perfect to get literary with – we all know the excitement and love and wonder that books bring to our life. But sometimes we just want to scream about a particular bookish something with someone – and your co-blogger is definitely that someone. They’re already well versed in what is going on in the book community and if you send them a picture of the new Fairyloot special edition book, they’re not going to be like, kk, what is this??? They’re going to either scream with you in beauty or tell you they prefer the original cover. 

CON: It’s hard to find the right person to share a blog with.

🔸 Maybe no one shares your taste in books. Or your writing voice. If two radically different people come together on a blog, it might work or it might just create a disconnect with the readers. I mean, we follow bloggers we connect with, right? Or maybe you prefer running things solo, and finding a co-blogger isn’t even ON your list. Actually I don’t even think this would be a con. Since you’re then not even debating a co-blogger. Hmm. Next! 

PRO: When you need to take a hiatus, your co-blogger can take over.

🔸 If you’ve been reading our blog for the past few months, you’ve seen that we’ve certainly been experiencing a myriad of craziness. Between slumps, mental health breaks, and one of us moving across the world, we have taken a few major hiatuses. If there was just one of us, all things would have completely stopped, until things became quieter. However, with a co-blogger, one of us can take over most of the posting, commenting, hopping, and more, until you’re ready to come back and rejoin. 

CON: A blog with two or more bloggers running the show might elicit higher expectations.

🔸If I’m reading a blog with co-bloggers, you would think that there should be a certain amount of posts coming at you. These expectations don’t just from the readers, though. The bloggers themselves may place more demands on themselves. Two people should mean twice as much content, right? Twice as many books read, twice as many reviews… It can sound logical, but in effect create a lot of pressure on the bloggers.


What do you think? Would you take on a co-blogger? Do the pros outweigh the cons? Are you more of a solo blogger? Let’s discuss!

Share your thoughts in the comments below!




  1. Amazing post! Personally, I’ve never considered a co-blogger because i guess I just want to steal the show 😅 I also don’t have a lot of reader friends to co-blog with, but I have been swamped with blogging, so I feel like someone could help me with the non-bookish stuff! Btw, your blogging voices coordinate seemlessly what even!!

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    1. Thank you, Caitlin!! And lol trust me, I hadn’t ever considered it either before Sha approached me for it and I will admit that I had a bit of a hard time releasing control for that reason. But it does help with taking on some of the other more chore werthy tasks when things get super rough! And thank youuuuuu. We are working hard on the mind meld lol.


  2. Now my sister reads more and sometimes reads the same books I do, she’s interested in my blog and wants to have her own space on it. However she won’t write her book thoughts down and she expects me to review and recommend the books she’s read that I haven’t! It’s driving me mad.

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    1. Oh nooooooo. It’s certainly one thing to take on a space but definitely not good to force you into a spot. That would be driving me mad too!! Hopefully it can be resolved soon and it can be figured out to make both of you happy and enjoying books and blogging!!

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  3. I would definitely take on a co-blogger if I met the right person, just because it’s fun to have people to do things with! But I’m not actively looking for one. Great post idea, guys!

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  4. I joined my blog, which already had 4 co-bloggers, but they sort of dropped off with college and life and whatnot. Any time they want to post, I welcome it, because they have very different reading tastes from me and they bring a different perspective to the blog. I used to force myself to read a greater variety of books, so that my followers could be exposed to a greater array of books, but I hated it, and would love other people to do that for me on my blog.

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    1. Yes! With such a variety, you’re getting so many different perspectives and voices and reading tastes. However, it’s definitely not as fun to take on genres you don’t enjoy as much. Definitely good if they provide when they want but you definitely gotta do what you enjoy!!

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  5. I would love having someone to help me on the blog but on the other hand I know myself: it would also add pressure because the days/weeks I would want to take a break I would feel guilty, like letting the other down and so, going on just tu burn myself up …

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  6. Having a co-blogger would rough for me after all it is called Reading with Rendz…and unless their name starts with an R we are gonna have a problem.
    But I love seeing how you both work together and I wish I had that extra writer to write posts for me, but I don’t know if I’d want to share lol I’m that selfish! If only I could double myself!

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    1. They could be named reading? Idk I don’t think it would work quite as well 😉 could you see the sisters work together for an extended period of time?

      And Ahahaha it definitely is hard to relinquish that control. But that is one of the nicest part that Sha is there to get those extra posts in and vice versa!

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  7. As a co-blogger myself I was nodding along to everything you wrote! Chana and I started the blogging journey together based on our discussions of books all day every day. We knew beforehand who we’d be getting as a co-blogger! I think for me two of the biggest positives from the ones you mentioned are that we’re able to bounce ideas off of one another, and that if one of us is busy the other one can pick up the slack. To me having a co-blogger is so natural, I’m not sure how anyone manages without one!

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    1. Ahaha Yes! And you were both primed to set off on the journey together. And omg yes that is for sureeee the best part for me as well. It is so nice that you know you’re not going to be suffering alone but always have your person with you to help out. It’s definitely hard to imagine life without one now!!

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  8. This is such an interesting post!
    I am currently running AFCTL while my co-blogger Bruno is on hiatus, so I can understand how it is good to have two, but at the same time, without him here, I am scared to cross a line and start changing it into something that we can no longer do together without meaning to?
    Amazing post 🙂
    – Emma 🙂

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    1. Thank you! And omg, yes, I’ve had that exact same problem, Emma! Right now, Sha is on a bit of a hiatus and was in the past as well, and I started to make some command decisions. We definitely got our wires crossed on some things (especially our posting schedule), and it definitely was hard to figure out where the line was. I definitely think doing anything that you consider might be going too far would be something to hold off until you could discuss it. But it definitely gets hard!! Thank you!! 🙂

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  9. I can definitely see the benefits of having a co-blogger. I haven’t been blogging as much lately because I’m super burnt out from work and have been stressed to the max. At the end of the day, all I want to do is eat and go to bed. Having someone else to help push me to write posts or who could step in and take some of the burden off me would be super helpful.

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    1. Oh gosh, I’m so sorry that it’s been so stressful and tired! I totally feel you with it. For sure, having the push is so nice. When I want to go crawl somewhere in the corner, Sha will definitely prove me to get back in the game but if I can’t, as you said, she can step in. It definitely helps. I hope work calms down a bit soon!!


  10. I think the biggest pro of sharing a blog is that neither of you needs to exhaust yourself completely in order to get posts up. It’s teamwork! I have a friend who used to have a book blog too, but she gave up entirely because she wouldn’t have time to blog while studying. I invited her to occasionally write for mine if she wanted and I hope it works, so that I can rest a bit more, while keeping a consistent posting schedule on a regular school routine.

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    1. Yes! That is for sure the biggest pro. You’re not forced to have the burden all on your shoulders and you can take a break without feeling the pressure. And as you said, you definitely get the consistent posting schedule. Hopefully your friend can because it definitely brings a brand new dynamic to it and definitely help out!

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