Top 5 Tuesday: Books ⬇️ 300 Pages

Top Five Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by the lovely Shanah @ Bionic Book Worm where bookworms get to chat about their top five books based on different topics.

The Witches by Roald Dahl
The Witches

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I will always stand by the belief that Roald Dahl is enjoyable for children and adults alike. His books are entangled with as much humour as they are with gritty realism. Sure, The Witches is a tale about fantasy beings, but remember that those creatures are trying to rid the earth of all children.

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Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson

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I’m actually surprised that Speak is under 300 words. Halse Anderson portrays a year of Melinda’s emotional journey evocatively and effectively.

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Schooled by Gordon Korman

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Korman’s books are rarely much longer than 300 pages and I promise you, I’m laughing for every single one. If you want a quick and hilarious read, I will always, always recommend my Canadian king.

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Exit Plans for Teenage Freaks by ‘Nathan Burgoine
Exit Plans for Teenage Freaks

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I didn’t realize how short Exit Plans was (Kathy at BooksAndMunches even told me how surprised she was when such a tiny book arrived in the mail!) but it is a great read. Downside—this is a book you’ll fall in love with so deeply, you’ll wish for another 300 pages.

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Pride and Prejudice (Graphic Novel)
Pride and Prejudice

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I’m not cheating by including a graphic novel, am I? I can’t swear that this is the best graphic novel edition of P&P out there, as this is the only version I’ve read. It’s still a great rendition of the classic that fully converted me to a “read the graphic novel version if you really can’t get into the original” fan. For so long I wrote off P&P and this edition helped me fall in love.

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What are your favourite books under 300 pages?

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15 thoughts on “Top 5 Tuesday: Books ⬇️ 300 Pages

  1. YES! All of Roald Dahl’s books are so good!! I also just read Of Mice and Men which is only a little bit over 100 pages–such a powerful, emotional read!

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    1. Oh wow, I didn’t realize Of Mice and Men was so short! (and yet in high school so many people complained about it, no wonder I thought it was the longest book ever written). So glad you agree with me about Roald Dahl. I can never get enough of his books.

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  2. I love Roald Dahl books so much! I’ve read the Witches and Matilda so many times when I was younger! And Schooled was such a fantastic book! I also remember loving Gordon Korman’s trilogies like Dive, Island, and Everest. I thought they were the coolest things ever! I think the shortest book that I’ve read that packed that biggest punch though, was Orbiting Jupiter. It was less than 200 pages, but I still think about that book all the time.


  3. The Witches is my favorite Roald Dahl book! I absolutely loved the creepy vibe and kinda sad ending. And I agree, his books are most definitely funny yet gritty, which is why I devoured them religiously as a kid.

    Speak looks like a good book btw (just checked Goodreads). I used to kinda avoid it because the cover reminded me of Silence of the Lambs, but I think I’ll give it a go now. 😀

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    1. It’s mindblowing how absolutely dark The Witches is, but any child reading the book thinks, “Ooh, a little boy and some witches! How interesting!”

      Okay, Speak is far from horror if that’s what you were thinking. I hate when a cover misleads you about the book!


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