#POLL: Book Merch: 👍 or 👎

This is going to horrify some people, I can sense it. But I need to be honest. I need to put my truth out there.

you do you my truth GIF by Portlandia

I’m laughing so hard at my own joke right now. Unless you follow beauty guru drama, you probably have no clue what I even mean. but so it is here we GO.

The fact is, I’m not a big fan of book merch. I don’t scream in absolute terror when I see people post their merch online. In fact, I’m known to double tap quite a few merch-rich Insta pics. But my personal preference is to not buy anything with slogans/images from books, including shirts, posters, those little card thingies you put in a book with your name*, and character cards.

*Mandy keeps telling me what they’re called, and I keep going AHHH yes, and then forgetting

I really don’t get the point of character cards. (is perhaps throttled by a million book lovers). What do you do with them? Aside from taking a picture for Insta… store them in a box?

I think part of my problem is a lot of the stuff is not practically useful (aka I can’t do stuff with it, and I’m a functional shopper. I don’t like purchasing things that are purely decorative/nice) and I don’t like commitment. AKA yes, I love your book, but I don’t love it so much I need to wear it on a shirt or see it on a poster every morning when I wake up.

I can see many upsides to it as well.

📚 You support the author financially.
📚 A lot of merch makes for great Insta pics.
📚 And many books fans get pleasure from connecting more with a book through tactile and visual representations.

But that’s METell me what you think. Is book merch a yay or a nay?




13 thoughts on “#POLL: Book Merch: 👍 or 👎

  1. I once won a Giveaway and got a Love, Simon travel mug – it’s merch and it’s practical because I use it every week or so. I love it! And I think I could also use t-shirts and accessories or jewellery … if it’s a book I’ve loved for a very long time or really passionately because I suffer from not wanting to commit too. so it’s a thumbs up for that!
    And art (in prints and cards, for example) is really pretty but unless I /have/ a specific place to have it on display, it’s just a big no for me … I don’t want to keep it in notebooks or boxes, that’d be a waste!

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    1. I would enjoy a mug for a book I like, or a general “I ❤ Reading" themed mug. That would be practical and something I could use a lot.

      I know that there are people who can wear clothing/accessories for books they really like — you're case in point! And that's why I'm happy book merch exists! Thanks for sharing your opinion on book merch!!

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  2. Hmmm … it depends. If it’s useful and/or a decor item I would use, then yes. Like candles … I like candles in general, but the book ones are nice. There are some sweaters and stuff I like, but again … I’ll wear those.

    So … yes and no? Lol!!

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  3. I feel the same way you do: I just don’t see a point, personally. As a reader with limited funds, I’d rather spend money on books, not merch. And as a person with limited space in my apartment, where would I keep all those little things? Personally, it’s just not practical. Although I will admit to occasionally feeling left out on insta. Great post!


  4. ‘Yay’ but only if the merch is useable! I’m not a bookstagramer (yet) so I don’t care for decor and I don’t count candles, really, ‘cause they get used up and thrown out unless they’re recycled as decor and plus, the scents tend to not be unique.


  5. Oh definitely! I’m functionality all the way! So if I get free merch, I take it. But I only spend money on books and at times, book sleeves. Everything else is nice, but I don’t care enough to buy it when I know I’m not going to use it or see much of it. And even with free merch, my favorite is definitely bookmarks. They’re just so useful!


  6. I’m yay/nay on the matter, largely leaning towards the latter! (whoa, that rhymed) I’m a practical minimalist by nature, so I similarly don’t like seeing decorative stuff sprawled all over my bookshelves no matter how pretty they look. Buuut I do selectively collect a few things like bookmarks or signed bookplates (also depending on how much I like the look of them) to keep inside the books themselves – doesn’t clutter up anything, don’t have to look at them until I read the book itself, and they can be functional when I’m reading. 😉

    On the whole, I’m totally with you though! I’m of the Marie Kondo mindset that if something doesn’t give you joy (or serves for functionality), out the window it goes!


  7. Can I pick “It’s Complicated?” Look. I agree with you on most of this. It is partially why I don’t subscribe to any book boxes except BOTM (which is just books). I wouldn’t know what to do with all that STUFF. You can only have so many bookish candles, and tapestries etc. HOWEVER. I am a Harry Potter HOARDER. If it has Harry Potter on it, I want it. I can’t exactly explain why but here we are. Now, Harry Potter aside, the only “merch” I would be down to see more of are Pop Vinyls. I think those would be fun to collect! But other than that, I am kinda with you on the merch thing. Although- I must confess, I do love a clever bookish tee 😀


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