HOW TO: Receive (1) Email Update a Week from WordPress

I’ve heard on a few occasions that Mandy and I drop a lot of posts during the week (true) and that as much as everyone enjoys our content, it’s a lot to keep up with. The last thing we want to do is spam inboxes, so today’s post is a quick how-to on receiving weekly email updates from WordPress.

📌 quick (but relevant) digression

Book Princess Reviews has always put out a lot of content. Mandy is a fast reader, which means she has a lot of books to review. (and she loves sharing those reviews with you!) Since BPR also has two bloggers, we often coming up with a lot of ideas we want to share and post.

Sometimes we do burn out, and that’s why we take hiatuses or post less often. But usually, we are posting daily/twice-daily because we are super motivated and love writing posts. We don’t believe this writing pace affects the quality of our content, but if ever you feel that way, we do invite you to let us know.

On that note, since Sha (me) is in Australia and a bit busier, we have nailed down a new blogging schedule which you can always see on the ABOUT page. I also added it below so you can see when and what we plan to post weekly from now on.


How to Receive Weekly Blog Updates 
from WordPress

➡️ STEP ONE: Request email updates from the blog in question.

Yeah, this step is p r e t t y  o b v i o u s. Thought I would mention it anyway. If you’re not already getting email updates from BPR, go to our blog’s HOME page. Scroll down to the bottom and you’ll spot a space asking for your email. Fill it in, click “request carrier pigeon” and you’ll be added to our email list.

*we are royalty and if you think royalty receives mail by anything OTHER than pigeon you would be wrong

➡️ STEP TWO: Change subscription frequency.

Go to “”. At this location, you can manage all your email subscriptions through wordpress. (Also, if ever you sign up to get comment notifications from a blog, that is managed here.)

Find the site you want to edit the subscription frequency. You have the option of immediatedaily, or weekly.


➡️ STEP THREE: Save your changes.

I hope this helps those that are feeling just a bit inundated with Mandy and I’s posting schedule! Not to mention, I know there are more than a few blogs that follow the same three-or-more posts a week system … so this could help out in more than a few ways!

In other news, are you a fan of receiving email updates from a blog? Or do you just use the reader to find out what has been published recently? What if a blog posts every single day — if you’re a big follower, do you feel obligated to comment on every post, or do you see that as an opportunity to weed out your favourite posts from the week and comment only on those?

Let me know what you’re thinking!


18 thoughts on “HOW TO: Receive (1) Email Update a Week from WordPress

  1. Excellent tips! I myself don’t really check emails from WordPress, so I personally just clear out my inbox without looking at them. (I prefer checking in via Reader!)

    As for the whole thing about bloggers posting daily…literally this is the one and only blog I follow that updates almost daily (you guys are special 😉 ). If I see blogs I like, but it’s being updated every day, it truly does inundate my feed, so I rarely follow such people unless I really like them as people or am seriously compelled by their content. And if I DO end up following blogs like that, I check in with the posts I like the most from that week!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I do a lot of my blog checking on the Reader as well, but I like to follow a few bloggers I interact with often by email. It’s a way for me to stay current on what they’re doing when I might not be on WordPress, necessarily.

      Aww, I do feel special! Thanks for keeping with us and our pretty intense schedule! I do understand how content heavy a blog like ours can be. I feel the same way. I will only follow a blog with a lot of content if I like the blogger themselves, and tune into the posts that I liked the most from the week. I find it a nice way to know I’m getting stuff I will enjoy. ❤


  2. I needed this, thank you so much! I love reading your articles but having so many emails by all the accounts I follow is a little overwhelming. Thank you thank you thank you! 🥰

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Sha, where was this post when I desperately needed it two months ago? For a few weeks, WordPress messed up my email system and would just spam me with hundreds of emails in the span of minutes! I’m not having problems anymore, but this post is still super helpful! Thanks for sharing your tips! 😊

    Liked by 1 person

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