SUMMER LOVIN BOOK REVIEW: Her Royal Highness 💭 Fluffy Adorable Goodness at its Royal Peak


Title: Her Royal Highness
Author: Rachel Hawkins
Pages: 304

Release Date: May 7th 2019
Publisher: G.P. Putnam’s Sons Books for Young Readers
Format: Hardcover

Genre: Contemporary, Romance, LGBTQIA+
Goodreads Rating: 3.92 (of 1659 ratings)


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Millie Quint is devastated when she discovers that her sort-of-best friend/sort-of-girlfriend has been kissing someone else. And because Millie cannot stand the thought of confronting her ex every day, she decides to apply for scholarships to boarding schools . . . the farther from Houston the better.

Millie can’t believe her luck when she’s accepted into one of the world’s most exclusive schools, located in the rolling highlands of Scotland. Everything about Scotland is different: the country is misty and green; the school is gorgeous, and the students think Americans are cute.

The only problem: Mille’s roommate Flora is a total princess.

She’s also an actual princess. Of Scotland.

At first, the girls can barely stand each other–Flora is both high-class and high-key–but before Millie knows it, she has another sort-of-best-friend/sort-of-girlfriend. Even though Princess Flora could be a new chapter in her love life, Millie knows the chances of happily ever afters are slim . . . after all, real life isn’t a fairy tale . . . or is it?


Ask for the fluff, and fluff you shall receive. This book was ADORABLE. Omigosh, this is the fluffy cuteness that I have been needing to reinstate my love of contemporary romances. I’m not going to lie, lately, I’ve been concerned I’ve lost my fluffy touch with reading a far more amount of realistic fiction novels that may bring emotions and feels…but not necessarily the adorable cheesy goodness kind. But this BOOK. It totally brought my faith back and I feel RESTORED.

Millie was a fantastic narrator. I really connected to her from the beginning, and I really enjoyed reading her voices. To be honest, all of the characters in this novel were amazing. I love love love Saks and Perry. They were amazing side characters and such a great friend group. Flora was a wonderfully complex character as well. You see how she grows as the story goes on, and she never loses her Flora-ness even as you start to peel back her layers. She got that sasssss. It was fun to see cameos from the first book at all, but tbh, with these new characters shining, I didn’t have that much of a connection anymore because just give me Millie, Saks, and Flora any day.

The storyline was fun, too. I mean, it’s pretty cheesy and you can see the plot points coming, but it’s just fun. It’s done well, and the school setting was SO GREAT. I loved being in this little remote boarding school in Scotland along with all of the other little trips like Skye. Hawkins actually took the time to describe it and give us the feel of it, when sometimes I’ve noticed doesn’t always get done in an on location book.

The romance was super cute, too. I’m really not the biggest fan of the enemies to lover trope, but this was done right. Yes, it gets a little instalovey, but I can get behind it if it’s done right – and this, to me, was done right since I was deep in the feels. IT WAS JUST SO CUTE. *screams*

The only real issue that I have with the book was the ending. It was so ABRUPT. I mean, I literally just blinked and it was done. They wrapped up some loose ends, but it felt like the author legit had a page count or word count and the moment that was hit, she just had to end it. There was more that could have been wrapped up, and I have to believe there is a third book coming, but it just felt like we hard braked so fast on something that should have been expanded a bit more.

Other than that, UM YES PLEASE READ. Reading the first one will help get the lay of the land a bit better, but you really don’t have to. If you are looking for your next adorable contemporary read full of adorable romance and feels, definitely look NO further. This is it.



rating: Anna because while I love so much, that ending tho – much like how Frozen (and Hans) did Anna did a little dirty 
representation: f/f romance (bi and lesbian characters)
content warnings: n/a

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13 thoughts on “SUMMER LOVIN BOOK REVIEW: Her Royal Highness 💭 Fluffy Adorable Goodness at its Royal Peak

  1. I can’t wait to get to this one! I’m such a sucker for fluff and for enemies-to-lover so a book that can properly combine both tropes instantly has my attention! Thanks for sharing your thoughts 🙂

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