#POLL: Book Cover Models, YAY or NAY?

I’ll admit it: covers end up playing a huge role in whether I decide to pick up a book or not. Sure, “don’t judge a book by its cover” is completely valid. But when you’re going through 10+ books a month, the little things (like cover design) do help narrow down what you want to focus your time on.

So what about book cover models? Are we fans? STANS? (A bit extreme for a book cover method, but I’ll accept.) Or do we much prefer illustrations or even just some words?


hi, how would you like your book cover today? 


Somewhere Only We Know


I. COVER MODELS. A model helps me visualize the main character. They also bring a book to life!



The Candle and the Flame

II. ILLUSTRATIONS. (Of scenery or people.) I appreciate the different design styles you can find from artists’ work on a cover. And an illustration kind of fits with a book–it’s not quite real, not quite make believe. Created from someone’s mind and brought to life for this specific book!



Nocturna (A Forgery of Magic, #1)


III. JUST TEXT. What can I say. I’m a minimalist. The design is clean and matches easily with other books on my shelves!!



Cast your vote in the comments!


32 thoughts on “#POLL: Book Cover Models, YAY or NAY?

      1. I do think sometimes real people can look great if they’re not facing the front but generally I like to look at illustrations. They definitely make it easier to imagine the world!!

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  1. I think I prefer illustrations or just text, I’m not a big fan of people on the covers, although I confess that lately I’ve seen very beautiful ones, so I guess it depends, but in general I like to have a nice design without real people 😊❤️

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  2. I think I’d have to go with text. I’m a huge fan of nice typography and covers that utilize it well always draw me in!

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  3. I vote for illustration. I’m just not a fan of people on the cover (including illustrated people for the most part). In the long run, the cover doesn’t really matter to me. I’ll buy the book regardless of if I like the cover or not.

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  4. Mostly text! I love just the title being the eye-catching thing with no need for illustrations! However sometimes the illustrations are too beautiful to pass but real people is a turn off for me, I don’t know why but it just doesn’t float my boat!

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  5. I’m a cross between Illustrations and Just Text! I am not a fan of cover models even though I understand how important they are!
    As long as they don’t show the face too much. But the Candle and the Flame is STUNNING and it shows a lot of face.

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