Book Princess Reviews is ON HIATUS

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Hey all, Sha here! Getting used to a new country is HARD WORK. It’s almost been an official thirty days since I arrived in Australia and yes, I am still adapting to everything you could possible need to adapt to.

Mandy and I have powered through the last month on the blog but the fact is, we’ve missed deadlines. Behind-the-scenes, we’ve desperately swapped posts around to make sure we had something every day and even then, things just aren’t working anymore. I’m here now to call an official time out on the mad scrambling.

I know it has been a rough (read: unreliable) past three months here at BPR. Namely, I have been back and forth with the posting. Mandy has honestly been running things and picking up all the messy pieces I’m leaving around. I really really want to get back to serving regular, high quality content for all of you — but I’m realizing that rushing into that is only causing me to skip crucial planning. SO. May this be the last hiatus for a while!

We WILL be back next Monday with an ARC review of Technically, You Started It and then continue with our usual daily posting schedule (minus Fridays, our day off). Happy week everyone!


27 thoughts on “Book Princess Reviews is ON HIATUS

  1. Glad to hear you’re okay in Australia! I hope you’ll get the hang of things soon! 😘 I’ve been in Germany for about a month now, too, and I still have to adapt a bit more to things.

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  2. Enjoy you little break!
    I moved to a different country last September, it also took me quite a while to get adjusted to everything haha!


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      1. True! I moved back in September 🙂
        I think it really helped that I moved for my studies, since that already gives you a certain schedule everyday! And i just started the plan the things i enjoy around it! Like going to the gym and reading. I think in the first month i was here i read one book, just because i couldn’t find the time at first haha.
        But Im sure you will find your way!

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  3. Enjoy your new environment despite not allowing you the time needed to devote to one of your passions. Looking forward to future reviews from the both of you – your writing skills, comments and reviews truly enjoyable and appreciated

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    1. Thanks! Australia is great, aside from the whole running from place to place bit haha. By the end of the day, I’m way too tired to commit any real energy to the blog and the last thing I want to do is post mediocre content to fill space. Hence the break. But I’m getting a bit better at figuring out my time so let’s see how things go!

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      1. Oh I definitely understand. Most of the reasons why I go on blogging hiatuses is because I don’t want to publish mediocre content when I’m not fully able to commit to it, so that makes total sense!

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  4. It’s okay, Sha! Everyone needs a little break sometimes. Don’t worry about it!

    Also, have fun running from all of those scary animals in Australia! Is that a thing? I bet that’s why you’re having trouble. 😉 (I’m just kidding, but good luck to you both on your hiatus!)

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    1. Haha, the scariest animal I’ve seen so far would have to be this spider the size of a baby’s fist that made its web across two trees I walk under on my way to the train station. I’m pretty calm about it all, but not going to lie, when I walk under I hold my breath JUST IN CASE it decides now is a good time to go for a bungee jump into some hair.

      And this hiatus has helped a lot!! I’m a bit more on top of things, both on the blog and daily life. Thanks for the kind words 🙂

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