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Today, BPR is bringing another BPR Original Book Tag! Today we are tackling . . . Brave! It wasn’t my favorite Disney movie, and like, as you might have seen since Merida is my one crown princess. However, I thought there could be some fun prompts for it, so ya girl came up a tag!

(Sha here. I have no idea what Mandy is thinking. Brave was amazing. Curly-haired princess who ends the film without a prince, reinforcing the theme that the greatest love is family? OMG one of my faves.)


Scotland: Land of Magic, Castles, and will-o’-the-wisps

Name a magical book setting 

MANDY: The Lost Coast by Amy Rose Capetta. This book is set on the coast of California in the Redwoods, and seriously, it felt so magical. I could feel the fog rolling in and the smell of pine…which isn’t the same as Redwoods, but like, that’s my brain.

SHA: My Fair Godmother by Janette Rallison. After a mix-up from her fairy godmother-in-training, Savannah is sent to the Middle Ages. Rallison brings the setting to life with knights, greedy kings, and dragons.

Clan Dunbroch: Merida’s family clan

Name your favorite bookish family/gang

MANDY: The Rampion Crew! Ugh, they are so much loveeeeeee. And like, in love too. Like, all of them are paired off and in love, but like I ship them all and they are all so great individually and like LOVE.

SHA: The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas. Um, I think I use this every time a prompt involves family. She seriously nails it for me though!

Merida: princess, brilliant archer, and doesn’t need any man

Name a heroine who doesn’t accept her fate

MANDY: The first one that came to mind was Sybella from the His Fair Assassin series by Robin LaFevers. She was definitely dealt a lot of bad hands, but not only did she flourish, she changed the fate that she was given and became an epic nun assassin…which sounds a bit weird now.

SHA: Just One Wish by Janette Rallison. I might have Rallison on the brain, but this book totally fits the prompt. In JOW, Annika doesn’t accept her brother’s fate when his cancer comes back. She goes on a road trip to grant her brother one last wish, with the belief that it will help her brother overcome his diagnosis.

The Highland Games: Eligible Fight for Merida’s Hand in Marriage

Name a book where the stakes are high

MANDY: Long Way Down by Jayson Reynolds. The book takes place over a few minutes in an elevator, and it could immediately change the course of our main character’s life.

SHA: Dangerous Girls by Abigail Haas. Anna is wrongly imprisoned after her best friend’s murder–in a foreign country. The stakes could not be higher for her to clear her name. I love, love this book and often recommend it for mystery lovers.

Changing Fate: Merida Eats Some Enchanted Cake

Name a book where you thought it was going one way, but turned out to be a whole different way

MANDY: Tbh, I thought Winter by Marissa Meyer would totally go a different way. I thought it would for sure have a lot of rocky, tense moments and like people would be dying. I was so scared. But things certainly didn’t end up the way I thought – thank gosh.

SHA: All Rights Reserved by Gregory Scott Katsoulis. I never saw ANY of the twists in this book coming. Even the small ones! It kept me guessing from start to finish, which I love in a book.

Elinor: Mama Turned Mama Bear

Name a character that goes through a big transformation

MANDY: Jess from the Princess and the Fangirl…and well, Imogen too! Not only did they go through transformations to look like each other, but Jess certainly transformed her opinion on the fandom culture and who she wants to be.

SHA: Deposing Nathan by Zach Smedley. In this book, Nathan learns so so much about himself and the way he views the world. It’s not an easy process and the reader is there for every step Nathan takes.

Bear Brothers: Adorable, Mischievous Baby Bears

Name some of your favorite scene-stealing characters

MANDY: Dan from The Summer I Became a Nerd, Sage from Geekerella, Ella from Gemina

SHA: Nina from Six of Crows. Cokie from Out of the Easy.

Mor’du: Demon Bear, Secret Prince

A Villain With a Complex Backstory 

MANDY: Sea Witch by Sarah Henning certainly brought an intriguing backstory to the sea witch seen in The Little Mermaid. And the villain in there had such an intriguing backstory as well. It certainly wasn’t cut and dry.

SHA: Count Olaf from A Series of Unfortunate Events. How is Count Olaf not the most complex villain? I’m sorry, but I will be standing by this answer.


Tag…you’re it!

Rendz from Reading with Rendz / Kyera @ Kyera’s Library / Sara @ THE BIBLIOPHAGIST / Siobhan @ Siobhan’s Novelties / Margaret @ Weird Zeal / Samantha @ Modern Witch’s Bookshelf / and anyone that loves Brave and Merida!

What do you think? What are some of your answers for this? Do you love Brave? Let’s discuss in the comments below!




28 thoughts on “🏹 Brave Book Tag

  1. Haha love the back and forth about Brave here! I think I would have been a bit terrified of the whole bear situation if I had watched it as a kiddo, but I enjoyed it now! I also think Count Olaf is a great answer to that last prompt–he’s so conniving!

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  2. Hello, I am here because I love both of you and your amazing princess tags. But! Merida is one of my least favorite princesses because… she could have killed her mother. She asked the witch to “change her mother’s fate” without ever verifying was the potion would do, and for all she knew, the witch could have had some kind of long grudge against the queen and straight up given Merida poison for the queen to eat. I love everything else in Brave, but that specific scene is a bit unforgivable to me. But that’s just my opinion!

    Anyways… I love this tag and your answers (Count Olaf is a good one!), and you can absolutely bet that I will tackle it soon. 💕

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    1. Thank you so much, Xandra!! ❤ And I totally agree. I think that was one of the biggest reasons too that I just couldn't get it together with Merida and the movie. Like, all the pieces were there, but I lost it a bit with just how completely reckless that decision (and the other decisions around it) was.

      Thank you!! We can't wait to see your answers. 😀 😀

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    1. Sha definitely is convincing me that I need to go back and re-evaluate my decisions on it. XD Thank you! Their entire family dynamics were literally just so much brilliance. And they just had each others’ backs so much. Definitely our go-to usually as well! 🙂


  3. This looks like such a great tag! My immediate thought upon seeing the prompt for a magical setting was MAGGIE STIEFVATER! I think that’s one of the reasons I keep reaching for her books. They each have such unique and magical settings!


  4. Pingback: Brave Book Tag
    1. Ahahaha YES. I totally thought people would be dying and I was ready for so many tears. I literally had a bet on who I thought was going to die. Thank gosh no one did, but I totally thought more was coming. Thanks again for doing the tag!! 🙂


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