ARC REVIEW: Shouting at the Rain💭 A lack of rain and some feels


Title: Shouting at the Rain
Author: Lynda Mullaly Hunt
Pages: 288

Release Date: May 7 2019
Publisher:Nancy Paulsen Books
Format: Hardcover

Genre: Middle Grade, Contemporary
Goodreads Rating: 4.55 (of 153 ratings)


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From the author of the New York Times bestseller Fish in a Tree comes a compelling story about perspective and learning to love the family you have.

Delsie loves tracking the weather–lately, though, it seems the squalls are in her own life. She’s always lived with her kindhearted Grammy, but now she’s looking at their life with new eyes and wishing she could have a “regular family.” Delsie observes other changes in the air, too–the most painful being a friend who’s outgrown her. Luckily, she has neighbors with strong shoulders to support her, and Ronan, a new friend who is caring and courageous but also troubled by the losses he’s endured. As Ronan and Delsie traipse around Cape Cod on their adventures, they both learn what it means to be angry versus sad, broken versus whole, and abandoned versus loved. And that, together, they can weather any storm.


Disclaimer: I received this ARC courtesy of  Penguin. I am grateful for the opportunity to review an ARC for my readers, but this will not influence my final rating. All opinions expressed in this review are my own and based solely on the book. 

I have to say that for a book that brought on the weather references hot and heavy in the summary, it definitely didn’t provide much weather references in the book. To be honest, I forgot most of the time that Delsie was supposed to be into weather. It kind of would pop up randomly, and I was pretty ready for all the drops in pressure…or weather names.

And this was CLEARLY the most important thing to start off this review with, lol

From the summary, this book definitely seems like it will bring on the feels – and for the most part, it does a pretty decent job. Delsie is trying to figure her way through a summer at her home in Cape Cod. Her best friend for the summer isn’t what she was used to; she’s dealing with a best friend stealer/girl that constantly makes fun of her; making new friends; dealing with who she is and where she fits in the world/her makeshift family; and more about her absent mother.

There were a few things that I really enjoyed about this book. The most emotional part for me about this book was Delsie dealing with her crumbling friendship with Brandy once Brandy meets a shinier new friend, and the pain she deals with. The new friendships she makes and renews really was such a highlight of this book, and I loved reading her struggle since it was so real. The friendships in this book were total goals, and Delsie and Ronan were gems. Other things I loved was there was just a general feeling of hope and lightness and happy feels; the huge aspect of family; and it was super easy to read (I legit read it in two sittings).

There were a few things I was not a fan of. The writing was a bit odd in parts. Not the writing itself but like the lingo? I couldn’t quite tell when/where I was. I thought I was in the South for a long time before I realized it was Cape Cod. And it also felt a little old timey? They would use words that I don’t see modern kids saying or knowing. It was just a bit odd. I also didn’t feel much as I wanted to? Like, I was ready to be dissolving in feels, and like, everything kind of felt like I never got in super deep. I mean, I connected and rooted a bit, but I never fully invested. Also, this is definitely a very character driven novel, so it can feel like it wanders around for most of it.

Overall, it was a nice easy breezy read, and it definitely did bring a great summer feel. It shows fantastic moments of friendship and family, but I didn’t fully connect as much as I wanted to, for sure.


I didn’t hate this book, but I didn’t love it. It wasn’t great but it wasn’t bad. It was just good. – Just like B&B for me. 

rating: 3 crowns and a Belle rating
representation: n/a
content warnings: absentee parents (one dealing with substance abuse issues that is only discussed briefly but not shown)

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3 thoughts on “ARC REVIEW: Shouting at the Rain💭 A lack of rain and some feels

  1. Great review, Mandy!! I haven’t heard much of this book but it sounds like a cute read. And the lack of the weather content reminds me of a book I read that had calculus in the title but had literally no calculus in the book. Why oh why do authors trick us with titles?!

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