Mandy Reads Throne of Glass (And Doesn’t Completely Fail, but Yeah, Probably, Mostly Fails)

16034235Title: Throne of Glass
Author: Sarah J Maas
Pages: 406

Release Date: August 7 2012
Publisher: Bloomsbury
Format: Paperback

Genre: Fantasy
Goodreads Rating: 4.22 (of 452,204 ratings)

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Disclaimer: this girl is about to have some negative thoughts/unpopular opinions about Throne of Glass. I know this series is huge and popular and means a lot to people. This is just my thoughts on it, and it’s no shame/judging/hate if you enjoy. Just what I’ve noticed and my thoughts on it – which we all know are forever messy on things. 😉

This Book Princess, right here, Mandy, probably 27th millionth of her name, mother of kittens, and destroyer of hyped books, has finally read the legendary Throne of Glass. This book is what YA foundations are made of. I swear just about everyone has read this book or has opinions formulated on it. I had pretty much crossed it off my reading list, since I got confused by the summary but after hearing soooooo much about it and a rec from a friend and other blogging friends, I decided to purchase.

But then, of course, a mid life blogging crisis happened and this girl turned into an official book hipster that only ends up liking like literally 1/5 of the books she reads. So me reading Throne of Glass? Yeah, I literally had not much hope. I thought I would be floundering out in the ocean like…well, Flounder.

And now I’ve read it…and it wasn’t as terrible as I thought it would be??? I mean, it wasn’t good for me, mostly, but it wasn’t a one crown and I didn’t completely hate it, SO I’M TAKING IT AS A WIN. A REALLY SAD ONE, BUT LIKE, Y’ALL SHOULD KNOW ME BY NOW.

So, let’s start this mess of a review?

Things Mandy Didn’t Completely Hate

  • Like, this book has magic??? And now everyone is literally slamming their phones into their faces or faces into the laptop, because, DUH, Mandy this book has magic. But I’m not talking about the vague magic system this book actually has. I’m talking about the Fact (Cold Hard Fact) that Maas managed to completelyyyyyyyyy suckered me in. I spent most of my good, free Saturday, suckered into this book, devouring it page after page. LIKE HOW. You’re about to see me intensely detail lots of things that I wasn’t fond of but I STILL SPED READ AND COULDN’T STOP READING THIS BOOK. SORCERY.
  • There were moments that were really interesting. The tomb scenes and when magic were involved, I was pretty interested. It was intriguing and captivating.
  • I really really liked how Maas didn’t just brush some things away and took a bit of time to deal with things. When we first meet Celaena, she is working in the Salt Mines as a slave. She is treated to horrible conditions with little to no food, terrible living conditions, and physical/mental abuse. She is severely weakened from this state both in mind and body, and Maas does showcase how she deals with this and doesn’t just paint a picture with rainbows and sunshines and tie it in a nice, neat little bow. She has nightmares, she is severely malnourished, and she doesn’t have the stamina she once has. I liked how Maas took notice of the little details that would be realistic and added them in.
  • There was some moments of pretty fantastic strength and empowerment. At times, the characters – Celaena mostly – showed strength in mental, emotional, and physical ways, and I did love seeing the empowerment.
  • The mood/atmosphere definitely felt right for a fantasy book. I definitely felt suckered in, and I was in a total fantasy mood.
  • …I kind of feel the need to read the next book?????

Things that Made Mandy Eye Twitchy and Like that Meme of the Guy Whipping All The Papers off His Desk:

  • Hello, Celaena. You, of course, are number one. No, literally, you are number one. Is there anything you can’t do??? I have come of this book, convinced, your only bad trait is that you’re smelly – especially since Chaol continuously brings it up. She is officially treasurer of the Special Snowflake club. She is somehow the most prolific assassin at the ripe old age of 18 (except she spent a year in the Mines, so, like, actually 17), and she can actually do just about everythingggggggggggg? She is super strong and empowered and feminist yet…she hates on literally every female that shows some interest in Dorian (she legitimately refers to one girl that Dorian is talking to as a BLOND IDIOT as the official descriptor the first time we meet her), and her entire relationship with Kaltain was ridiculous. She can speak about any language, magic immediately shows alllllll interest in her, she solves murders, she is good at everything (reading, music playing, assassining, and more), she is even beautiful when she is DIRTY AND UGLY, and like, literally SHE CAN DO NOOOOOO WRONG.
  • The Love Interests. I have to say I was quite impressed that I legit met both of them in the first 8 pages of the page. That, for sure, has to be a new record. Both of them were…they were thereeeeee. There’s Dorian, Crown Prince of the land, and Chaol, who is Captain of the Guard, Dorian’s best friend, and Celaena’s official bodyguard. I felt like they had some potential, but they really didn’t dive into the emotional depth that I would have liked.
    • Chaol continuously insulted Celaena (she was smelly at least 2 or 3 times, dirty, etc.), and I mean, he would mutely looked at her OR yell at her, so I really didn’t quite feel the feels. (I’m sorry, Rendz, don’t hate me.)
    • If I had to lean toward anyone (like if someone really really forced me to but like I don’t really want to pick), it would have been Dorian, since I felt there was more chemistry between them, but dear gosh, he was a cliche and a halffffffffffffffffffffffff. He was a tortured, conflicted prince who didn’t agree with his terrible, horrible father who crushing and pillaging everyone. He is a totalllllllllllllll playboy (I think he might, in fact, have a winking problem because he winking at everyoneeeeeeeeeee), and the ladies love him and he loves all them ladies (but ofc, not anymore now that he knows Celaena exists). I just didn’t find any depth that I wanted from him, and he was just a big ball of cliches. Gosh, I wish Chaol had more chemistry for me, because Dorian was just….He was there.
    • Also, like there was a total Edward Cullen scene where Dorian legit just popped into Celaena was sleeping and just watched her sleep and was like omg, cute baby assassinnnnnnn and then Chaol popped in and was like omg, Dorian, you shouldn’t be here!! You a prince, she assassin!! And then like, Chaol watched her sleep and like like like YOU TOTALLY MISSED THE POINT. THIS IS CREEPY. CREEPPPPPPY. Let’s say it altogether now. I’m rescinding my preference of Dorian, and like, no one.
    • Also, there was a comment where one of the love interests guesses on whether or not Celaena’s virginity, and like like like, NO THANK YOU. My eye is fully twitching now, so we need to move on.
  • The writing. The writing. The writingggggggggggggggg. Let’s count my issues with it:
    • There was like, super awkward phrasing??? Here are two examples to prove my case:
      • It took a delicious moment for her to understand. (WHY WHY WHY DELICIOUS. She used this word again later on when it was not fitting again and like, WHY)
      • It was a woman, large but well contained within the gown of cobalt and peach that marked her…(the rest of the sentence doesn’t matter. WELL CONTAINED.)
    • Everyone! Talked! And! Thought! Like! This! Idk Why! But! It! Was! So! Much!
      • Example: She barely heard his last few words. A competition! Against some nobody men from the-gods-knew-where! And assassins!
    • I feel like someone told Maas that she couldn’t use just first names or pronouns. Like, it was obviously well established by the first few pages that Celaena = assassin, Dorian = prince, and Chaol = captain of the guard, and they would be our main characters. However, Maas would literally go [Full Name] did this. [First Name] walked here. [Title of same person talked with [Full Name of Other Person]. <—- All in the same paragraphhhhhh. Can’t she just say Dorian did this??? Instead it was legit Dorian Haviliand was here! I just wanted a pronoun or twoooooooooo!!
    • Also, like, I got confused with narrations. This book is in third person POV, but for a while, I was thinking it was just Celaena, but random POVs would just pop up and most were done so subtly I was confused on why I now had Chaol’s thoughts popping up.
  • The worldbuilding was pretty vague at parts. Like, I still don’t fully understand the magic system and worlds? Like, there are multiple world? And there are gods and goddesses or something?? IDK? I just know there is a glass castle, but we don’t even see much of that??? IDKKKK. I’m still a bit confused regarding it. Especially by the end which I was even more confused. ARE THE FAE REAL? I didn’t even know full magic was coming until little gnomes popped up. And like I still don’t even understand the whole thing with Elena. I JUST DON’T FULL GETS IT.



This honestly took me a good long time to figure out what I wanted to rate. I couldn’t justify a 3 crowns no matter what, so final verdict: 2 crowns and a Cinderella rating.

What do you think? Do you love this series? How was the second book? Are you surprised about my thoughts? Let’s discuss in the comments below!

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38 thoughts on “Mandy Reads Throne of Glass (And Doesn’t Completely Fail, but Yeah, Probably, Mostly Fails)

  1. Bwahahaha Mandy you are just jealous she can do everything! LOL Seriously I love this series but you made a brilliant review! Sorry it was not in your 1/5 loved books 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Great review! It’s nice to see someone else who isn’t completely in love with the series. I agree that Celaena is really annoying.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I’ve never read anything by Sarah J. Maas and I never plan too either. I loved reading your review, everything you didn’t like about this book is why I won’t read any of Maas’ books.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Haha I love reading ‘negative’ reviews for books I enjoyed. As probably everyone will say, they do get better!
    I rated the first two books 3 stars, but ended up loving book 5-7!


    Liked by 1 person

  5. I kind of want to see your thoughts on book 3. There’s a super special plot twist I figured out 20 pages into book 1, and you get to meet the love interest for the rest of the series. From what I’ve seen book 2 is generally received well if you’re actually considering giving it a go. Great review, Mandy!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. *Sees the disclaimer*: I ALREADY LOVE IT
    – I def agree on your first part about what you mostly liked! Glad you found some things to enjoy!
    *cackles at description of Celaena cus it is spot on* – and let’s all recall that this is the version of her I likedish
    *eye twitches at the Chaol bits* I ain’t mad, you’re not wrong, but I chose differently *see book 2*
    * I can’t comment much on writing bc I don’t remember
    *yeah the whole magic system is a mess till you get further into the books
    * I still choose Chaol (even tho he can be dumb, i’ll admit it)
    * It’s funny you rated it w/ cindy cuz it’s supposed to loosely be based on the tale … really really loosely
    I think that’s the most iconic scene of the book and yes I may be biased but it is still greeeeaaaaattttttttt
    Lovely review, Mandy! There were many good points here! Some that hurt me. *but I am okay*
    If you do read book two (which is my fave) I wanna read that review.
    but please love Chaol
    I don’t wanna get more hurt

    Liked by 1 person

    1. oh my goodness, yes. GET UP SCENE> I meant to put it in about it, but then I remembered at the end and I’m like omfg I’m already at 1600 words. XD BUT YOU SO RIGHT. It was iconic for a reasonnnnnnnn. I felt many the feels.

      I’m thinking book 2 shall give me the opportunity to feel the feels for Chaol. I hope. Because I don’t want to hurt ya hubbie.

      And it was based on Cindy???? :O Well huh. I’m intrigueddddddd. Good to know about magic system, though, since I was lost. XD

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I have officially cut most ties with this series, but the Get Up scene and Chaol will stay with me forever.
        I WOULD JUST LIKE TO SAY. *this may or may not be kind of spoilery*
        BUT she tries to recycle the get up scene later on with a certain other character that I detest and I well….you know I hate this series after book 2. 🙂

        I mean you don’t have to love Chaol…just don’t trash him in front of me XD I can only take so much. BUT I MUST SEE YOUR THOUGHTS ON HOW A CERTAIN *THING* PANS OUT THAT I JUST DO NOT AGREE WITH AND ARHGHR I’M GETTING FRUSTRATED RN AND I JUST CAN’T TALK ABOUT IT.
        Her inspiration from Cindy was very very loose. But yeah.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. ………………………….WHY WHY WHY would you try to recycle it??? It has the impact here and now. Ugh, that would definitely be horrible to read. But like WHY.

        I SHADN’T. I’ll write in big letters to avoid a certain part. XD And ooooh okay. I’m so intriguedddddd.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. She doesn’t even just do it once. She does a version of “get up” between totally diff characters and a whole bunch of times with Celaena. SHE RUINS IT.
        The ending of book two is the reason I am forever bitter. You shall see.

        Liked by 1 person

  7. Okay, so Malka LOVES tog and has been trying to get me to read the series for agesssss, and then last month I read the first book and was just…not impressed. I really didn’t like how legit every two paragraphs it would start waxing on how absolutely drop-dead gorgeous and amazing Celaena was. I also wasn’t a huge fan of the writing, especially the !!!

    Everyone has been telling me that the series gets a lot better around book 3, but I don’t know if I can make myself read that far 😂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. OMG YESSSSSssss. I’m so with you. Whenever Chaol would be like you dirty or you smelly, I was like, omg, yes she is finally imperfect!! But then they would continue on with how gorgeous she still wassssss. And the !!! was so much. I started reading it like that in my head and it was a lot.

      And yes. I’ve heard it too. But I”m so with you. XD We’ll have to let each other know if we decide to jump into it and whether or not it’s worth the risk.


  8. Okay, you know when it come to Maas, I am sooo here for the tea. I am legit that person you call when you hate on Maas, so I have taken copious notes of my favorite parts of this review. As follows:

    “she hates on literally every female that shows some interest in Dorian” – uuugh this is a prominent feature of Maas’ works, trust me.

    “The Love Interests. I have to say I was quite impressed that I legit met both of them in the first 8 pages of the page.” – pwahahahaaha good catch. Very impressive I must agree. 😂

    “Also, like there was a total Edward Cullen scene where Dorian legit just popped into Celaena was sleeping and just watched her sleep and was like omg, cute baby assassinnnnnnn and then Chaol popped in and was like omg, Dorian, you shouldn’t be here!! You a prince, she assassin!! And then like, Chaol watched her sleep and like like like YOU TOTALLY MISSED THE POINT.” – hahahahaaha yassss, this is VERY tone-deaf lol.

    “The writing. The writing. The writingggggggggggggggg. Everyone! Talked! And! Thought! Like! This! Idk Why! But! It! Was! So! Much!” – girl, you bring back such traumatic memories for me…I was literally starting to forget this travesty. 😭

    But girl, I totally feel you said that you were suckered into this book despite disliking it. I inhale-read the ACOTAR trilogy in one sitting even while I was hating myself, and I guess that’s the crazy thing about Maas: she knowwwws how to create a guilty pleasure!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ahahahaha I’m not going to lie, I might have gone into this series mentally preparing myself for the tea taking. XD

      – I didn’t seem to notice AS much in ACTOAR (but I’m with you on inhale reading it) so I missed much. I’m definitely preparing myself for it now.

      – ahahaha YES. I was like, oh, huh, hello there??? It took me 30% of another book I’m reading to find the other love interest so I was quite impressed with maas’s dedication.

      – lol YES.

      – Omg yesssssssss. so sorry to break up the past trauma. It really does mess with you. After a while, my internal reading voice kept reading it like that and it totally throws you off.

      AND SHE DOES. I kept vowing I would not keep reading it the rest of the series, but I feel so compelled to keep going. 😥

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Same. I read nearly all of the Throne of Glass series while my brain slowly died out in misery. I legit forget what this series is about after ToG, and yet somehow I managed to drive straight through all the books that were published then. Maas is a sorceress I’m sure 😂

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Big fat NOPE. I can’t believe I even wasted time on the other ones. I honestly don’t feel like she’s really trying to improve, which is largely why I don’t want to give her another chance. You?

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Agreeeeeed. I thought perhaps the issues that I saw in the ACOTAR series was perhaps a one and off deal but as you said, it seems like she’s just going at the same pace. I heard her next book was like over 1000 pages so I’m not trusting antyhing and I’m out (but to maybe read the next book in this series since I am a tiny bit curious).

        Liked by 1 person

      4. Oh no, it’s not a one-off deal. Maas simply fluctuates between “bad” and “better” for all these years, though this could be just my opinion. 😂

        But yeah, give ACOMAF a chance! I still had my problems with it, but even people who hated ACOTAR loved that one (because it IS better), so I think it’s worth a go! 😊

        Liked by 1 person

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