#POLL: Series VS Standalone? (Books, of Course!)

Sometimes, the question really is that simple.

*looks for a trap anyway

When it comes to your reading preferences, do you gravitate towards novels that promise *at LEAST* a third before the author releases a finale that’ll launch you into a thousand tears … OR does the sight of “Book 1” on a spine send you running in a panic?

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^ either way, at the end, this is all of us, right? ^

the POLL, in a break down:

A) in the book world, I STANDALONE, aka no sequels or prequels or spin-offs thank you! I can adore and cry over a book, but that doesn’t mean it needs to be prolonged.

B) I SERIES-ously need as many books as I can get with my beloved protag and ships and just ahhhhh please don’t even let it end??

I’m sorry for the puns. Please stay and vote.


44 thoughts on “#POLL: Series VS Standalone? (Books, of Course!)

  1. It’s very difficult to choose because I adore both, but I would say that when you read a Standalone book, and you love it and you have all those emotions and feel that you don’t need anything else, that’s the best feeling 😍😊👏🏻

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  2. I would say I prefer standalones!

    Series tend to be more expensive, and of course, we need to wait in agony for the next release. Plus, in countries where English books are not in high demand, there are plenty of series that only got published halfway, making us all unable to truly finish the series 😟

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  3. This is so hard because so many books marketed as standalones (especially fantasy) turn into companion series now.

    When I really think about it, I don’t think I actually have a preference. I just tend to gravitate towards series because most fantasy books are a part of a series. Series also makes deciding what to pre-order so much easier because you know you like the previous book(s).

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  4. I read mostly standalones, since I am a contemporary-ho. The series tend towards companions rather than series with continuing storylines, and I will read the books out of order defying the idea that they are even part of a series.

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  5. I love standalones! I like knowing that the story is wrapped up and that I don’t need to wait another 1-43 years for the next book. I also find it difficult when reading series to separate my feelings between separate book vs how I felt about the series as a whole. It’s much less complicated with standalones.

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  6. It depends on the genre, for Contemporary books I prefer standalones but for Fantasy I prefer series’ because sometimes a standalone Fantasy book feels unfinished.

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  7. uhhh it’s very, very hard to choose. I absolutely adore both. When it’s a book that has everything to be perfect on its own, please let it be standalone. But I tend to gravitate towards series more, to be honest (and my wallet cries and yells at me)

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  8. I’m definitely someone who prefers series! I just love following a favourite character’s journey and seeing how they change and fall in love and make friends and whatnot. However, if I’m reading a contemporary, I prefer standalones!

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