Top 7 Valentine’s Day Gifts 💕 (for a book lover)

Let’s cut to the chase: I don’t do Valentine’s Day. I’m a Single Pringle™ and have no reason to do Valentine’s Day. That’s maybe why I decided to DO a Valentine’s Day post, but also on the very day of, so anyone who actually benefits is either A) totally skipping the holiday too, and reading this to be ironic or B) actually scrambling madly for a gift, and desperate enough to seek the advice of a self-named Single Pringle (™).

So let’s get cracking, shall we?

snacks GIF






I wanted to start off with a classic. Who doesn’t know the flower and chocolate combo? But you’ll also notice they ranked at the bottom of my list. Let’s get real for a second. First off, it’s completely unoriginal. No one needs a surprise, perfectly co-ordinated dance mob to feel like the love is true, but also, there should be hints of some effort in the V-Day gift. (Unless you’re my grandparents, and have been together half a lifetime. In that case, one measly day hardly changes much in the scheme of things.)

Second? The flowers are going to wilt and no book lover wants to be smearing chocolate fingerprints on their first editions and e-readers.


Yes, I ranked a card higher than something you can ACTUALLY EAT. I did it, okay? But with this card, I’m imagining the most sentimental message … or even better, one filled with all the in-jokes you share and throwbacks to favourite memories. And often book lovers = word lovers, so we looove seeing beautiful words on a page (esp if it’s about us). If we’re talking just a Hallmark buy-and-sign, then nevermind. Bottom of the list for you!


Now THIS is a classic that will not die. Except it can involve a lot of squabbling? Where should we eat, and what movie should we see, and are you ready to go yet, and who’s driving. In my opinion, this is where you really see if a couple is able to stand the test of time. If you can’t agree (or agree to disagree) on the little things, um, it’s gonna be tough. YEAH, this Single Pringle is wise okay? Plus for couples with kids or high pressure jobs, this is often the BEST way to reconnect and actually talk.


Do NOT picture “oh, let’s go look at new tiles for the kitchen” or “today might be a good day to update my collection of INSERT ITEMS HERE.” I’m talking artisan markets, hand-crafted goods, and food fairs. Places you can stroll together and check out the awesome things people have crafted/sample delicious foods. And um, yeah, indie book stores. There’s just something about walking around and getting to see what people have created that sparks convo and is just refreshing.


Not soccer or basketball or anything like that. I was actually too lazy to Google “what is the name for all those new super popular indoor activities like lazer tag (okay fine that’s not new) and zip lining and maybe geocaching?”. I also didn’t think Google could handle such a long sentence.

But yes, all of these activities are really fun with friends and so, obviously, just as fun with a romantic partner. I really don’t think there’s some Valentine’s Day Rule that says all V-Day activities must be serious + somber + ultra romantic. It’s also an option to go out and get your heart pumping! Personally, I think geocaching is the major win for a bookish crowd (puzzles? um, we win this). At the same time, we also need our thrill-ride activities too.


Yeah, vague, I know. Being occasionally mysterious is part of my unwritten job description. In this case, I’m talking about actually just asking what the other person would like: A few extra hours of reading during the day. A bubble bath to read in. A new book to read. (Possible things that aren’t reading, I’m sure it’s possible.)

Open up some communication and use the day as a chance to do something specific for each other to make the other happy.


THERE’S THE EXTRA SALT ON MY PRINGLES! Yup, so the best V-DAY gift in my opinion could very well be to continue being an amazing, supportive partner because you do that every day, right? You don’t just look at the calendar, go, “Oh! Valentine’s Day!” and remember it’s time to say a few I Love Yous and spend time together.

Of course, if you want to up your already stellar game hey, go for it! But don’t forget a relationship is 24/7 and you shouldn’t need a holiday (that doesn’t even get us days off work, I mean) to remind you what is what. 

Am I a salty Single Pringle? (Apologies.) Are you celebrating Valentine’s Day with a romantic someone this year? Are you soloing it, or doing Galentine’s? 


19 thoughts on “Top 7 Valentine’s Day Gifts 💕 (for a book lover)

  1. I sold so many Valentine’s Day cards at work yesterday. Like I have never had so many people buy cards in one day.

    I appreciate the last one. I’ve never been a fan of Valentine’s Day.

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  2. These are all super sweet and well thought out. And I actually like that you posted it on Valentine’s day because your point about being a great partner every day stands true but this day acts as a reminder. And with a list like this couples will be set to have the time of their life for a while!

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