Dear Evan Hansen Book Tag

Once you forgive us for taking four months to get to this tag, and for *hides face in shame* not reading Dear Evan Hansen, may I say hello and welcome to another tag!

Thank you Margaret over at WeirdZeal for tagging Mandy and I (and and and for creating this tag)! As soon as we finish tackling these prompts, expects a co-blogger internet trip to Goodreads to see what this DEH hype is all about. No book may escape our knowledge, especially after the promises of greatness dropped by Margaret!

ANYBODY HAVE A MAP? | A book with amazing worldbuilding

SHA: Sky Without Stars. This is a book world based on a fictional planet, with its own culture, and me (a perpetually confused but very lovable person) somehow managed to understand everything going on. Duo authors Brody and Rendell nailed this scifi re-imagining of Les Mis and I’m doing that thing where you kiss your fingers because it’s a masterpiece.

Sky Without Stars (System Divine, #1)

WAVING THROUGH A WINDOW | A character that you identify with

MANDY: Parker from Letting Go of Gravity! I really related with her so much, and I definitely felt like Meg Leder went into my head, dug around, and put me on the pages.


FOR FOREVER | A book with a strong friendship

SHA: Thomas Wildus and the Book of Sorrows. When Thomas gets the chance to become a hero and save the magical world (I mean, I’m exaggerating a t i n y bit but his role was important) what does he want? For his best friend Enrique to come along, too. The pair are super close, and hilarious together. 

Thomas Wildus and the Book of Sorrows

SINCERELY, ME | A book that made you laugh

MANDY: It’s Not Me, It’s You by Stephanie Kate Strohm always makes me laugh. It’s always so much fun.


REQUIEM | A book that you wanted to love but didn’t

SHA: I’ve never read a book actively hoping to dislike it … so this can apply to any book I’ve disliked. I’ll go with Paper Valentine. I keep trying and failing with YA mysteries. There always ends up being something in the plot, or the characters, that turns me off. (And so so many of them resort to “oh, it was m e n t a l  i l l n e s s.” )

Paper Valentine

IF I COULD TELL HER | A book couple that you’re not on board with

MANDY: Gwen and Ari from Once & Future was my most recent. I felt like they could have been a great couple, but they met like twice and then were in an intense relationship, and I just didn’t like Gwen in the first place? Them together was a mess for me.


DISAPPEAR | A book you wish more people knew about

SHA: Out of the Easy. It’s historical fiction (if you’re turned off by hist. fic., the focus is more on character development than exploring a significant event in history) and all about a young girl who wants to go to university — but she’s held back by her mother’s career as a prostitute. It’s a beautiful story about family, and the dreams we fight for.

Out of the Easy

YOU WILL BE FOUND | A book that makes you feel understood

MANDY: I’m going with Letting Go of Gravity again. So much truth.

TO BREAK A GLOVE | A book you didn’t expect to like

SHA: Prom Nights from Hell. Sometimes you really miss the supernatural-crazed, book reading days. I expected myself to scoff and roll my eyes throughout this book (ugh, vampires, am I right?) but instead I was back to my teen-self, soaking in the glory of soul mates and eternal life.

Prom Nights from Hell

ONLY US | A book couple you are on-board with

MANDY: Cresswell. Cressssssssssssssssssssssssssswelllllllllllllllllllllllllllll. Cress. Well.

GOOD FOR YOU | A character that makes all the wrong choices (but you love them anyway)

SHA: Eden in Goodbye, Perfect makes a lot of wrong decisions. She does them in what she believes is an attempt to protect her best friend, though. Her heart is so big, I could never be mad at her.

Goodbye, Perfect

WORDS FAIL | A book that makes you want to be a better person

MANDY: Want by Cindy Pon. This book is set in the future where the world has been completely polluted and we literally have to live in little space suits to have breathable air – except only the rich get this and the poor suffer with toxic air. It totally had me stuffing a few more things in the recycle bin than I normally was and much more worried about our planet.


SO BIG / SO SMALL | A good child/parent relationship

SHA: Cath and her father, Art, in Fangirl. First of, Art is a fully fleshed out parental figure in a book (I know, weird) with likes/dislikes and a whole life going on. He and Cath have in-jokes and a relationship based on making sure both are doing okay.


FINALE | A book with a satisfying ending

MANDY: Hurricane Season. Basically everything about this book was satisfying, and the end was just right – in realism and more.


Have you heard of Dear Evan Hansen? Are we seriously late to the party? Do any of our prompt answers match what you would pick?


16 thoughts on “Dear Evan Hansen Book Tag

    1. Right?? It’s odd too, because I read Between Shades of Gray and Salt to the Sea … and my co-blogger read Out of the Easy. Neither of us was interested in reading what the other had read until we did a book swap. No surprise, we LOVED the books.

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  1. If you like musicals, you should definitely check out the Dear Evan Hansen soundtrack. The only thing I will say is that the whole thing centres around Evan pretending he was friends with a peer who died by suicide, so if that’s going to make you uncomfortable maybe avoid it. I think the musical has pretty good social anxiety rep (based on listening to the soundtrack), but the plot is not my favourite thing ever.

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  2. AHHH I’m so happy that you guys did this tag! 😀 Thanks so much! I really loved reading all of your answers, even though, I’ll admit, I haven’t read most of the books you talk about! BUT a sci-fi retelling of Les Mis??? That sounds amazing! And I think you’ve convinced me to read Letting Go of Gravity 😂 You’re absolutely right that the relationship between Cath and her dad in Fangirl is SO GOOD!
    Thanks again for doing my tag even though you’re not DEH fans! Hopefully you’ll discover a new love for it through this… 😉 (my sneaky plan all along)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s okay that you don’t know all the books because NOW you do and you can look them up and fall in love!

      YES. Les Mis retelling. I live for it. I didn’t read Les Mis, I read the wiki summary AFTER I read the book and the retelling is soooo accurate and good.

      Hahaha this tag was fun though!! Thanks for creating it and introducing us to DEH. I know for sure I’m checking out the soundtrack.


  3. OMG! Have you not listened to the Dear Evan Hansen Soundtrack?!??!?! I’m pretty sure it’s on YouTube. GO LISTEN!!
    Also, I find it kind of funny that Out of the Easy was once of the few books I’ve read on this list when its category was not enough love. And I TOTALLY agree about Art in Fangirl. I’ve always loved his relationship with Cath, and his parenting, but you phrased it perfectly. He’s a PERSON in the books, instead of just a plot point.
    Great tag! Now go listen!

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    1. I’m cackling, I love how the broken arm is KEY IMPORTANT DETAIL. I didn’t know until I did this tag and then everyone CAME FOR ME in the comments to look it up so now I know the whole plot and I listened to the soundtrack but ya know, still didn’t read the book XD

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