Top 10 Tuesday: Favourite Book Couples

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by the lovely Jana @ That Artsy Reader where bookworms get to chat about their top ten based on different topics.

Welcome back to another Top 10 Tuesday! Will I make it to ten this week? We can only wait and see. Gentle reminder that I’m testing out the meme this month so my lazy self hasn’t made a banner yet. (Hence the old Top 5 Tuesday banner.)

This week, it’s all about great book couples. Okay. This may be setting me up for some difficulty because if you follow my posts you know some of my most common sentences are “this book was better without romance” and “I don’t really like romance” and “ugh, the romance though” BUT LET’S DO THIS! Because I do like some book couples! (My standards are just very, very high.)

1 (1)
Ismae & Duval
Grave Mercy (His Fair Assassin, #1)

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Ismae is rough around the edges. She doesn’t trust easily and she likes her independence. Duval never tries to force her trust or cage her in. They build their relationship slowly, allowing each their own space to be who their are—which I ADORE.

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Liv & Clay
Like Never and Always

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Okay first, Clay is SWOON-WORTHY. I mean, he’s always respectful and kind but also you know (sexy). He always knows the best way to help Liz see the best side of herself and **shivers** call me crazy but a respectful man just gets me some type of way.

Cam & NateDeposing Nathan

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This is not a typical couple. I didn’t love them because they gave gushy adorable feels but because of how complex the relationship was. If you want to be emotionally wrecked because of a relationship, Deposing Nathan is the way to go. (I mean, we all get that craving sometimes, right?)

Connor & EdenGoodbye, Perfect

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This couple is understated but perfect for its simplicity. Eden and Connor have been together for almost a year. They’re sixteen and go on dates to the local park. When one of them has a bad day, they chat about it on the phone. I love them so much for how REAL they are as a high school couple.

Shazi & KhalidThe Wrath & the Dawn (The Wrath & the Dawn, #1)

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Shazi is a kickass, fierce woman and her romance with Khalid lives and breathes for me because they balance each other so well. He has a silent fire and hers blazes bright for everyone to see. Together they can conquer anything.

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I’m tapped out for the second week. I really, really don’t think I’ll be winning at this meme. At least I’ve learned I need to read way more books. Thanks for the fun Top 10 Tuesday, I guess we’re just a couple that *won’t* be making anyone’s favourites list.

Which are your favourite couples in YA?


19 thoughts on “Top 10 Tuesday: Favourite Book Couples

      1. A Quiet Kind of Thunder was smile inducing for me, and I recently finished Fierce Fragile Hearts, which I loved too. Honestly, all four Barnard books I read have been really great.

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  1. I love Shazi & Khalid so much, there one of my top 5 favorite ships in YA, I’m surprised more people didn’t include them on their list.


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