Top 10 Tuesday: Upcoming Releases I’m On the Fence About

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by the lovely Jana @ That Artsy Reader where bookworms get to chat about their top ten based on different topics.

I know the graphic doesn’t match! I usually do Top 5 Tuesday, but for this month I decided to try out Top 10 Tuesday. I’ve always been on the fence about T10T because I don’t have the biggest TBR or read-list, so I’m not sure if I could successfully list ten of anything.

How apt that the first topic I try out has an “on the fence” theme! There are a few new releases that I’m looking at, but unsure if I want to actually add to my TBR. Let’s see if I can get to ten?

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A Curse so Dark and Lonely
A Curse So Dark and Lonely

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I’ve heard only positive things about this book, so I know it’s odd that I haven’t added it to my TBR. But you know when you look at a book and it just doesn’t excite you? There’s no specific reason, but nothing in the summary or the cover sparks excitement in me.

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Four Dead Queens
Four Dead Queens

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I have a weird relationship with this book. First, I thought it was the fourth book in a series (so I ignored it.) Then I thought it was a backlogged book suddenly getting a lot of hype. TBH, there are too many books with “queens” in the title for my fragile memory. I haven’t seen many reviews for this yet, but all my previous experiences with books about girls fighting for crowns have not been great. I know! Prejudging = bad. But it happens.

Warrior of the WildWarrior of the Wild

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I’m actually very interested in this book, but I haven’t committed it to my TBR yet. It just looks to good to be true, I guess? Look at me, not believing good things can happen.

Descendant of the CraneDescendant of the Crane

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From the minute I heard about this book, I was like “the cover is gorgeous!!” but the summary didn’t hit with me any true passionate feels. Everyone is so so so excited for this book and my excitement just doesn’t match, so I feel like if I’m not on that level, maybe I’ll just wait and see.

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Alright. Wow. Um, I couldn’t even make it to five. I was honestly scrolling through my Goodreads looking for books to add to this list. When I see a book, I’m usually very decisive about whether or not I will want to read it. I only change my mind if a good friend raves a lot, and even then I think for a looong time.

So this Top 10 didn’t work out, but let’s try for next week, shall we?

What book are you unsure about adding to your TBR?


40 thoughts on “Top 10 Tuesday: Upcoming Releases I’m On the Fence About

  1. okay, I am slightly biased as I gave A Curse So Dark and Lonely five stars, but it was really good, imho! I would gently encourage you to read it… 😉

    otoh, I feel you on Four Dead Queens. I am heartily sick of all the dead queens in YA lately, and especially over the ‘fighting for the crown’ storyline, can we NOT have girls trying to bring each other down for a change?

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    1. I thank you for this gentle encouragement! Five stars IS very promising to hear.

      Yes yes yes about Four Dead Queens. An odd premise, maybe, but can the girls somehow band together and just rule as a unit? There are plenty of external conflicts to worry about without destroying the country from within.

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      1. I love the idea of girls who are set up as rivals setting aside differences and being allies instead. semi-sorta reminds me of The Queen’s Rising, it could easily have been the protagonist vs the other important female character in the story, but instead they become friends and support each other which is just ;___; so amazing, it’s all I want!


  2. I totally agree with you about Four Dead Queens! I honestly really thought it was part of a series and then I heard someone on youtube talk about it being a brand new book so it sparked a bit of interest? I don’t have much experience with the fantastical royals theme nor the “fighting for the crown” one, so I may try it out anyway? I don’t know, but I agree.. too many crowns and way too many queens to keep track of.
    Also- A Curse So Dark and Lonely. I also completely ignored this when I saw it popping up because I don’t know what I thought it was but I had it in my head I wasn’t interested. Only recently did I hear the description (again, youtube) and found out it was a beauty and the beast retelling?!? So far from what I can tell, it has quite a few good reviews- Kathy @ Books and Munches REALLY liked it so it is slowing pushing it’s way into my TBR…

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    1. It seems YA is having a real problem with “Queens” in titles and crowns on covers. I hope you enjoy the book if you pick it up!

      All the positive things I’m hearing about A Curse so Dark and Lonely are pushing it on to my TBR too, Samantha! It’s so hard to resist a Beauty and the Beast retelling, but the last one I read was not so great.

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  3. I’m actually pretty excited about all of these! The only book on your list that I’ve read is ACSDaL, and I really enjoyed the take on the retelling and the relationship between the two main characters!
    Also I have an ARC of Descendant of the Crane, so hopefully I’ll enjoy it🙂.

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  4. I’ve read A Curse So Dark and Lonely and it was good. Not exactly blow my mind good, but its a decent retelling.
    As for the others, I’m super excited for them. You know how much I love fantasy and will devour everything that falls under that category.

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