February #BookBattle: What’s Your Most Anticipated Read for the Month?

#BookBattle is a monthly post where I have you vote for your most anticipated new release of the month (from specially selected match-ups, that is!). Which are you most excited to read and why?

That’s not all. If you release a review on any #BookBattle books during the month, post a link in the comments below to help readers build their TBRs.

*The point of #BookBattles is not to say “one book is bad and the other is good.” It’s a way to see what piques your personal interest. No criticism is given to any author(s)!

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Four Dead Queens

Colour me super embarrassed because I only just now realized this book is a standalone. You know the Three Dark Crowns series by Kendare Blake? I thought this was book four, and the series went One Dark Throne, Two Dark Reigns, Three Dark Crowns, and NOW Four Dead Queens (nevermind that this isn’t the order for Blake’s series). I’m a hot mess, I know. Pre-release ratings for the book are high, but I can’t help seeing the plot as a mash-up of popular book tropes. Although they *are* popular for a reason. RELEASE DATE: Feb 26 2019


Warrior of the Wild

Rasmira has been banished to the monster-filled wilderness to prove herself after her coming-of-age doesn’t go quite as planned. Unless she can kill a god within a year’s time, she cannot return home. A viking inspired book with a girl going out to KILL A GOD? Ummm, already pretty hyped right here! RELEASE DATE: Feb 26 2019.


The Past and Other Things That Should Stay Buried

That cover literally looks like brains inside a slushie cup and I feel like it goes for the vibe but also I’ll pass on that particular flavour. Dino works at his parent’s funeral home, so he’s used to death. He’s just not used to the dead coming back and talking to him, particularly not in the form of his best friend. I can relate Dino. RELEASE DATE: Feb 19 2019


Tell Me Everything

I regret putting this post together after a full day of work because I read the summary twice and understood about 20% but still am really intrigued. Ivy starts using the new VEIL app, an anonymous art-sharing app. A quiet, reserved girl, Ivy finds that the app slowly helps bring her out of her cocoon … and see the world in a way she never did before. I’m so pro this storyline (from what I understood, please forgive) because I knew SO MANY artists in high school who were scared to share their art and um, a whole book repping them? And an app that brings their creativity to the rest of the world? Sounds beautiful I’m in. RELEASE DATE: Feb 26 2019


We Told Six Lies

When Molly goes missing, the police investigate, making her best friend the prime suspect. I think that’s the plot, because that’s what I gleaned from the summary Goodreads has and guess what, it sold me. Also why specifically SIX lies, because trust me, I lie quite more than six times. RELEASE DATE: Feb 5 2019


Last of Her Name

Will this be the book that has me falling in love with SciFi again?? Because ANASTASIA IN SPACE Y’ALL. Sixteen years ago, every member of the royal family was murdered. Now, the those responsible have returned, claiming Stacia is a surviving member—and they want her dead. RELEASE DATE: Feb 26 2019

And that is it for this month’s #BookBattles! I’m so sorry, my mini-summaries are not hyping these books up right now, I think I need A) a nap or B) to step outside and get a quick blast of Arctic Air in my face. But making these matches was HAAARDD 2019 is not here to play??

Time to vote! From the three matches, what are your top picks? 


16 thoughts on “February #BookBattle: What’s Your Most Anticipated Read for the Month?

  1. Warrior of the wild! But will probably also check out four dead queens haha
    (Not interested in the book from match 2 and 3 hahah)



  2. I refuse to choose between Four Dead Queens and Warrior of the Wild because I want to read both of them a lot, and I don’t know any of the other ones… whoops.

    Liked by 1 person

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