🎫 YA Books Becoming Movies in 2019 🎫 Grab Your Popcorn!

If you thought movie producers were going to drop amazing book-to-screen adaptions like To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before and Dumplin’ then just LEAVE US HANGIN’ you were wrong. We were wrong. There is just a lot of wrong. Because 2019 is setting up to be the year of *screaming endlessly for* book releases and keEP YOUR eyES PEELeD movie adaptations. 

Basically: there’s really no reason to love anything other than YA anymore, because we can just live and breath young adult now. It’s a YA world after all.

*and i’m not mad at it

All the Bright Places


Theodore is fascinated by death. Violet lives for the future. When the two meet on the ledge of the bell tower at school, it’s unclear who saves who. It’s only with Violet that Theodore Finch can be himself. But as Violet’s world grows, Finch’s begins to shrink.

🎫 STARRING: Elle Fanning, Justice Smith, Alexandra Shipp, Keegan-Michael Key
🎫 FUN FACT: Elle Fanning signed on to the project before the book even published (all the way back in 2014)!
🎫 OUR THOUGHTS: To be honest, I’m not too sure about this one. I never really had a desire to pick this book up, and when I just reread the summary, I saw buzzwords like Rainbow Rowell and John Green, and I’m scared. I then started reading some reviews, and people point out important issues regarding mental health rep that scares me even moreeeeee. Definitely super hesitant about this, and I’ll probs be skipping.  – MANDY

ya books to movie adaptations 2019ARTEMIS FOWL, Eoin Colfer

Twelve-year-old Artemis Fowl is a millionaire and a criminal mastermind. But even he doesn’t know what he’s taken on when he kidnaps a fairy.


🎫 STARRING: Ferdia Shaw, Judi Dench, Josh Gad, Hong Chau
🎫 FUN FACT: The movie adaptation should be covering the events of the first two Artemis Fowl books.
🎫 OUR THOUGHTS: Okay, Judi Dench + Josh Gad + Disney = me pretty sold. However, I remember these books when I was a kid and looking at it on my elementary school shelves and having a firm NO marked on it in my head? I’m not entirely sure why? If child me said it was a no, I’m not sure how adult me will do with it? Definitely gonna have to rewatch this trailer again. Maybe something for streaming services. – MANDY


Lina is like any other fifteen-year-old Lithuanian girl in 1941, until the night she, her mother, and younger brother are hauled off by Soviet officers. The family is forced to travel to the Arctic circle to work as labourers under Stalin’s orders, in a Soviet effort to erase the undesirables of a proud society.

🎫 STARRING: Bel Powley, Jonah Hauer-King, Lisa Loven Kongsli
🎫 FUN FACT: The movie is titled “Ashes in the Snow” because of the unfortunate association of the original book title (“Between Shades of Gray”) with the book “Fifty Shades of Gray.”
🎫 OUR THOUGHTS: I read this book (and re-read it last year) and get emotional every time I think of what Lina and her family went through. I know there will be tears and really tough scenes when I watch this movie, but I can’t wait till the movie is streamed to Canadian/US audiences.  — SHA

THEATRES, March 2019

Todd Hewitt is the only boy in a town of men, able to hear the thoughts of others and about to go officially become a man in a month’s time. When something awful happens, Todd chooses to flee, and comes across a girl: the first he has ever seen. A creature he was told could no longer exist.

🎫 STARRING: Tom Holland, Daisy Ridley, Mads Mikkelsen, Nick Jonas
🎫 FUN FACT: The movie adaptation is titled “Chaos Walking,” after the name of the book trilogy. Daisy Ridley joined the cast because she’s a fan of the books. Despite the all-star cast and $100 million budget, there is still no official trailer for the movie dropping in less than two months.
🎫 OUR THOUGHTS: I first came across this book during a Young Adult Literature class. Ness’ writing style is so distinct and he has a unique way of examining war, gender, masculinity and native peoples in the Chaos Walking series. The magnitude of the social issues in this book, coupled with the fact that actual *telepathy* happens, makes me super nervous for how this will translate to the big screen. —SHA


Jake Stephens was an under-the-radar kind of guy until he got a weird stomach bug and turned into a zombie in the middle of his school cafeteria, devouring half the senior class. At the same time, insanely popular Amanda Blake turns zombie too, and now the pair are racing across country for answers with a teen psychic on their trail.

🎫 STARRING: Jake Cannavale, Angelique Rivera, Sara Yarkin
🎫 FUN FACT: Despite wrapping production back in December 2017, this movie still has no official release date.
🎫 OUR THOUGHTS: The narrative in Eat, Brains, Love is unique and I liked reading it (I think I did a re-read in 2018, but can’t find any review.) But this is a lot less Warm Bodies and more zombie road trip with a weird love triangle you just can’t put your finger on. I would need the screen adaptation to tighten up some character points if I’m going to truly enjoy. —SHA

FIVE FEET APART, Rachael Lippincott & Mikki Daughtry & Tobias Iaconis

Stella Grant likes to be in control. So does Will Newman. Both cystic fibrosis patients, their greatest difference is Will’s desire to be free of hospital rules. The only way to stay alive is to stay apart. But it doesn’t feel like safety. It feels like punishment.

🎫 STARRING: Haley Lu Richardson, Cole Sprouse, Moises Arias
🎫 FUN FACT: The book and the film were written in tandem. Five Feet Apart was always intended to become a movie!
🎫 OUR THOUGHTS: Ummmmmm ummmmmmm. I love the cover. For sure. It just gives me way too many Fault in Our Stars vibes, and I disliked that book greatly, so I just…yeah, it’s a no from me. – MANDY

STARGIRL, Jerry Spinelli

Leo Borlock follows the unspoken rule at Mica Area High School: don’t stand out. Then Stargirl arrives and everything changes. The delicate scales of popularity shift and Stargirl is shunned for what makes her different.

🎫 STARRING: Grace VanderWaal, Graham Verchere, Giancarlo Esposito
🎫 FUN FACT: Grace VanderWaal won season eleven of America’s Got Talent for her singing (often accompanied by her ukelele playing). She’s just turned fifteen this January.
🎫 OUR THOUGHTS: This book might have been my first DNF, all the way back in the fifth grade. Regardless, themes of alienation and acceptance are extremely relevant today. I just worry about A) casting choice (Grace VanderWaal can act?) and B) popularity on a streaming service that hasn’t even launched yet. —SHA

THEATRES, May 2019

Natasha and Daniel don’t believe in fate, or destiny. They aren’t dreamers. When they meet each other on the crowded streets of New York, they can only imagine what could be. Natasha’s family is hours away from being deported. Daniel is trying to live up to his family’s expectations. How can this be a time to fall in love.

🎫 STARRING: Yara Shahidi, Charles Melton, Jake Choi
🎫 FUN FACT: Charles Melton found out about the role of Daniel through social media! He contacted his reps and when he couldn’t get the script right away, he binge-read the book. From that moment he knew Daniel was the part he was meant to play.
🎫 OUR THOUGHTS: Despite my love for contemporary, I have yet to read a Nicola Yoon novel, which seems completely out of character for moi. I always seem to see things about Everything, Everything, but this book sounds far more intriguing, and like I’m read for the emotions. I enjoy Yara Shahidi’s acting, so I’m super ready to see the trailer and see whether or not I’ll be feeling all the feels. – MANDY

After (After, #1)

AFTER, Anna Todd

Tessa is a good girl with a reliable boyfriend back home. But she’s barely moved into her freshman dorm when she runs into Hardin. With his tousled hair, cocky British accent, tattoos and lip ring, Hardin is different from what she’s used to. Despite the reckless way he treats her, Tessa is compelled to dig deeper.

🎫 STARRING: Josephine Langford, Hero Fiennes-Tiffin, Shane Paul McGhie, Samuel Larsen, Pia Mia
🎫 FUN FACT: After is adapted from Anna’s series of Harry Styles fanfiction, published on Wattpad in 2013. After the fanfic gained hundreds of millions of views, she gained a publishing deal with Simon & Schuster.
🎫 OUR THOUGHTS: It feels rude to judge this book on its original Wattpad existence, but I have to be true to myself and admit I read After (and skimmed After 2) on the site back in ’13. I’ll just say it wasn’t for me and leave it at that. If you’re into 50 Shades, this one is for the YA audiences, for sure. —SHA

P.S. I Still Love You (To All the Boys I've Loved Before, #2)

NETFLIX, Unknown

Lara Jean didn’t expect to really fall for Peter. They were just pretending. Now she’s more confused than ever and a new boy from her past has returned to her life. Can a girl be in love with two boys at once?

🎫 STARRING: Lana Condor, Noah Centineo
🎫 FUN FACT: I mean, is there anything fans don’t already know about this book-to-movie adaptation? We’re kind of all on the edges of our seats.
🎫 OUR THOUGHTS: OH. Oh NO. I still haven’t watched the first one or read the first one!! Well, at least the date is unknown so I have some time. *whooshes away to finally get on the rec that Sha gave me years ago* — MANDY

What book-to-film adaptation are you most excited for? How many of these books have you read?


52 thoughts on “🎫 YA Books Becoming Movies in 2019 🎫 Grab Your Popcorn!

  1. I’ve only read Stargirl. I didn’t know that they were making it a movie, or that Grace Vanderwaal acted?! I don’t know whether to be excited or sceptical. Great post ❤

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  2. I can’t remember the entire storyline but I loved the Artemis Fowl books when I was 10/11. However, as much as the cast sounds awesome, I’m not sold on it being a film. I don’t see Disney being able to mash two books together without cutting and rearranging scenes and whilst that’s nothing new in the grand scheme of things, I can’t see it being popular with fans who remember the story. I think the film is going to go the same way as Percy Jackson, Eragon, and The Golden Compass (which totally should have stayed as Northern Lights). Also, Disney doesn’t seem to be doing that great in the Live Action film department recently. I suppose it all depends on whether the film can generate a greater audience for the books, or if any original fans come out in drones to support the film. We’ll just have to wait and see.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I haven’t read Artemis Fowl, but I’m equally nervous about Disney mashing together two books. Whenever character developed is pushed to the side in favour of adding action for viewer appeal … no one wins. I mean, the Harry Potter films are one of the best appreciated book adaptations (and even they get some hate) but they actually took each book one at a time.

      So much agreement on how Disney is not succeeding at live actions. They need to stop churning out films and take more time to create good content. Like you say, we’ll have to wait and see!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I think with the problems they’ve had with the film in development, they should have turned it into a tv show instead. That way there’s a chance for development and the story can be expanded rather than cut.

        I agree with that too. I can’t imagine what Walt Disney would say to it all!

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  3. I think The Sun is Also a Star could make for a fantastic film. I really liked the book and can see it translating well to the screen.

    Like you I’m a little wary of Chaos Walking. I loved the books but I’m struggling to see how it’ll work on screen. I think I’m gonna wait for some reviews before going to see it.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I am very hesitant on All The Bright Places. I have heard a lot of not so great things about that one regarding mental health rep too. I don’t understand why that one is being made when there are so many better books out there.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Wait, really? I did not know the mental health rep was not that great. This is news to me. I haven’t read it, myself. My guess at it being made is because the whole “girl meet boy, girl save boy” (or reversed) trope is super popular for teen movies.

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  5. I’m so excited for the Chaos Walking movie! 😀

    And I’ve been waiting for the All the Bright Places movie since the book came out, but because it’s been a few years, I’ve had time to think about it. I agree that it could seem a bit problematic. The book was partially inspired by the author’s experience with a previous boyfriend, so she kind of knows what she’s talking about, but I think the way mental health was presented was a little unreasonable.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I can put myself firmly in the “I’m so *nervously anticipating* the Chaos Walking movie” camp. The books are so good and I don’t know if the movie can match up!

      I haven’t read All the Bright Places, so I don’t have a fully formed opinion here. But if the book/movie don’t represent mental health well, I will be let down.

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  6. The trailer for the movie, Five Feet Apart, has actually made me want to read the book. It looks like it will be cute and emotional which might be my Kryptonite. (Also there’s a prompt on the Popsugar reading challenge about book to movie adaptions in 2019.)

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  7. Chaos walking is one of my favorite series that I’ve read in the past few years, so I’m suuuuper nervous with how the movie is gonna go 😬 I also haven’t read The Sun is Also a Star, but I’m tentatively excited for that movie since it seems like it could be really good?? And you should definitely read/watch To All the Boys before the second movie comes out! 😄

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, I loved the Chaos Walking series! It had so many complex themes woven in, and Ness’ writing style stood out. I can’t even imagine what the movie would be like.

      I’m telling Mandy she needs to get onto the To All the Boys hype train! Unlike her, I’ve read the book AND seen the movie… and loved both. I haven’t heard a single person *not* fall in love with the pair?


  8. I don’t know more than half of these books on the list, but super excited they’re becoming adaptions! I read After when I was prepubescent and wow….now that it’s becoming a movie is just cringe worthy….lol. You complied a wonderful list I love this post! I honestly cannot wait for the sequel to all the boys I’ve loved before😍

    Liked by 1 person

    1. lol I’ll admit more than a few of these books were blasts from the past (or completely unknown). The After trailer is a whooole experience (if the film was going for sexy I really think the male actor was miscast, he screams gangly teen boy, but oh well). At least we have the To All the Boys sequel to be excited for!!


  9. I’m so excited for Artemis Fowl! It was literally one of my favorite books when I was younger. Also I’m excited for Chaos Walking. I originally read the book because I heard that Tom Holland was being in the movie, but I really enjoyed the book!

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  10. Oh I’m really excited for The knife of never letting go and ps I still love you!
    I would probably also watch five feet apart and the sun is also a star, but mainly because of the actors hahah. (Haven’t read five feet apart, and don’t expect much from the sun is also a star..)


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  11. I love when people do posts similar to mine!!! I posted a books turning to movies post a while back tooo! And OMG between shades of grey ALSO has a movie coming out???? Ok that’s newwssss and I can’t wait

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  12. Wow this was a lot more movies than I originally thought were coming. I haven’t read any of them expect Stargirl which I read way back in the 4th grade and remember exactly nothing. I mean I didn’t read To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before either but I loved the movie and can’t wait for PS I Still Love You!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Look at these movie producers, sneakily picking books none of us have read so they get our movie ticket money AND the book sellers get our book money WOW evil plot = discovered.

      I’m excited for PS also!! Netflix will probably crash with everyone dying for that release XD

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