Top 5 Tuesday: 🎥 Books that Should be Movies 🎥

Top Five Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by the lovely Shanah @ Bionic Book Worm where bookworms get to chat about their top five books based on different topics.

I am getting full deja vu with this post. Kaya @ A Fictional Bookworm and I did a collab with this topic back in November. If you want, you can catch our fun here Part ONE and here Part TWO. Has my opinion changed since then?

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Fairest, Gail Carson Levine

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A book that explores beauty standards means a movie that would explore beauty stands (which is one pro right there) and also, this book has a musical element. Musical films are rating a lot higher nowadays, and done well, I think this one would be a success.

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Every Day, David Levithan
Every Day (Every Day, #1)

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I know there’s already a movie in the works, but I’m actually including this because I think it would be a greater success as a TV series. The episodic nature of A’s experiences already screams *TV show* don’t they?

Percy Jackson and the Olympians (Series), Rick Riordan21473404

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If Rick had more control over a re-make (or his ideas were at least listened to) these movies would make me an actual puddle of human emotion.

All of this is True, Lygia Day Penaflor
All of This Is True

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As a book, I found this story lacked a lot of emotional conviction and the surprise plot twist was poorly executed. BUT I can see this doing well as a mystery/thriller on the screen.

This Lie Will Kill You

This Lie Will Kill You

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Oh wow, I can’t think of something better for the screen. This story is primed for a movie adaptation, with the romance, heartbreak, mysterious killer, and so many lies. There were a few loose threads in the story that need to be tightened, but since movie execs love to change up scripts anyway, this is perfect for them.

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Which books would you like to see adapted for the screen?


32 thoughts on “Top 5 Tuesday: 🎥 Books that Should be Movies 🎥

  1. I so want to read This Lie Will Kill You! And yes from the synopsis I would say it would make a great movie! My post will be up in a few hours…as usual!

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  2. I would love for a decent Percy Jackson adaptation to be made, but until then I’m just going to continue to listen to the musical soundtrack on repeat.

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  3. After reading the first Percy Jackson book, I have to say that I totally agree with you that it’d be awesome if they’d make a more accurate movies, but I don’t think that’ll happen😅.

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    1. I can never give up hope!! There are so many YA books becoming movies (and the movies becoming hits) that producers haaave to see what a good idea it will be. Also … have you noticed how many times Spiderman was remade? (Of course, it’s a huge franchise, but SO IS POJ!) *crosses fingers*

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  4. I desperately want a well made Percy Jackson movie. Maybe even a TV show! That movie they made is a disgrace. And Fairest is such a cool idea for a movie! I read it years ago and don’t remember much about it, but the bits I remember would translate really well into film I think!

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  5. I’ve never seen the Percy Jackson movie [or are there multiple?] that exists already but I know a LOT of people are mad about how messed up they are. Maybe I should give it / them a shot when I had the baby. Like. Maybe I’ll actually like them since my brain will be dead and I’ll be sleep-deprived? xD

    Shanah mentioned The Loneliest Girl in the Universe in her post for this and I have to agree! I was expecting romance and fluff in that one but it was.. SO MUCH EXCITE and it freaked me out and all. I’d love to see the movie adaption – and get freaked out again. :’) Probably even more so since movies tend to have that effect on me.

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    1. Oh no, Kathy. Stay far away from the movies. They ruin your joy and shatter your dreams. I actually made it to the second movie (there are two) but the movies themselves (if you pretend they aren’t based on books) don’t even make logical sense. A lot of “if A did this then why would B care about X” stuff. Sleep-deprived brain would even be like “what is this nightmare???”

      Hmm, I’ve not heard of the Loneliest Girl in the Universe before? It’s cool when a book surprises you in a *good* way … that is the only way a book is allowed to surprise me lol

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      1. Oh yikes. Well. Maybe not then, haha!

        It isn’t one of the hyped books, that’s for sure. But it does deserve to be mentioned once in a while! The surprise in that one was definitely good, although now you’ll know not to expect fluffy romance but still.

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