February Read-a-Thon: πŸ’˜ VaLITine’s πŸ’˜*announcement*

Mandy and I have made it no secret that we wanted to join more read-a-thons in 2019, and after an intense hunt, we’ve found the perfect one to start off our year: VaLITine’s! This read-a-thon is actually hosted on BookTube, but the prompts really motivated us, so we decided to cross platforms and join up!


This event is hosted by Cait @ chaptercviii on YouTube. She made the announcement and explanation HERE on her channel. She came up with two other events for during the month, BOOKISH CUPID and BUDDY READ ROULETTE. Mandy and I aren’t doing those, but check them out if you’re interested. Deadline to apply is Jan. 27. (Next Sunday.)

What Mandy and I are focused on is the read-a-thon aspect: the VaLITine’s BINGO Card!Β The card (which you can see below) has red squares and grey squares. The red ones are “experiential,” ones where you go out and DO things involving books and reading. And the grey ones are actually reading prompts. Some examples:

Take a picture of your favourite book and share it on social media. [RED]
Read a book from the library.
Read a book that someone else has rated five stars.
Read a book by a Black author.

See all the prompts HERE!Β 

There are so many cool prompts in here and what I love best is that even thought the read-a-thon title makes you think it’s about valentine’s day, it’s … not?


Anyone else want to join in on this read-a-thon with us? This runs from Feb. 1 to Feb. 28 to all those interested, and you can hit as many BINGO spots (or as few) as you want.

Who thinks they might join in? Anyone already planning a different read-a-thon in February?Β 

17 thoughts on “February Read-a-Thon: πŸ’˜ VaLITine’s πŸ’˜*announcement*

  1. This sounds like so much fun! Especially with the “do”-part of the bingo? I won’t be able to join in February, but I do hope to come across something like this in the future when I am able to participate, haha.

    Have fun, girls!

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    1. Yess, I really like the “do” part. It’s so creative. I can imagine February will be just a *bit* busy for you, haha, with a baby coming, settling in to a new house, and then your own blog/reading going on! There will certainly be other readathons!


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