THE DEAD QUEENS CLUB Feature: Dating Advice from YA Queens

THE DEAD QUEENS CLUB by HANNAH CAPIN releases January 29, 2019. 

The Dead Queens Club

Title: The Dead Queens Club
Author: Hannah Capin
Pages: 464

Released: January 29 2019
Publisher: Inkyard Press
Format: Hardcover

Genre: Mystery / Contemporary
Goodreads Rating: 3.99 (of 72 ratings)


Hannah Capin’s The Dead Queen’s Club covers more teen relationship drama than an episode of PLL (no wonder the book is lovingly compared to the hit show!). With all that love madness going on, Mandy and I knew it was time to share our vast knowledge of ~romance~.

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We some of our devout followers to submit their greatest relationship woes in the form of memes.* In return, we would (and now will) reply with the collected wisdom that can only come from years of reading YA literature. Dating is a hot mess and we’re here to clean house!

*these memes are actually found HERE and we lay no claim to them


Dear Huffing Mad,

Well, clearly the answer is to have an extremely dramatic fight with him. Make sure to yell a lot, bring up jabs that will really wound him—because he will do the same to you. Then promptly break up. Once you have broken up, yes, you’ll be sad and it will be terrible, but don’t worry—in a few days, either him or you will realize the error of your ways, and there will be an intense, overdramatic way of winning each other back. We recommend storming the PA system at school to profess your secret love for him to the entire student body, creating a moonlight picnic in the dog park that you first met, or flying across the country to find him after your epic train trip across the country fell apart to surprise him even though he never gave his address.

The Book Princesses


Dear Suspicious Studier,

Oh no, I can see why you are in such a state. You know your intuition is always right, so it is CERTAIN Bae is up to something, and it is sure to be of the nefarious variety. I suggest gathering a group of your closest pals to keep as close an eye on them as possible, even texting 24/7 with a casual “wyd?” At this point, a GPS tracker is smart move!! Anyone who comes in contact with your bae is a person of interest and for sure your worst enemy. Best of luck!

The Book Princesses


Dear Totally Freaked,

I’m a bit confused on why you’re writing in. Clearly, as a love interest and part in the epic YA romance, you should obviously know what is going on in your significant other’s head. It’s part of your description in a dynamic duo of a romance. You just instinctively know what each other is thinking, so the other person can indeed be like, “Omigosh, it’s like she/he read MY MIND.” If she is saying “nothing”, you should a) know in your gut she was really wanting that last piece of pizza that you snatched or b) it really means nothing. Quit ignoring your telepathic powers, and apologize by buying her a box of pizza.

The Book Princesses

Let’s hope this totally sound (romantic) relationship advice saves some lives!!

Capin’s book also deals with the best friend kind of relationship, which is where the book has its best shining moments. Cleves befriends some epic ladies who all help her see past a certain boy’s charm. Also, they may or may not share some solid relationship advice with her. (I only say might because I think we all know Mandy and I already dropped some real gems here.)

Do you want to hire us as full-time romantic advice gurus? What do you prioritize, romance or friendship? 


9 thoughts on “THE DEAD QUEENS CLUB Feature: Dating Advice from YA Queens

  1. At work I have to put the Dear Abby columns into the system and they read like this, especially that very last one about the pizza. You should totally do this. P.S. Have you watched PLL? Is this book worth trying to get from the library?


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