COME FIND ME Feature: Surviving in the Upside Down

COME FIND ME by MEGAN MIRANDA releases January 29, 2019. 

Come Find Me

Title: Come Find Me
Author: Megan Miranda
Pages: 336

Released: January 29 2019
Publisher: Crown Books for Young Readers
Format: Hardcover

Genre: SciFi / Mystery
Goodreads Rating: 3.96 (of 49 ratings)


If I wasn’t already absolutely hooked on this book because Megan Miranda is my QUEEN, this starred review from Booklist totally sold me: “Her latest book for young adults ages the kids from Stranger Things and puts them in Gillian Flynn’s Dark Places for a smart, dark, and ultimately hopeful story of the power of belief.”

Stranger Things? STRANGER THINGS? I adoooore Stranger Things. Thus Sha and I had to test our on skills on if we could survive in a Stranger Things world, aka the Upside Down. Do you think these two book princesses stand a chance?? Quiz found from HERE.



SHA: The quiz starts off asking me if I plan on going into the woods to help some faceless man and like, clearly this whole upside down survival thing is no joke. (Um, I’m not going, obviously. Sorry dude.)

MANDY: It literally said, “Run for the hills” and like, how do I already relate with this quiz so much?? Also, I’m already already going to be failing if my first answer is running away from saving the world…or WILL I??


MANDY: The answer is Steve. Always Steve. Fight me.

SHA: Jim looked beefy. I picked Jim. He could fight stuff I thought.


SHA: Is now a good time to say I’ve never watched a single second of Stranger Things and also EWWWW AHHHHH WHERE IS MY SAFETY BLANKET. (Is the Demogorgon just a like, TEST gorgon to try and see how weak I am and then they send out the real stuff because I choose the “quit now” option.)

MANDY: Well, I’ve devoured every second of Stranger Things, and I still hit the WTF IS THIS PLACE answer, so can I share in the safety blanket, Sha???


SHA: My fight song is clearly the one that means I wanna vamoose. I don’t think I will survive the Upside Down but you never know right?

MANDY: Oh, “Survivor” all the way. You must show them who’s boss and the answer is always Destiny’s Child.


SHA: Is Billy scary or something?

MANDY: Billy is a mess and a bully and trashfire. So, ya know, the usual scary human being. Plus, the hair is a lot.


SHA: Invisibility, so no one can see me crying.

MANDY: But if you had telekinesis, you can move the people away so you can cry in peace.


MANDY: Well, this quiz just took a dark turn.


MANDY: I do love to get my jam onto error messages. That ding gets me every time.

SHA: OMG, such a throwback, what a vibe, I love.



MANDY: BUT HOWWWWWWWWWWWWWW. Well, I mean, I guess it could be logical since I would be HIDING IN THE CORNER the entire time anything was happening, so I would just wait for some peeps to deal with it instead of me.

SHA: Honestly, I think the monsters took pity on me. Sobbing Sha is hardly a worthy trophy. But we DID IT WE LIVED. Must be the emotional instability.

MANDY: And the Christmas lights. Definitely the Christmas lights. And Farrah Fawcett hairspray.

SHA: If you spray Christmas lights with hairspray will it make an attacking monster go up in flames? That should be a science problem.

MANDY: How did you do in school, Sha? Honest question.

So, how does this relate to Come Find Me?

Come Find Me was likened to Stranger Things due to a couple of different reasons. It certainly has a similar vibe with a smaller town setting and the eerie feeling that Megan Miranda creates. The biggest part is the strange radio frequencies that keep plaguing our main characters, leading them to debate if there is really more out there like ghosts and aliens…much like how The Upside Down plays with electricity.

Plus, Come Find Me tackles intriguing familial dynamics. Both of our main characters are dealing with the strangeness of their brothers in different way. Nolan is trying to find answers regarding his missing brothers looking for ghosts much like how Jonathan seeks Will or Natalie trying to find Barb, who is like a sister.

So basically, just watch Stranger Things ASAP, and then you’re done, read this book because it will give you all the feels.

Have you watched Stranger Things? Are you taking this quiz, like, NOW? Are you hyped for this book?

9 thoughts on “COME FIND ME Feature: Surviving in the Upside Down

  1. This is amazing, I was laughing so much while reading this, also really related to you both. I would also choose invisibility and hide out sobbing in a corner somewhere, I definitely would not have what it takes to keep up with those kids, I mean they are pretty faking brave!

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