🎵 Best Holiday Song Remakes + Originals 🎵

You’ve officially been hearing the same holiday tunes on replay for since December 1st (or even late November, if stores are ambitious, and let’s be real, they usually are). Now you want to get into the Christmas spirit at home but, um, a lot of those jolly tunes are a little bit too played out now.

The solution is here upon us now! Some remixes that don’t make it into the mall auto-replay list (or at least, not as often). Ones that allow a bit of grooving and inspire some great holiday cheer. Enjoy these remixes, remakes, and some holiday originals as well!

Bonnie McKee, California Winter

I would not complain if anyone offered me a California winter right about now. This tune is perfect for some upbeat dancing, tree trimming (my tree is not up yet, so I like to believe there are people out there like me), and head bopping.


Ariana Grande, December

Such a perfect tune for more romantic vibes or if you’re just feeling yourself. I enjoy the entire EP but this one always stands out to me the most.


Gabrielle Aplin & Hannah Grace, December

This one is for all my people who are spending their Decembers away from loved ones. I always need some sad December mood music to get out my emotions. And OH, does Gabrielle’s voice do things to me.


Ariana Grande, Santa Tell Me

I don’t just love the song, I adore the vid! I hear this and want to have a PJ party with my besties and shout/sing about how I don’t need no man if he ain’t promising all his loves cuz I got my giiirls.


Jessie J, Santa Claus Is Coming to Town

I love the jazz feel to this song and anything with Jessie voice is always amaze to me. I would be belting this out (um, as long as no one else is in the house, because my voice is not Jessie quality).


Sia, Santa’s Coming For Us

I love the playful (but also somewhat sinister) meaning behind this song. Another great song for grooving while baking dozens of cookies you will try to eat in one sitting!!


Lindsey Stirling & Becky G, Christmas C’mon

Two of my favourites in one! It feels weird hearing Becky’s voice not paired with her usual thumping beats and rap moments, but I love the fun in this Christmas tune!


Aly & AJ (78Violet), Greatest Time of Year

How could I NOT throwback to this classic? My absolute jaaam.


Lindsey Stirling & Sabrina Carpenter, You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grinch

But PERHAPS MY FAVOURITE is right here because I am such a Grinch fan and Sabrina’s voice is so perfect for this and Lindsey’s arrangement is SPOT ON.

What is your favourite holiday song? 


10 thoughts on “🎵 Best Holiday Song Remakes + Originals 🎵

  1. I struggle with the newer Christmas songs, because they just seem like another pop offering, and don’t set me in the mood the way the old school ones do. I really am not a fan of the over-singing that many of today’s pop stars do either.

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    1. I suppose we’ll have to agree to disagree on this one, Sam! I used to listen to the classic Christmas tunes on repeat, but then they stopped clicking for me. Now I’ll listen to the newer remakes, or nothing at all. I don’t listen to much holiday music either way!

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  2. I’ve been thinking about doing something similar to this for myself honestly! I want to put an ultimate holiday playlist together but I often get overwhelmed with how many people have holiday albums with the same like 10 songs, you know? How did you do research for this post?

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