#POLL: How Do YOU Choose What to Read Next?

I need to put this out there right now: Eeny Meeny Miny Moe is never a wrong answer. 

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We are bookworms. Book lovers. True afficianodos of the written (and spoken) word. And sometimes, we must pick which of our children to love first. Are you … ready? (Who can ever be ready.)

A) ARCs take precedence. They are advance reader copies for a reason, right?

B) I bought it, I read it. If I just bought a book, it’s top of the to-read pile.

C) Tackle the TBR. The TBR must go down!! My prime selections come from here.

D) Library Haul. Maybe I go a bit crazy at the library? But now that I have it, I gotta finish before it’s due!

Leave your vote in the comments below and find out how books end up read (and how they live on the TBR forever)!



47 thoughts on “#POLL: How Do YOU Choose What to Read Next?

  1. I have a special shelf for all of the books that I haven’t read yet and whenever I buy a book it goes on the shelf. I pick the book to the far left and move all of the other books forward. It works pretty well.

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  2. I’m in school, and I’m pretty broke…which doesn’t meant that I don’t own a huge amount of books. While I do have a huge TBR, it’s just a list on paper that I keep track of. Whenever I buy something I read it right away. Otherwise, rereads, which are just as good.

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    1. When you’re broke, you realize where your priorities are really fast! (Like passions, which make you happy, aka reading the good books!) Rereads are so great, I think I did more rereads this year than anything else.


  3. I deleted a bunch of TBR books on Goodreads so now I mostly have only books I own. I look through that, see what you and Mandy and some other favorite bloggers have said about the book, look at my downloaded books on my ereaders (yes, plural.) And I also look at my physical TBR shelf. And library ebooks.

    ARC’s sometimes get pushed to the side unless it is one I REALLY want. It also depends on what I’m in the mood for. Like this month I had set aside a bunch of Christmas books but now my mood reading self was like….LOL you planned a Christmas book TBR collection on your devices. LOL LOL.

    I have tricked my mood reading self into a winter read about snowboarding though. And it takes place around the holiday time but that fact is so little right now so the muse seems content for now. Until I mark it as currently reading on Goodreads and then it will wake up and be like…oh, you think you are reading this? LOL, THINK again! This book is now meh…meh….you want to DNF it. You want to DNF it so bad now.

    I know that’s weird, I’m sorry. But that’s my mood reading process lately.

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    1. I think mood reading is by definition a weird process, haha. My real question is why you deleted a bunch of TBRs off Goodreads all of a sudden (prep for 2019?) and how you were strong enough to say goodbye to so many books!

      I’m slow to request ARCs too though. I only request if I’m really into something, since I don’t want to end up giving a negative review, and I don’t want to waste time on something I’ll dislike. I mean, I should hope every blogger does this?

      Snowboarding, huh? A passion for you? :p

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      1. It really is. Mines to laugh in my face a lot.

        And I really had a lot of Christian stuff that I am not really into anymore. There’s nothing wrong with the genre, it’s just not for me personally anymore. And then there were books I added just because they were there and I was new to Goodreads.

        And yes! I try to be like that. I have to read one by next Friday now and I’m all…meh.

        And welllllll kind of. It’s kind of research. I really want to write a young adult contemporary book.

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      2. Lol, yup! It never ends. 😂

        And well I officially came up with an idea this week, but I’ve been toying with it for the last year especially since I enjoyed writing the troop I want to write before in fanfiction.

        I just struggle with having time to write.


      3. I’d love to have that resolution but it’s just so hard to find the time..and I am barely on Facebook and hardly ever watch much TV. Just have so much stuff to take care of in my apartment when I am off. :/

        I am planning on bringing my laptop to work on Monday cause I’ll be the only one in my department that day. Everybody else is off except for advertising.

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      4. I like the laptop at work plan! Do what you have to so you can make time, right? Life is definitely a busy thing, and making time is hard, but if you love something you have to believe that somehow that time will come around right?

        Wishing you luck for that!

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  4. I actually use a combination of… all of them!

    I usually read based on how I feel, the ARCs I have, and what kind of genre I’m in the mood for 🙂

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  5. C! and smetimes B! especially when it’s a long-awaited for release that’s part of the series that Im utterly in love with ^_^ I love this post!

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  6. My GR’s TBR is like a wishlist. Similar to the ones I have on Amazon and the eLibrary. My official spreadsheet only has ARCs listed, but I work in shelf and library books each week. I tend to bump library books that finally come available after what seems like years on the waiting list to the top. I want to read it right away and return it, so other people can read it. Then, blog tour books. After that comes ARCs. I like to be within one month of publication (before or after), but I work shelf and library books into my weekly TBRs too.

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  7. I’m still struggling to compromise between A and B! I think it’s a shame to spend money on a book I bought and not read it, yet I have an obligation to get the ARC reviews out. 😭 Such a dilemma…

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    1. Yeeesss, the ARC dilemma. I always request books I really want to read, but since the request is rarely approved right away … by the time I get the book, I’ve sometimes noticed another book I want to read first. D’: I missed your comments!!

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    1. Ahaha, I get the feeling!! I want to do my job as an ARC reviewer properly. I’m usually reading and reviewing ARCs months ahead of time (not publishing the reviews that soon, of course) but the pressure gets to me if I don’t at least read the book.


  8. I think I’d go with C, although.. I don’t know. I’ve been such a huge mood-reader lately that it’s simply what I feel like reading? Ex: I should NOT be reading 2018 releases but more from my backlist, yet I ended up reading Wildcard in a little over a day this weekend. :’)
    [Also, it’s December 10th, I have a December-TBR shelf on Goodreads and haven’t read ONE of the books on there so far. Yay.. me..]

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