November Wrap-up & December TBR

Well, I knew November was likely going to be a struggle month. And for this girl that usually binge reads a ton, I did a bit slower going than usual. And I’m actually okay with that. I read a total of 10 books and they are:

Well, at least i had a color theme going?


As I said, I knew this was probably going to be a slow month, since I went on vacation. There was nothing really that exciting that stood out to me this month. I mean, they were all just okay? And then like 2 really not so good ones? Meh, this was a super meh month. At least, other things made up for it.

The Highs



Come Find Me, Love a La Mode, Wildcard, Unfair Godmother, and Dark Triumph were definitely the high points of the month. Dark Triumph was probably my favorite. It was far better than I originally remember it being.

The Lows



The Agony House was quite a fitting title, since I was in agony when reading it. It was so so so not pleasing and I did some rants. Mortal Heart was another not so pleasing read as well. It was kind of the opposite of the reasons why I loved the series in the first place? I mean, it had a possessive love interest with a main character who was so so meh with a lack of a solid motivation. So ugh. 😦 I had a bunch of 3 crown reads as you can see so they were mehness.

Other BPR Activities

Wellllllllllllllllll. This girl went to Yallfest, and it was amazing and intense and crazy and beautiful and ajgroeilngrangkajgn rakeg. I’m still not recovered yet, which is why I’ve gone QUITE quiet and less inactive in the community. I’ll hopefully be back to normal in December.

But Yallfest is made of dreams and panic and schedules. So many schedules. You can read about my time in recap pt. 1 and recap pt. 2.

Other than that, Sha and I just have been doing a lot of planning and thinking and planning and MORE thinking. They don’t tell you just how much thinking goes into blogging, but we are forever putting on our thinking hat…but I think we might be ready to put on our Santa hats??? You might be some festive things popping up throughout the month, and we are readyyyyyyy.

We also introduced a new BPR Original Book Tag. We hope to keep this going each month, since I love doing them, and Sha caters to my tag whims. This month was Sleeping Beauty!

Book Haul



Well, I got a rather large stack of books from Yallfest, that I’m still staring at on my desk – not because I can’t be parted from them just yet and need to gaze in beauty. No, because this girl has officially Ran. Out. Of. Space. It’s not good. And I’m still missing half my books that are returning from Yallfest. Please, let us pray to the book gods because I need help…especially since I did some Black Friday shopping.

December TBR



Sha and I will be participating in a new read-a-thon that is called Short-A-Thon. It’s going to be happening the last few days of December, and the premise is to read as many short books as we can. Sha and I both have a TBR of ten short books each, and you can find them here!

I clearly need to be reading other books this month so here are a few that I’m currently reading and will try to read this month:

What do you think? What books did you read this month? Did we share any of the same? What do you plan on next month? Will you be joining the readathon? Let’s discuss in the comments below!


17 thoughts on “November Wrap-up & December TBR

  1. Seriously, I winced when I saw the 1 and 2 star ratings. I am always sad when someone spends time reading a book that did not work for them. ((HUGS)) I see you will be reading A Million Junes. Please don’t hate it, because I love Emily Henry’s books.

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  2. Man you had quite the variety of ratings this month! Did you do a review for Sea Witch? I really want to know your thoughts on that one. I’ve been trying to finish the stuff I’m reading to get to it. I’m SO excited for you that you got The Gilded Wolves 😀

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Nope not yet lol. My reading mood is very scatterbrained at the moment :/ I’ve been hearing that about Sea Witch but I’m still curious to see if I agree with the general consensus. I’ll go look for that review 🙂

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