Three Bookish Things Tag

Sha and Mandy are back in action today with a tag that has us picking 3 answers…for not 3 questions. Which is, you know, a missed opportunity, but okay then. Anyway, we would like to thank the lovely Rebecca at Bookishly Rebecca  for tagging us. She has a fantastic blog that Sha and Mandy both enjoy, and she forever has fun tags, fun posts, and great reviews. We totally follow her lead on more than one occasion with thinking, and we totally recommend you check her out ASAP!


Sha: I instantly fell in love with Robin Lafevers when I read Grave Mercy. Wow, I can shame instalove in books but when it happens with me, WITH books, I’m like yes, yes this is a thing. Hmm. Also Renee Ahdieh and Gail Carson Levine.

Mandy: Claire Legrand. After reading Furyborn, I knew I had to meet her instantly at Yallfest even though I had never read anything else. Robin Lafevers with Grave Mercy, for sure, and I instantly bought all of Simone St. James’s books after reading her first one.


the fifth wave

Sha: Harry Potter, The Fifth Wave (stole that answer from Mandy but it’s true) and A Wrinkle in Time. That movie was very, uh. Can someone chime in on if the book is any better? Truthfully it was the acting that killed a lot of the film, so I do have hopes.

Mandy: Um, um, um, like none? I rarely watch movies without reading the book because if I’m not interested in the book, I’m not usually interested in the movie. The only one I can think is The Fifth Wave by Rick Yancy since I DNFed the book earlier on. Probably Gone Girl and Big Little Lies, too. I probably don’t have any plans to read the books even though I enjoyed all 3 of the movies.


Sha: Doug from Slayer, Cokie from Out of the Easie, and Ismae from Grave Mercy.

Mandy: Carswell Thorne, Cress Darnel, and Leo Valdez.


Sha: The Wrath and the Dawn by Renee Ahdieh. The Kane Chronicles by Rick Riordan. The Gone series by Michael Grant.

Mandy: The Heroes of Olympus, Sailor Moon manga, and The Diviners.


Sha: I purposefully ignore hyped books since I usually dislike them. I don’t like the majority of romance-oriented books. I find most contemporary books boring unless they have a social theme.

Mandy: Even though I love contemporary, I will always stay away from the overhyped contemporary gods and goddesses like Rainbow Rowell, Colleen Hoover, and John Green. I agree with Rebecca about bookish subscription boxes: just not a fan since I don’t belong to like ¾ of the fandoms and I wouldn’t use ¾ of the items. If it’s a hyped book, I will usually hate it.


and i darken

Sha: Oh. I guess this would be an unpopular bookish opinion. I don’t really notice book covers unless I’m actively looking at the cover for a post, then I’m like, yes, that’s nice. So I don’t have anything in mind.

Mandy: The Wicked Saints, And I Darken, Dreaming Dangerous.


Sha: Read more books. Maybe actually have a TBR? Interact with more bloggers because they are so lovely and fun.

Mandy: I’m with Rebecca again about joining in another readathon. Complete more books off my actual TBR. Perhaps finish all the Rick Riordan series?

What do you think? What are some of your answers to this? Did we miss the point of picking 3 things since we really picked 6? Let’s discuss in the comments below!

11 thoughts on “Three Bookish Things Tag

  1. I.. still haven’t read Furyborn and I got an ARC of that one in a FairyLoot box once? Yiiikes. *pleasedon’tkillme* Pretty sure I already packed it up too, so I definitely won’t be getting to it anytime soon.. Oopsie.

    The unpopular bookish opinion-question definitely proves you two belong on a blog together. Both haters of the hyped, haha! But that’s actually what makes reading your reviews more fun if you do end up reading a hyped book. :’)

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